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General discussion / PC Micro Client and IC7300
« on: 2018-08-22, 14:09:52 »

I'm trying to get an IC 7300 remoted using the PC Micro Client but am having issues with the TX and also connecting with HRD.

I can get audio but pushing the PTT keys the TX for about 5 seconds and then the rig goes to RX. Also, I cannot get HRD to read the 7300 CI-V.

Does any one have the 7300 working with HRD and if so, please could you send your settings for the 1258, PC Micro Client and HRD.

Any help would be much appreciated....

Many thanks

Feature Requests / Re: Elecraft - Power Level
« on: 2016-10-09, 14:56:53 »
Hi Roly - Having loadsa fun with the app but really looking forward to Power Level control. I use the K3/0 mini + 1258 when remoting from my other QTH and can change power level but if I forget to set the required power level for using the app, I'm stuck with the last set level.
What's the approx timescale for this request to get near the top of the list?
Still the best amateur radio app on my Android - many thanks for a great job!
73 - Geoff G8OFQ

General discussion forum / RRC Firmware 2.81
« on: 2014-11-06, 00:17:38 »
Before I go ahead and try an upgrade, is the latest 1258 Firmware 2.81 compatible with the Elecraft 1258 Twin?

Thanks - Geoff G8OFQ

General discussion forum / Re: K3/0-mini
« on: 2014-05-30, 19:50:10 »
Hi Dennis - thanks for the suggestion. I have tried that already but I'm using Win7 Starter Edition which doesn't appear to have internet sharing capability.


General discussion forum / Re: K3/0-mini
« on: 2014-05-29, 17:23:37 »
Hi Palle,

I've had a look at the specs for this item and it looks as if it will be just the job - gives me a wi-fi router from WAN and 3/4G internet, and at the right price!!

I see your point about the tricky internet sharing from the PC LAN to the 1258 LAN but I'll try it with the 1258 that I already have connected to my IC7000. Now that 4G is becoming widely available and EU roaming tariffs have been cut, maybe Microbit should consider an optional upgrade to the 1258 to incorporate a SIM card to produce a more flexible remote operating product. Or better still - for Elecraft to incorporate LAN/wi-fi/3/4G into the K3/0 mini!!!!! Dream on..........

Many thanks for your suggestion Palle - I'll let you know how it all works out,

73 - Geoff G8OFQ

General discussion forum / Re: K3/0-mini
« on: 2014-05-27, 16:44:38 »
Many thanks Mitch - I'll check it out!

73 - Geoff G8OFQ :)

General discussion forum / Re: K3/0-mini
« on: 2014-05-25, 01:40:18 »
Thanks Mitch - I would really appreciate that. I'm frequently travelling around EU and quite often thru North/Central/South America (I'm in TI at the moment) but usually manage to get a wi-fi conection. It's just on those occasions when there is no wi-fi that a 3/4G connection is useful!
Many thanks

General discussion forum / Re: K3/0-mini
« on: 2014-05-24, 23:28:33 »
Hi Mitch,
My problem is that I don't have wi-fi at my control location - only a 3/4G USB PC dongle to get internet. Using the RRCmicro which supports 3/4G, and HRD works fine with my remote 7000. Having to use a 1258 with wi-fi card and the K3 mini won't get me internet. Mike's suggestion to use a smartphone with personal hotspot is a good solution but I would have to buy a roaming data card which is very expensive in EU. The USB G3 dongle I'm using is a freebie but is sim locked. Hence my question about connecting the PC to the K3mini with USB cable.The info on the Elecraft website doesn't clarify what the USB capabilities are. Hope that all makes sense!?

General discussion forum / Re: K3/0-mini
« on: 2014-05-24, 21:54:57 »
Hi Mike,
As I suspected - thanks for the confirmation. A couple more questions - does anyone know of a good Win7 personal hotspot app? - and,
when connected to a PC with the USB cable, does the K3/0mini provide logging info to HRD and can HRD control the remote K3 via the mini?
Thanks again - 73 Geoff G8OFQ

General discussion forum / K3/0-mini
« on: 2014-05-24, 18:25:54 »
Is it possible to use the RRCmicro with the K3/0mini to remote a K3?
I have a RR1258 connected to a remote K3 but want to use my G3 wireless dongle on my laptop together with the K3/0mini to control the K3.

General discussion forum / Re: Expert 2K-FA
« on: 2012-04-30, 11:00:34 »
Good to know Mitch - thanks for the heads-up....



General discussion forum / Re: Expert 2K-FA
« on: 2012-04-29, 22:22:05 »
You may want to consider the option that I am using  for a 2K-FA remote....

I have a PC connected to my Home Server which is running the Terminal 2K remote software. I can access the PC through the server as a remote desktop so can tune, change antennas, switch ON/OFF etc...

If you don't have a server, then you could use Windows Live Help and get the desktop on your remote PC/laptop but I haven't tried this method.

Worth a try......

Best 73

Geoff G8OFQ


The Heil is what I normally use with the 7000, so I have the adaptor cable. I connected the Heil headset, and removed the strap from Pin 1. leaving straps on Pins 4, 6, 7 and 5. I also changed Continuous RTP to Disable on both RRCs...............AND NOW IT WORKS!!!!!!! :) Thanks for your help Mike

Best 73

Geoff G8OFQ

Ah....OK Mike,,,,,,is it then possible to use the Heil Elite headset or is this too difficult to set up?

73 de Geoff

OK Mike - I already set Continuous RTP Tx to Enable (YES) and I'm using hardware PTT on the HM-151 mic. The hardware PTT cuts off the receive audio but does not key the TX.

Do I have the correct settings for SIP or is there another recommended port number if 5060 cannot be used?

Are my other settings OK (as in attachments to last post)?

Tnx - 73 de Geoff

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