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My wife and I both have Galaxy S21+ cellphones. The wifi scan sees her phone, but not mine.

Feature Requests / Re: Feature Request TS-2000
« on: 2021-04-21, 04:48:59 »
I also would like to be able to use TS-2000 memories. I have several local nets on different repeaters that I would like to keep up with when I am remote.

General / "App Trail Period has Expired"
« on: 2021-04-14, 03:26:02 »
I have the dreaded msg on my new cellphone.

Finally I got a daughter to go to the house to power cycle the RRC. It is working correctly now.

All routers and control RRC rebooted with no change in results.

No error reported on the control RRC. There are a series of two routers. I rebooted the one that I can access. I will call AT&T and ask them to reboot the other router.

Control RRC status shows no error. I cannot view the radio RRC status. This system has been running for years. I have had to have someone power cycle it before, sometime a remote reboot works. Now the radio RRC refuses a web connection, even from a local computer. The next time I can be there I am going to add a permanent usb connection to the computer to permit the Microbit Setup Manager. But for now I am dead in the water without a solution. There have been NO network changes for years. Power fluctuations are prevalent in this area often involving power dips. I have the power supply for  the system running on a 1500VA UPS. The power supply output is fed to a West Mountain Radio Super Powergate with 85AH AGM battery backup. The RRC and the TS2000 are both powered by this system.

My radio RRC drops after about one minute. It will not connect to a web browser. When it drops there is no error reported on control RRC. It needs to be rebooted but I have it on battery backed-up power so it remains in this state. Under restrictions I don't anyone to power cycle it. Is there some way other than using a browser to reboot it?

General / Re: App Period expired
« on: 2018-04-13, 20:59:33 »
I am also getting app period expired. I bought a license but have been unable to use it for almost a year. Do I need to buy it again?
Armstead  AE5OQ

General / Re: RRC nano kenwood & android 7.0 is not working?
« on: 2018-01-25, 20:59:06 »
My RRC nano Kenwood & Android 7 on Galaxy S7 is also not working. It just doesn't hookup. When I click on Connectothing at all happens. My control RRC works fine.

I have a radio box that does the same. I think that lightning might have caused it. It just won't hook up to a router.

General / Re: NANO ...what is BT?
« on: 2017-07-30, 14:59:44 »
This problem still occurs. No audio on phone speaker after using BT. Any response"

General / Re: NANO ...what is BT?
« on: 2017-07-08, 23:56:04 »
After using my nano Kenwood Bluetooth to my Plantronic headset (without checking BT box), I can no longer get audio to the phone speaker. I have turned headset off, turned Bluetooth off on Galaxy S5, powered phone off and restarted, and even uninstalled nano and reinstalled, still no audio to phone under any condition.

It happens to me as well. I have the remote end running with battery backup so even power interruptions don't do the reset for me. I have been looking into ip power switches to help with the problem.

General discussion forum / Re: Common Network Settings
« on: 2016-05-22, 14:31:21 »
Thanks, that sounds useful. I was making a very wrong assumption. I gave up working with profiles as I couldn't keep up with the quirks so no effect for me currently.

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