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Configuration, RRC 1258 / Re: TS-480 and 8 Volt jumper
« on: 2018-12-02, 10:24:12 »
Thank you for the answer.
Sorry but i was referring to the strapping area (two rows of 9 holes). I kept copy of every release of the User Manual since 2010.

In the Rev. 25 - 2012 May 29 at page 167 there is no mention of the 8V strap in the Aux/Mic Configuration table (see attached picture). In the same table JUMP 2 (8/9volt Jumper) is set to 0 (not in place).

In the Rev. 28 - 2013 Feb 02 at page 176 you can find mention of the 8V strap in the Aux/Mic Configuration table (see attached picture). In the same table JUMP 2 (8/9volt Jumper) is set to 1 (In place).

So my RemoteRig Setup (HW V4) has been done following the Rev 25 instructions.

Now that a I have a new Set of RemoteRig (HW v7) i looked at the latest user manual revision A38 - 2017 feb 27 and the config table is the same of Rev. 28.

JUMP 2 has always been set as 0 (not in place) in my first set of RemoteRig (HW v4). Yesterday I tried booth the positions and the only result was a greater or lesser brightness of the display.

One last observation: at page 23 of the latest U.M. at the point 5 is written:
Control-RRC only: JMP-2 is placed near the back of the RRC next to the RESET button. JMP-2 is used to select if the DC-power to the front panels should be 8 or 9 V. With the strap in place it will be 8V, which fits all ICOM radios. Without the strap the voltage will be 9V, which fits Kenwood TS-480 and RC-2000 panels that need 9V for the back-lighter.[/b]

At page 185 in the Configuration Type 1 table the JUMP 2 is suggested set to 1 (in place).
I think is a typo but I'd like to know from Mike which of the two settings would be better to use.

The same for the 8V strap (grey cable in the table) in the strapping area.

73, IZ4MJP

Configuration, RRC 1258 / TS-480 and 8 Volt jumper
« on: 2018-12-01, 13:55:02 »
While I was doing the configuration of new Remote Rig 1258 MKII V7 Setup (for a TS-480) reading the latest version of the user manual I noticed that a "new 8Volt pin jumper" is present on pin 7 in the Control Side Unit

I own a RemoteRig 1258 MKII V4 bought in 2012 that I use (without ever having a problem) with my first TS-480 SAT (Jumper configuration Type 1)
In the 2012 version of the User Manual there is no mention about the 8 Volt Jumper on PIN 7 so, in 2012, I had not placed the jumper.

The question is: should i place the 8v jumper on the new setup?
What function does it have?

Thank you and season greetings.

73, IZ4MJP

General discussion forum / Re: ... Compatibility
« on: 2018-11-23, 15:05:03 »
Thank you Micke...

The last question: may experience problems using a RRig Radio Side V4 with a RRig Control Side V7(and viceversa)? Same FW on board on booth.

73, Franco IZ4MJP - HB9EIH

General discussion forum / ... Compatibility
« on: 2018-11-23, 14:15:54 »
I'm a long time RRig user.

I own a RRig 1258 MkII (Hw version 4) with latest FW on board.

I have  question: may i import into a new RRig (Hw v. 7) the "BIN" settings file exported from Hw v. 4?
On the unit (v.7) i installed the WiFi interface (not present in the v.4 unit).

Is it safe to do an import (if allowed) or it's better to configure the V. 7 manually?

Thank you in advance.

73, IZ4MJP

General discussion forum / Re: Help for PSK31
« on: 2018-01-01, 20:47:46 »
After two hours of experiment... resolved.
The culprit was a setting in MixW.
Unchecked the "PTT via CAT Command" and activated the VOX function on the Kenwood TS-480 resolved.
It's very strange because the only purpose of this setting is to key the Radio.

Thank you for your help.

73, IZ4MJP

General discussion forum / Re: Help for PSK31
« on: 2017-12-31, 20:11:03 »
Hi Mitch and thank you for your answer.
Before starting this post i did all the test on the "sound chain" (MixW -> Windows Audio -> speaker out and Mic/Aux IN at the RRig Control unit).
Hardware (cables) and software.

With an headphone and some converters i checked the entire audio chain so i'm 99,99 % sure that the PSK signal generated by MixW arrives at the Mic/Aux IN at the RRig Control unit.

I also did some tests with differents Mike Gain value (TS-480) and sound volume exit (Windows and MixW).
At a first sight i had your same idea (something broken in the audio chain).
To be sure i've changed the MiniJack stereo cable with a mono one but without luck and several RJ-45 plugs.

Tomorrow i'll try to change the Audio Codec using a better one (Codec N. 1 o 2).

For now HNY.

Vy 73
Franco IZ4MJP



General discussion forum / Help for PSK31
« on: 2017-12-31, 10:08:35 »
First of all HNY

I operate with RRig since 2010. So i have some experience with this fantastic Black-Box.
I have a setup based on RRC-1258 MKII v5 on both side (the radio is TS-480). Latest FW 2.91 on board.
All is working fine about SSB, CW and RTTY. No problem to control my TS-480 with several SW (DXLab, MixW, ecc)

Now I'm trying to use MixW to make PSK qsos.

