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Configuration, RRC 1258 / need COM0 understanding
« on: 2021-12-19, 20:34:57 »
Hi all,

I need to clarify one thing.
Am I correct if I understand that COM0 is dedicated to the CAT ? And that it can rooted to COM1, COM2 or USB ?

I would like to use the CAT via the USB port with my TS590s.

Thanks for any clarification.

73 Patrick TK5EP

Feature Requests / Better Winkey support
« on: 2020-04-24, 19:55:50 »

It would be nice if more Winkeyer compatibility were added.
The actual set of commands does not allow flexible usage of the keyer and makes it little compatible with softwares using the Winkeyer.

Any chance to see this one day ?

73 Patrick TK5EP.

General discussion forum / Winkey : problem and features..
« on: 2020-04-22, 06:29:22 »
Hi all,
I have the greatest difficulties to use the RRC1258 Winkey keyer.

I'm totaly unable to use it in sending a clean CW with the paddles. I found out that there is a small delay between the paddle squeezing and the monitor.
This delay is long enough to disturb my brain and i'm "out of sync".

In the keyer settings, i reduced the key delay and lf delay to 0, but there is still some delay.

Also, using a COM port sniffer i noticed that most of the Winkey commands are not taken into account, making it difficult to set the keyer how i would like and/or to let the logging software "talk" to the keyer.

So :
1) Am i the only one with this keying problem and can it be corrected ? Is there another problem with the keyer ?
2) What set of Winkey commands are recognized by the RRC ?

73, Patrick

General discussion forum / FSK with MMVARI ?
« on: 2017-02-05, 10:02:23 »
Hi all,

I glad to say that my remote station is working ! Everything seems to be just fine and i made SSB, CW and RTTY QSOs...

I couldn't manage to make MMVARI work with RRC1258. Did anyone succeed and can share the settings ?
It works perfectly with MMTTY, but MMVARI seems to be different in the way it keys the FSK ....

73, Patrick TK5EP

Hi all,

Is anyone else using the Winkeyer in RRC1258 with LOGGER32 ?

I do have problem to make them work together. It works with other softwares like Wintest and WKtest.

73, Patrick

General discussion forum / Winkey on COM1
« on: 2017-01-24, 17:35:33 »
Hi all,

I recently bought a RRC1258 set that i'm trying to configure.. So i'm a newcomer here...

I use my PC COM port 1 connected to the COM2 of the control box and setup to interface with my TS590s. That works, everything is just fine.
I setup the keyer and that works with the paddle.

Now i'm looking for a way to setup the Winkeyer on RRC COM1 (virtual COM13 on my PC),because i would like to use the COM3 Extra for RTTY.

I configured LOGGER32 to use COM13 for Winkeyer, but it doesn't find any keyer.

What did i make wrong ? Can't COM1 of the RRC control box be used as a Winkey in parallel with the paddle ? I RTFM and onclued that it is possible...

Or how should i configure to be able to use both Winkeyer and RTTY ?
73, Patrick TK5EP

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