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Tnx Mitch. I 'll try it and report here the results.

Mitch tnx for the reply
I want to use microham when I am in my home where the radio is. When I use it remotely, I want my setup to be minimal, so I don't want microham or anything else.
No I don't use twin mode. I have not 2 radios and I 'd like to control the radio with the computer only (and RRC Micro PC client) to keep the setup minimal.
So my I operate my radio either remotely either local. This is why I want cabling serves both options...

Hello. I have a yaest ftdx5000 and remoterig and I am thinking to buy a Microham MKII. I would like to have them all connected so I can operate the 5000 either remotely either locally without to need to change cables.
What I thought is
1. connect 5000 cat port to remoterig com2 (mode 4). JMP3 connected and a cable 1 by 1 (I think only 2-2, 3-3, 5-5, 7-7,8-8 is needed, right? or only 2,3,5 and just the JMP3 is enough for 7 and 8?)
2. connect remoterig com1 to computer's com1. Mode 6 in remoterig's com1. Right? I am little bit confused with the cable. Is right that I need to connect 2-3, 3-2, 5-5, 7-8, 8-7?
Anything more tip that I didn't give attention?

Configuration, RRC 1258 / Re: Help with setup on LAN
« on: 2014-04-18, 22:32:22 »
see my web page how I have setup my 480. Maybe you find it useful...

I don't want if you have already found a solution but I don't visit the forum so often... Anyway...
I suppose that you try to work fsk. It is supposed that you have connected the usb cable to your control remoterig. This way you have a com port called something like comfsk. This is the port you must use in mmtty as ptt-fsk port. Also under misc you must have com-txdfsk selected and inside that limited speed. See my setup here
It is old but maybe you get a better idea what I am saying

my web page as mentioned above, does not work anymore... Now you can find the same content at
73 Kostas sv1dpi

Configuration, RRC 1258 / Re: TS-480 doesn't turn off!!
« on: 2013-08-13, 09:34:08 »
Tnx Mitch.
Yes, I turned off the autoconnect to control remoterig and all ok now. I missed this feature...
73 Kostas SV1DPI

Configuration, RRC 1258 / TS-480 doesn't turn off!!
« on: 2013-08-12, 06:55:35 »
I 've just updated to 2.72 both control and radio. Both are ok with 2.72 instaled. Radio was updated via web. It was a lot of time to update (abt a year). Now when I press the 480 power button to turn it off, the 480 turns off for a while, I hear a beep and turns on again. It is impossible to turn it off normally. Only when I turn off the power supply, it stops working. When I turn it on again it remains turned off...

At Radio site: Wire jumper goes from I/O PIN 6 (Radio RRC OUT1 is set to Baudot/45) to the TS480SAT Remote connector PIN 7 - RTK.
mine goes to pin8 in 480 side
see more details here

see here for my setup
in general pin2 go to pin3 and pin3 to pin2 in the serial cable used on com1

you must de-activate SIP. SIP is activated in most USR routers. To deactivate SIP in USR routers:
1.   Open Command Prompt (Start -> Run -> and write the word "cmd")
2.   telnet <router_ip>  ex. telnet
3.    Give your username and  password.
4.   Write the following command:
siproxd disable
to de-activate SIP ALG
If you want to check if it is deactivated give the command: siproxd show
if you a get a message like "siproxd: SIP proxy is disabled" all is ok
5.   Write  "save" and enter and after that "reboot"

General discussion forum / Re: TS480 Keying
« on: 2010-09-28, 23:31:35 »
Did you try to press the VOX?

My first mistake was that i hadn't understand that the picture "TS480 local-remote+extra.gif" describes is only the remote side. So all are more clear now.
At REMOTE side...
1. you use the com2 of the rrc-1258 to control the amplifier
2. you use the com1 of the rrc-1258 to control the rotator
3. you connect the aux/mic of rrc1258 to mic of 480 body
4. you connect the ttl port of rrc1258 to ttl of 480 body
5. you connect your first ethernet to com device (pins 4,7,5) with optocouplers' interface for ptt and cw. cw goes to cw-key of 480 body. ptt goes 6pin mini-din of 480 body
6. second ethernet to com device makes (like in step 5) the fsk and ptt. We connect it to pin8 mini din in 480 body.
7. sounds of 8 pin mini-din goes via 1:1 transformers to line in and line out.
8. you connect the com port of 480 body via ttl-rs232 to the web ethernet switch 1216.
9. Looking more carefully the 2nd picture you connect the IO port of rrc1258 via optocouplers 4n35 to relays. So you can control the k9ay loop.
Some questions now...
1.why we have 2 ptt? what eth com1-6pin minidin ptt does and what the 8pin ptt (may i suppose this is the amplifier ptt?)?
2.where line in and out goes? Or better how the sound transferred to control side?
3. the ttl-rs232 between 480 com and web switch 1216 does the band decoding? or something else?
4. Can i use the IO port and the k9ay trick to choose 4 beverages? or to switch a 4 square? Is there any other way to do this?
5. According to your last reply, it is better to use separate power supplies. So i need 3 ps. Two (2) at remote side and one at control side. Right?

73 Kostas SV1DPI

I made a picture of what i have understand (or i think i do). ON4AOI's 3 diagrams still confuse me.
Guy can you tell me where i am wrong?

If i have understand well, you use an external ip to com device and a web switch also.
I have only the 1258 device.
two questions:

1.Can i suppose that i can use as ip to com devices the 2 com ports of 1258 or not?

2. About fsk: you make connections with optocouplers interface and etc at remote side and at local side you connect mic with computer line in and line out. Right? but then how you use the mic of 480 after that? or you have made a Y cable to use both mic and give sound to line also?

Tnx in advance for your time. I have found that i have not understand all the logic behind 1258 well and this is my problem possibly.

Kostas SV1DPI

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