I'm using the internal sound card of my Intel i5 Windows 10 Pro LapTop  connected with the 2 connectors (mic, speakers) of the RRC via 2 audio cables, the audio is OK. I built a cable that connect the Aux/Mic port (RJ-45 pin 3 and 4 as for RRig Manual) to a minijack stereo from speakers output on the PC.
Mix W controls the PTT via CAT.

The problem is that no audio arrives to the other side (RRig Radio Side). in USB mode (PSK31) there is no power out from TS-480. Mix W keys the radio so i'm sure it is in TX.

I've checked and re-checked the cable and the configurations and all is OK. If i connect the TS-480 handy mike to my cable (with some adapters) my voice arrives at the radio without problem with a good modulation (and power out).
It would seem that there is a band pass filter that prevents audio to go from RRig Control to RRig Radio side.

So before changing my setup i'm wondering if is there a solution for this problem.
Maybe the problem is due to poor audio quality settings?

I would like to know which parameters to set in order to operate with PSK.

Just for your information my parameters are:
Audio Codec: 0 - Alaw 8 Khz (i have bandwith problems)
Codec inp HPF Hz: 163
RTP tx mode: Continuous

Thank you in advance.

73 de IZ4MJP

Thank you Mike and Mitch.

I'll follow your advice.

Vy 73
Franco IZ4MJP

Hi and Merry Christmas to all.
I own a couple of Remoterigs MKII (V. 4, HW 5) with Software 2.80 that i use with a Kenwood TS-480. This setup is working flawlessly.

As i'd like to update my RRigs to the latest 2.91 version I'm wondering if i have to make every single update in sequence (2.81 -> 2.83 -> 2.83 ... 2.91) or jump directly from 2.80 to 2.91

Another question: Is it worth updating?

Many thanks.

73, IZ4MJP

Thanks Jan.
I supposed that.
I'll proceede with an update.

Just the last info: do you suggest to jump installing directly v. 2.72 or step by step (ex 2.65 restart, then 2.66 restart and so on)?

Franco, IZ4MJP

Might seems a trivial question but for me is not.

I use 2 sets of RemoteRig to control a TS-2000 and a TS-480 SAT.

After months of setup i've found the right balance and stability (i pilot an Expert 1K, a Dinamic antenna, a Rotor, CAT, ecc).

The 4 units use software 2.62.

I see on the RemoteRig website that software reached version 2.72.

None of the new features are of my interest (at first sight) and so i'm wondering if worth to update from 2.62 to 2.72 (taking the risks to experience some problems) or is better remain on 2.62.
What i do not undestand is if new FW/SW better improves other function of the R.R. System (not mentioned in the FW release).

Many thanks.

Vy 73
Franco, IZ4MJP

Hi Dennis,
good suggestion. I'll give a try as soon as possible.

Many tnx.

Franco, IZ4MJP

Franco, I had the same problem.  The minimum signal from the Ctrl RR was too high a level for the soundboard I was using, and I was using the Line Input on the soundboard.  I went in and changed the "Radio Settings-Codec Out Gain" from the default 255 to
a value of 230.  Now the sound board isn't overdriven by RTTY signals.  I also put my headphones on the output of the soundboard, so I still have plenty of audio for CW and SSB.

Dennis W1UE

Hello Mitch.
Tnx for your comment.
As a Mac addicted (i work for Apple since 1982) i use two MacBook AIR with BootCamp (with Windows 7 native S.O., no emulator).
MacBook AIR has not an Audio IN (only headphone out) so i use a USB Audio interface that grant me a Mike Audio IN.

I've tried some products and the LinQ model seems works better than others.

I use Win 7 Pro and i've adjusted the Line IN level from the Audio Control Panel on Windows 7 (there is a slidebar and you can set from 0 to 99).

I'd like to test the Griifin iMic Interface (that has a Line level IN port) but it's rather expensive for my "sporadic" use of RTTY.

Maybe you are right: the problem could reside in the Windows side.

Vy 73
Franco, IZ4MJP

I misread your note and thought you were using the speaker output on the TS-480 panel, sorry.
This usually works just fine, and should not require a volume adjustment.

Are you using the line-in or microphone input on the computer? It looks to me more that the problem is on the
computer side if you are having this problem. Line-in is far better than mic. Which control have you adjusted to 1?

Mitch DJ0QN / K7DX

I'm experiencing audio volume problem when using the RTTY audio signal.
I'm using a TS-480 SAT and MMTTY.
I get the audio from the SP jack on the front side on the RRC Ctr and i keep the audio level at the minimum level.
I've also set at "1" the Audio level in the Windows 7 audio panel.

With this setup i often receive "garbages" on my screen probably due for the saturated signal.
So i'm wondering if there is a way to have a like "Line Signal" from TTL connector (not depending from  the volume knob).

Vy 73
Franco, IZ4MJP

General discussion forum / Re: What happens if ADSL fails?
« on: 2013-02-13, 09:44:37 »
Vy tnx Mike.

Fine Business.

This is another evidence of the high engineering work done on this product.



if the RTP stream which includes the mic-audio is missing the PTT is released after a few seconds. In CW, key down can never be more than 2 sec. So it should not be any risk of hangup with PTT on

73 de mike

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