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General discussion forum / Radio RRC PTT bug??
« on: 2021-02-04, 16:26:34 »
I do use my K3s station both remote and locally.

For both local and remote use all cabling is connected and the RJ45 port (with RS-232/CAT signals) can be switched between Radio-RRC and my P3.
So I can easily switch between local and remote use, without the need of (dis)connecting cables.
This set-up works very well and is quite convenient.

However, when due to local use of the station the RRC Radio unit is not needed and without power, the outgoing PTT line of the Radio RRC is grounded.
This causes the K3s to go into transmit state.

To me this is a bug.
A connected piece of equipment should never cause an unwanted situation when power is not applied to it, in this case being an unwanted TX state of the connected K3s.

In case I do something wrong and can avoid this from occuring I would be glad to hear what that could be.

Otherwise an RRC Radio modification seems to be needed, in order to avoid this unwanted situation.

In the mean time I solved the issue by mounting a switch in the unused hole for the keyerspeed and connecting it to the relevant PTT points of the "wire dongle"

73 Henk

Currently no Control INx to Radio OUTx connection for other use (e.g. control of remote equipment) is possible when using the internal keyer.

In most cases only the paddles (2 lines) or straight key (1 line is used), leaving a possibility for other use of the remaining (and not used) IN - OUT connections. (e.g. control of remote equipment)

Proposed feature:

Add 2 menu items for I/O
1 : CW paddle, leaving one IN - OUT relation free for other use
2 : Straight key, leaving two IN - OUT relations free for other use.

This way external remote equipment can be controled without the need of a PC (Radio OUT - web page)
and will enhance the user experience and ease of use considerably.

For those who want to keep the present situation (which uses all possible IN-OUT) the Keyer menu item could remain

73 Henk

Hi Mike,

Thanks for the explanation. Clear, but pity it works this way.

I do not understand this design.
As a user I deliberately want to use a paddle, that is my CW input.
So why "waste" IN0 on a straight key I never intend to use.
That makes no sense to me. (but maybe I am missing something I am not aware of..)

Anyway, I will try other options to control stuff at the Radio side without the need for a PC/webpage.
(unless you already have a solution I can use and build in :-) Please let me know!)

My whole control station is just a K3/0 box (plenty of empty space inside to host/connect all what is needed) with only the WiFi antenna sticking out and I cannot have additional "boxes"/gear

73 Henk

In the mean time I tried :

Control side:
IN0      I/O

Radio side
OUT0    Connect   (no way to choose I/O)
OUT1    I/O
OUT2    Keyer
because RING of PAD is not used for keyer output to the radio when using the internal RRC keyer.

Still no output at OUT1 (with LED + series resistor to 8V, pin 7)

How can shine some light on this. I am lost....

73 Henk

My CW paddle is working OK, via OUT1 and OUT2 on the Radio side.
So OUT0 is left to use.

I want to use it in a transparent way, so OUT0/Radio should follow IN0 input/Control

However, I do not get the Radio OUT0 programmed as I/O. It always reverts to "Connect"

Control side:
IN0      I/O
OUT0   Connect
OUT1   I/O
OUT2   I/O     however the OUT settings here should be irrelevant to what I want to do.

Radio side
OUT0    Connect   (no way to choose I/O)
OUT1    Keyer
OUT2    Keyer

So what am I doing wrong here?

73 Henk


Hi Mike,

Thanks for the fast reply.
The SIP change did the trick!

I totaly overlooked that possibility. Learning all the time...

73 Henk

The manual states :
12. Now try to establish the connection between the Control-RRC and the Radio-RRC.

The question is how to achieve that?

I do have a K3/0 and K3s. Initially all worked OK and remote-control in my own LAN worked fine.
Control, Radio

Now I want to change the IP address of the Radio unit to a higher number. (out of my DHCP range)
However, when I do that and allocate e.g. the units cannot find each other anymore.
Access to each unit via the web-interface works ok.

Power on/off, reset of my router, etc. nothing changes. The Control unit still displays :" Other party ".

So how can I force (one of?) the units to scan the IP range so they can find one another again?

73 Henk

PS when I change back to all works fine, as before. Using firmware 2.95.


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