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General discussion / PC Micro Client and IC7300
« on: 2018-08-22, 14:09:52 »

I'm trying to get an IC 7300 remoted using the PC Micro Client but am having issues with the TX and also connecting with HRD.

I can get audio but pushing the PTT keys the TX for about 5 seconds and then the rig goes to RX. Also, I cannot get HRD to read the 7300 CI-V.

Does any one have the 7300 working with HRD and if so, please could you send your settings for the 1258, PC Micro Client and HRD.

Any help would be much appreciated....

Many thanks

General discussion forum / RRC Firmware 2.81
« on: 2014-11-06, 00:17:38 »
Before I go ahead and try an upgrade, is the latest 1258 Firmware 2.81 compatible with the Elecraft 1258 Twin?

Thanks - Geoff G8OFQ

General discussion forum / K3/0-mini
« on: 2014-05-24, 18:25:54 »
Is it possible to use the RRCmicro with the K3/0mini to remote a K3?
I have a RR1258 connected to a remote K3 but want to use my G3 wireless dongle on my laptop together with the K3/0mini to control the K3.

Desperate newbie here just setting up Remote Rig but having a problem with getting TX audio to work.

Rig is IC 7000 with Heil Elite headset (AD-1-ICM mic) and Ham Radio Deluxe. Setup is as per instructions for ICOM general radio in User Manual and everything works OK except for Mic audio. Control RRC is connected to radio mic with CAT5 patch cable, and the straps in both Control and Radio RRCs are set up for ICOM normal hardware configuration ie. pins 1,4,6,7,5 connected, and Jump 1 NOT in place (for Heil mics)

Without the CAT5 patch cable connected to the radio mic socket, the TX function works but when the cable is connected, the response is extremely slow and the TX function doesn't work. I'm wondering if I have the correct strapping pins connected, or if the CAT 5 patch cable is not the correct cable to use. Same happens for the standard ICOM handheld mic (with Jump 1 in place for DC feed).

Any suggestions greatly appreciated - now getting desperate as going away in a few days and hope to get this working from remote location!!

Thanks - Geoff G8OFQ

General discussion forum / ICOM 7000 with Expert Linear
« on: 2012-04-22, 03:44:56 »

Is anyone using Remoterig with an IC7000 and an Expert Linear? Would appreciate any help with configuration and cabling for this setup.



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