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If no other cables are connected the RRC is protected with a littlefuse (automatic reset) but if a radio is connected both to the RRC and to the same Powersupply then things can happen. Most common is that the common mode fiter L2 just behind the DC connecter is burned, It's easy to measure and it can be replaced by jumpers. Sometimes some of the EMI fiter between the jumper socket and the RJ45 connector on the front get burned,  they can also be replaced by a jumper.

73 de mike
Hello All,
I have a very simple question: does the RRC 1258 MKII have a protection to prevent damages in case of reverse polarity power ?
If positive, may be a diode or another component act as a fuse and must be replaced after the burnout?
Thanks in advance to any helper.
73 Enrico I4GAD
General discussion forum / Kommer ni att producera några mer webbswitchar?
« Last post by SE3X on 2023-01-22, 14:10:52 »
Har två rotorer jag köpt rotorkort till. Men hann bara köpa en webswitch. Så innan jag kan köpa en till är ju rotorkort 2 tyvärr oanvändbart.

Så, ja, vill köpa men undrar om jag kommer kunna göra det?

General / Does Nano works on FT7800 or any trial app for Yaesu
« Last post by KC1JFN on 2023-01-21, 06:38:57 »
I would like to try the app is working on Yaesu FT7800 before paying $49.99
General discussion forum / Using RRC-1274 with N1MM+
« Last post by k4fn on 2023-01-13, 18:40:55 »
Is anyone using a RRC-1274A or B with N1MM? 

The only way I have found to use the N1MM+ function keys is to use KY commands and I don't have a sidetone.  Also the CQ auto repeat does no work.

Dan K4FN
Yeah, the manual picture shows seven cables from the Radio RRC-1258 to the K3, but only describes six of them.... The Accessory cable is the one that you are missing.
Configuration, RRC 1258 / Control RRC-1258 - no PWR light, has power
« Last post by AA4LR on 2023-01-12, 18:00:06 »
I recently returned to my QTH with the control device. It had been left with the power connection unplugged. I plugged in the power, but the green PWR LED did not light.

Generally, the PWR LED would start blinking right away, and change to steady after a few moments, so long as the network connection is plugged in.

But now, I'm getting nothing. No lighting at all. There's nothing.

I checked the power supply. It is providing slightly more than 12 volts either unplugged or plugged in to the device. (12.1 to 12.3 volts) When I plug it in, there's a momentary flicker of the green and yellow Ethernet LEDs, but that's it. I don't see any link or activity.

If I leave it plugged in, the device gets slightly warm after a time, which seems normal.

Any ideas?
General / RRC Nano Update
« Last post by LZ3AW on 2023-01-12, 11:55:59 »
Hello everyone and Happy New Year!

I'm just wondering, if there is a plan the RRC Nano app to has any update with more features?
Hardware, Cabling, Installations / Re: Wifi interface
« Last post by pd0swl on 2023-01-10, 18:29:43 »
Hi Mike,

I expected that.

It is my back up client RRC so no big deal. Thanks for the suggestions.


Hardware, Cabling, Installations / Re: Wifi interface
« Last post by sm2o on 2023-01-10, 13:44:28 »
No Response ended the production of the chip during the component crize. You need to use a external wifi client with ethernet interface

Zyxel WAP3205V3 Wireless N300 is one

73 de mike

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