Author Topic: TS-480 RRC LOST CAT  (Read 1031 times)


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« on: 2023-01-03, 09:03:25 »
I am using ts-480  & RRC for about 10 years and all working great. Yesterday night worked many FT8 stations without any problems. This morning I CAN NOT control the Radion via the software.
My Setup:
TS-480 (4800 baud)
USB to com port (4800)
JTDX  software (4800).
Radio in SSB & CW works fine
Ping the remote side 22ms
I can connect the router in the remote side without issue. (port8080)
However, connecting to RRC in the remote side (radio) via port 80 I am getting huge delay until the GUI comes up – can be 1-2 min. not sure this two issues are related..
Changed USB FTDI adaptor – didn’t  help
Changed computer – didn’t help
Reset remote RRC – didn’t help
Installed ARCP-480 to see if I can control the Radio with different software – still can not control Radio

Any idea what can be the issue?