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GA Jan
Tnx indeed for testing LUMIA 920 and the results noted here.
Please let me know if the particular RRC tested was using the new default ports 13000, 13001,13002.
I will try, using special s/w, to check which directly open ports my GSM provider have and then I will maybe ask for your further advice for optimaly using some of these open ports.

GE Jan and Mike.
Ah, that would be very kind from you...
Yes, I'm using INET sharing of my LUMIA 800 Win 7.8, trying to connect RRC control unit via WiFi to INET.
My GSM provider is providing Cellular HSPA, max 3G for my phone.
BTW, if the used by me 13000-13002 ports are blocked by the provider then the PWR LED on RRC will blink continously, in spite RRC is connected with phone??
73 Costas

Hi Mike
Tnx again for your answer, very helpful indeed and now the Control RRC WiFi connection with the ADSL APs is OK.
My still remaining problem is with my LUMIA WINPHONE, where the Control RRC WiFi is connected as guest and IP is received OK, but the PWR LED on RRC does NOT stop blinking. BTW, I have already changed SIP, CMD and AUDIO ports to 13000 series.
I check my 3G net (COSMOTE GR) with MICROSOFT TestMyNet tool and found that at least the following ports are open for direct access: 21/FTP, 22/SSH, 25/SMTP, 53 /DNS, 110/POP3, 139/NETBIOS, 143/IMAP, 161/SNMP, 445/SMB, 465/SMTP SSL, 585/SECURE IMAP, 587/AUTH SMTP, 993/IMAP SSL, 995/POP SSL, 5060/SIP, 6881/BIT TORRENT, 5223/IOS,
5228/ ANDROID, 8080 HTTP PROXY. The only currently blocked port for direct access is the: 135/RPC.
Also no any difference activating or not the RRCs DHCP. 
Can you advice any further, pse??
73 Costas

Hi again Mike
One more question, pse:
If the WiFi adapter is connected to the access point or smartphone (as indicated by them) but the green PWR LED on RRC is still blinking (and no connection with radio unit is possible), what could be the problem ??
Do I need to open all the CMD, SIP, AUDIO ports on access point BEFORE trying to connect the WiFi adapter?
For this purpose and for the use of smartphones are the ports changed to new ones 13000-13002 ?
73 Costas

Tnx for fast reply and info Mike, all noted...
73 Costas

Hi Mike
I'd like to ask futher concerning the use of my WiFi 1258N-2 adapter (RRC 1258B-3 and FW updated to 2.75):
- to which function (sip, audio, control) is each of the new designated 13000, 13001, 13002 ports assigned?
- on the WiFi settings, the password window is indicated as PSK only. How can I change it to WEP 64 or WPA2?
- how can I find the MAC address of the WiFi adapter, since I need it for my MAC locked Access Point?
73 Costas

Mike, tnx for your fast reply and valuable info.
Will order the WiFi adapter soon...
73 Costas

On a previous post by SM2O I read "often the Mobile service provider has blocked the ports used for SIP and VoIP. If you use the standaRd ports try to change 5060 to something else. They do it beacuse they want to stop people using other services than their own for phone calls".
Since I'd like to use such config for the control RRC, I wonder:
- What alternative working port to 5060 can be suggested ?
- Are the GSM providers generally open to provide such info?
- How many succed to have such control RRC config working?
73 Costas

General discussion forum / Re: Firmware update
« on: 2012-06-19, 13:49:26 »
RRC-1258 MKII firmware updated from 2.30 directly to 2.59 successfully and personal settings remain unchanged.
RRCs could communicate OK even with one at 2.30 and the other at 2.59 firmware versions.
Also Webswitch 1216H firmware updated from 1.13 to 2.5 successfulyl and settings remain unchanged.
Tnx for advice Jan...

General discussion forum / Re: Firmware update
« on: 2012-06-15, 17:46:54 »
Many tnx Jan for your fast and clear reply...
Do you may suggest to update first to a version in between 2.30 and 2.59 and if so which one is better?

General discussion forum / Firmware update
« on: 2012-06-15, 16:16:43 »
Before updating RRC-1258 MKII firmware may I know if:
- I can update from 2.30 directly to latest 2.59?
- I have to update both radio and control RRCs (hardware version 5) before be able to use/ interconnect  them?
- I have to reinstall all my personal parameters again?
Tnx in advance..
Costas SV1DH

Hi George,
unfortunately all RR (control and radio) settings are OK and audio is also perfect on headphones, but NO audio on heads backside speaker...
Writing these lines Im thinking if this trouble is because I have an external speaker connected directly to TS480 radio unit on remote site!!
73 Costas

Hi Mitch
tnx again for ur comments.
The funny thing is that the TS480 head is working perfectly when connected directly to TS480, I can get audio from headphones as well from speaker when headphones are disconnected. When head is via RR pair I have audio from headphones only (and momentarily from speaker while disconnecting headphones). Real funny thing....
73 Costas

Did you remove JMP2 as per the manual to make sure the head receives 9 volts?

Mitch DJ0QN / K7DX
Mitch, tnx for fast reply but JMP2 is removed. The TS480 panel is working just fine except the mentioned problem and AUDIO is delivered anyhow to headphones plug on it OK...Any further idea, pse??
Costas SV1DH

General discussion forum / TS480 CONTROL PANEL SPEAKER AUDIO
« on: 2011-06-08, 16:10:32 »
Although the back side speaker of TS480 control panel its working fine when the panel its connected directly to transceiver, I can get audio on the HEADPHONES ONLY while the panel its connected via the RemoteRig control unit (with hardware V5 and software V2.30 of 16/12/2010). Audio from the speaker come for VERY SHORT while disconnecting the headphones plug from the panel.
Any advise pse??

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