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Back to a remote computer then.  I looked into network USB but not sure the software would recognize it.

So how would a rotor control or such work?

The Icom 7100 allows configuration control via the RT Systems Software thru the standard mini usb on the back of the radio.  This works well.  Insert Remote Rig.  A little different.

I need to convert standard mini usb to DB9 to connect to the 1258.  The only conversion needed is the USB to DB9.  The 7100 doesn't not need any adapter to work with RT Systems if it is local.  I have found standard FTDI and Prolific adapters.  Problem is that there is really no Com Port pass thru setting on the 1258.  So...

1) How can I get Com 1 on remote to pass thru to com 1 on the 1258 Control? (generic pass thru, no intelligence)
2) These adapter cables, whichever works, will be powered via their connection to the 1258 & that ok?
3) Will the drivers load on the laptop remotely with the 1258s acting as a transparent connection?
Note - CI-V Cable and HRD, chirp work fine via 1258.  But there is also a setting for this. Its just the RT Systems memory management is superior. Look at it this way figuratively....I need to do the same thing if I were to run a mouse remotely on a computer via the 1258.  No different.

Thanks for your help.

 Hi. Looked thru the 247 pages. No diagram to make a cable. One for Yaesu twin, which is not the 857 setup. Can you send specific link to make cable? I probably already have one anyway. If this works, my issue was listening to the people that said you must have a Valley Enterprises cable. I never thought "outside the cable!"
Thanks for your help!

Great start! Thanks
So you are saying no special dongle is needed in the mix? (Valley Enterprises, etc)

Step 1 - Physical Connection via what and where?
Step 2 - 1258mkII Com Settings - Chirp or RT-Systems Memory Programming via Remote Control Unit
Step 3 - 1258mkII Com Settings - Ham Radio Deluxe Operation


I use these 1258MKII for remote operation of my Yaesu 857D.  Love it.  But for about a year still I have found no way to use the com ports to program the memories...or to use HRD if I choose. I have the USB Dongle that works great if I am at the rig.  Not remote.  I even have the RT Systems dongle.  I am not even sure how to connect these as my dongle is a CAT to USB.  Please help.  Assume nothing and please be detailed.


I am trying the Valley Systems Cable.  Will report how it goes.

Resolved with a remote relay pcb and a light sensing LED. 

I am using the 1258 pair for my Yaesu 857D.  The Yaesu is at a tower connected to my YT-100 tuner.  No problems there.
I am exhausted trying to get any form of memory control for the Yaesu to work.  HRD, Chirp...(would try FTBasic but locked without purchase) I tried a Linux Ubuntu box there with the Yaesu RT USB cable.  Hours of settings using go. 
I have read in this forum where the control end can simply connect to a computer on com 2 and I can set the 1258 to Logical parallel with Com zero.  I have used FTBasicMMO tool (free) to monitor the usb port on the front of the unit and data just pours......but evidently nothing intelligent.  I have purchased a serial com to usb converter.  Also no luck.

Surely.  Surely, there is a specific manner to make this work.  I don't care what adapter I need or what software....I just want the thing to work.  I have the I/O connected to read the led on the YT-100 Tuner and even push the button.  That works great! Full Remote head, no problems. 

Please assist with absolute, detailed, non assuming instructions to make this work.

Thanks very much,

KR3....Did you finally get this working?  I am doing the same. 

Configuration, RRC 1258 / Re: Using MiFi at the Rig Site
« on: 2016-09-20, 23:26:17 »
Thanks.  Maybe it has changed.  I spoke with them today and they suggest using a DDNS Service and said I can enable port forwarding on the device. 14 day return policy.  I googled the config and it has the firewall and port options; even DMZ. I guess next steps are just to test.  Any other info from the group is certainly welcome. 

Configuration, RRC 1258 / Using MiFi at the Rig Site
« on: 2016-09-20, 15:50:15 »
I am mounting an 857D at a remote tower site.  I would like to use an ATT mifi as the internet connection for the rig. In a nutshell, will this work? I can set a static LAN IP for the 1258 but will time outs, etc keep the wifi from joining to the RemoteRig DDNS? Any help appreciated before I go to all this trouble and make an unreachable rig.

Searching and luck.
I need some details on controlling a relay at the remote site and also sending back an LED indicator to the control site.  I want to use the existing pair of MKIIs I have (don't want to buy the relay option).  I already have some isolated relays, switches and LEDs.  I know someone has done this.  Ultimately I will remote control a tuner with a push button, and return back the LED indicator that blinks.  I could experiment but don't want the risk if not necessary.     

Thanks for your help!  I love this product. 


Remote Control
COM1 mode   
COM2 mode - Logical Parallel with Com0   
COM2 baudrate   - 64000
COM2 data bits   8
COM2 stop bits   1
COM2 parity   Off
COM2 terminator (hex) Zero   
Use USB Com Port as COM2 - YES   
Com3 Extra Mode - Inactive
Radio - All same
Com 2 connected with Cat-62 cable

Control - connected with mini usb to standard tp PC 

PC Shows:
RRC1258 COM0 (Com6)
RRC1258 COM1 (Com7)
RRC1258 COM2 (Com4)
RRC1258 ComExtra (Com5)
There is no "Microbit RRC Virtual Comport (COMX)"


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