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General / App has expired
« on: 2018-07-20, 15:59:24 »
Howdy from Bill in Helena, Mt on vacation in Columbia Falls, Mt.  I tried to log in yesterday and App Expired came up.  I has not updated in the last two months.  Help please as I would like to log in and check in to the Montana Traffic net this evening on 80 Meters.  Bill K7MT From Helena, Mt.

General discussion forum / NANO Setup Password
« on: 2017-10-27, 19:18:52 »
I downloaded the NANO software to my windows 10 computer today as I have not used it for some time. I have been using my Cell Phone APP. I paid for and received a NANO program password and NANO transmit USB cable. When I installed, the program said trial period expired and needed to buy a password.

How can I get the computer program on windows 10 to let me setup and enter my password.

Bill K7MT Helena, Mt

General / App Trial Period Has expired
« on: 2016-08-14, 03:14:58 »
Howdy from Bill K7MT Helena, Mt.

I upgraded my smart phone to a S5 Galaxy and download the RRC Nano and it worked fine until today when it stated App Trial Period Has expired ???  I do not use my old cell phone any more and need to know what I have to do to activate RRC Nano on my new Smart Phone as a payed user ??

It says the license ID is 7e36 ???

Thanks from Montana.

Bill K7MT

General / Nano Software Updated
« on: 2016-01-31, 20:56:58 »
Howdy from Bill in Montana K7MT.  Thank you for the nice updates to the Kenwood nano. I used it on my vacation to Nevada, Az, and New Mexico and the new connect/disconnect is wonderful. I also like the Listen/Talk.

General discussion forum / NANO Software
« on: 2015-07-11, 22:43:13 »
Howdy from Bill K7MT in Montana. I down loaded the MicroBits S  and the K for our Kenwodd TS-480. I sent in my funds for a license. However, I had downloaded the software last year so it is has expired and I seen a note that I need to notify the author to get my name or call back on the list so I can enter the license  etc.

Thanks  Bill

General discussion / TS-480 and RRCMicro COM 2 Port Problem
« on: 2015-04-28, 20:33:22 »
Howdy Gang - Bill K7MT in Helena, Mt.  Our TS-480 was updated to 2.85 a couple days ago and now I cannot get my ver 1.6 of RRC MICRO to connect to the remote radio. It was working great for the last two years. Com port is set for MODE 4 9600 8 n 1  kenwood terminator fd. RRC Micro is set up the same way. I can connect to the sip, get audio in out as displayed on the RRCMCRO software but no com2 with a green light to say it is connected. With out that connection Kenwood TS480 ARP-TS-480 software will not work.  What did we do wrong when the 2.85 update was installed on the remote rig to loose com 2 connection ????

I tried uninstalled 1.6 and loaded 1.7 on my XP computer and my Windows 7 Lap top and got the same results on both computers ????

Bill K7MT

Howdy from Bill in Montana.  Is there any special setting to set up the remote rig on a TS-40 so one can use the control head/Remote rig box or a Dongle/software ????  Right now the Control Head is work fine and when we tried to use the Dongle/software everything locked up on the remote site and control head cannot lot in !!!!  I will have to go up to the remote site and reset the Remoterig/Radio tomorrow...

I think I got the information correct in that a Control head/Remoterig and a Dongle/software can be logged in at the same time but only the Control head/Remoterig can control the radio. When he logs off, the Dongle/Software can now control the radio???

Thanks  Bill Erhardt K7MT Helena, Mt.

General discussion forum / Re: PC CLIENT SETUP
« on: 2013-06-02, 22:47:01 »
Hi Roland,

Ok, I finally got this figured out thanks to W8SAI in Cinncinati, Oh who has PC Client. I set up for his ICOM with ham Radio Deluxe and it works fine. What I did not know before was the remote site needed to have the serial cable hooked up from the remote rig to the Kenwood TS-480. Tom WR7AGT who owns the site and Mike KB8ML each have a remote rig and a control head at thier respective homes and that works fine.  We will go to the site and plug in a serial cable from the remote rig to the radio and do the settings so I can log in with PC Client. 

It would have nice to know this when I ordered the PC Client/Dongle. Had instructions been included it would have been a simple setup for a PC Client user if they knew the remote site was setup with serial cable so PC Client can be used.

Whew - that was easy once I got the information. I am going to have fun..

Bill K7MT Helena, Mt.  Is my small web site for ham radio and I will put pictures and story on my web site about the Remoterig setup for all my Ham friends to see..

General discussion forum / Re: PC CLIENT SETUP
« on: 2013-06-01, 04:21:36 »

I have the RRC PC Client hooking up to the remote TS-480 after getting SIP and audio correct.  However, I do not have receive audio.  I see the Green Bar moving and no audo through the 1274A Dongle to my headset (I checked out headset and it is working ok) ?????

Second, I loaded the ARCP-480 Software and set it up for COM1. Then I setup PC Client Software COM1 as COM1 57600 and the software will not talk to the com port in PC Client after I hook up to the remote TS-480 site.  It indicates another application is using the comport or the baud rate is incorrect.  The remote site has COM0 setup as 57.600 as speed so do I need to setup COM0 virtual comport on PC Client then say the TS-480 software as available com port.  It is just confusing without any documentation/instruction on how to setup the TS-480 ARCP software to the PC Client virtural COM port so one can control the remote TS-480.

Hoping to get it operational soon.  Thanks and look forward to any help..

Bill K7MT

General discussion forum / PC CLIENT SETUP
« on: 2013-05-31, 20:57:50 »
I just got my PC Client, loaded the software and pluged the dongle in to the USB port and it was recognized. I set up WR7AGT's IP address etc in the contact list but it will not connect and times out. I also loaded ARCP-TS480 Software to use with the PC Client but cannot get it to work.

There are no instructions about the com ports so how do I set this up to get it working without instructions please. Is there a manual or instruction on the web as I looked at the web site but no instructions for the PC Client were listed.  Help !!!!

Bill K7MT Helena, Mt.

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