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General / Re: Nano PRO Lic + TS480 + Antenna Button
« on: 2020-01-04, 16:56:28 »
I wish you all a Happy New Year.

But - sorry - I do not find it very pleasing when you have to pay about 45 Euro for the App and then do not get any support.

General / Re: Nano PRO Lic + TS480 + Antenna Button
« on: 2019-12-28, 13:19:04 »
Can't anyone say anything about it?
Is it possible to trigger the antenna tuner at all?

I have the impression that no matter what you do in this dialog, the antenna tuner cannot be made to tune the antenna to the current QRG.

General / Nano PRO Lic + TS480 + Antenna Button
« on: 2019-12-22, 16:39:06 »

I purchased the Pro version of RRC Nano K today.
So far everything works quite well. Nice App!   :)

Just the button "Ant." and the handling of the dialog box "Auxilary Controls" is not clear to me. How are the select buttons meant ?
That you can switch between the two antennas is clear to me, but I find the operation of the antenna tuner and the behavior of the select buttons not very intuitive.   :-\
Unfortunately I did not find a description of it anywhere.


General / "App Trial Period has expired"
« on: 2019-12-21, 18:21:52 »
... Always when changing phone the lic has to be updated, and sometimes when the OS is updated. Just let me know the new lic id code and Iwill reactivate

73 de mike
Hello Mike,

perhaps due to an os update of my smarthone I need an reactivation of my LicID:  bde5
Thanks in advance !


So I can only recommend to take a little more money and buy something reasonable.
I sold my Alinco DX-SR8 in those days and bought a Kenwood TS480 instead.
Everything works fine and even the remote operation with good modulation.
I have never regretted the additional investment.

General / Re: rrc nano server not available
« on: 2014-11-06, 17:39:45 »
I just have installed "Your Device features" by akexorcist and yes, SIP does not exist!

The native Android SIP Stack is missing ...    :'(

General / Re: rrc nano server not available
« on: 2014-11-06, 03:33:37 »
Good News:

... but rrc nano server is still not installable on my smarthone LG G2 (Android V 4.4.2)    :(

General / Re: rrc nano server not available
« on: 2014-10-27, 00:44:47 »
Meanwhile I tried to download from Google Play instead of Google Play Store.
There the RRC Nano S Modul is at least available, but it can not be installed because the android (V 4.4.2) on my smartphone supposedly does not fit !?

General / rrc nano server not available
« on: 2014-10-22, 03:48:39 »
I just wanted to try the rrc-nano demo, but couldn't find nano-rrc server on google playstore!?

What am I doing wrong?


Hi mike (sm2o),

many thanks for all of your currently posted replies (including the replies in my other forum-threads)!

Meanwhile I play with the idea, to buy the recommended Kenwood TS-480 and get rid of the Alinco DX-SR8.

Actually it is well known:
"Anyone who buys cheap, buys twice."

I just hope, that that equipment really does everything better!

73, Dirk



I suggest you get a Kenwood TS-480, and rid yourself of that radio. ...

Hello kp4tr,

first of all: many thanks for your reply!

I know very well that the TS-480 is far better radio, but due to the fact that the DX-SR8 was listed among the examples of supported rigs, I have invested in it!

... Otherwise you would get answers, but you're getting none ;). ...

I do not understand what is meant.

... Remember, this is a forum of users helping users. ...

Why do you emphasize that?
I know the intention of this forum, so I've asked for help here.

73, Dirk

Im not sure what questions you wait answers to. ?
The ALINCO is a very simple and cheap radio and we can't expect the performance to be comparable to a more expensive radio. ....

If you would follow my above mentioned links and also take note of my last question in this thread, you will see, which unresolved problems/questions I have in conjunction with  the alinco dxsr8, which is officially mentioned as an example of supported rigs at your own website!
Therefore, I can not understand why you argue now that it's due to the "cheap" and "simple" radio!?

But I do not want to disturb you in your well-deserved vacation. I will wait patiently for an answer.

Dear remoterig-developer-team,

I hereby would like to ask kindly for answering my unresolved questions.

Many thanks in advance!

73, Dirk

... and a further question: might work in this constellation psk31 ?

Configuration, RRC 1258 / Re: DMZ setup
« on: 2012-07-23, 19:18:39 »
But if you have an outgoing firewall at your control-site (like me), you should open the ports 12000 UDP (cmd), 11000 UDP (audio) and 5060 TCP/UDP (sip).

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