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General discussion forum / Re: Webswitch 1216H ?
« Last post by sm2o on 2024-07-11, 17:45:19 »

Limmared has stock

Microbit ddns is working, and there is a second choice for a commercial ddns service also

73 de mike
General discussion forum / Webswitch 1216H ?
« Last post by oe2lcm on 2024-07-11, 17:31:31 »
Dear OM's, is there anywhere in Europe a possibility to buy this webswitch? Can't find a dealer, who can deliver it.

Will the DNS - Service still be available? (as it is not changeable as far as I know)

Considering a spare Webswitch, if the perfect for years working one will be stop working. Anything for remote switching
is built "around" this Webswitch, so a fast replacing would be nice (in case...)

Tnx for reading and maybe a short info!

73, Guenther
General discussion forum / Re: Lightning
« Last post by Neil on 2024-07-10, 02:51:37 »
As strange as this may sound it looks like the only thing that changed  was the baud rate at the remote site I reset it to 57600 it was at 4800 and now everything works from one remote control head the other works but has no TX control or TX audio  but that is a problem with the local control head.  Thanks again Mike
General discussion forum / Re: Lightning
« Last post by Neil on 2024-07-06, 15:20:43 »
Thank you for your quick response Mike I will have routable ports at home Monday and will spend more time with this problem. You confirmed what I had suspected and it should work, my only thought now is intermittent in the RJ12 cable?  The micro interface is nice but I miss  the control panel.
General discussion forum / Re: Lightning
« Last post by sm2o on 2024-07-05, 11:27:29 »
If you can control the radio from RRC Micro but not from a Control-RRC it's probably the RJ12 interface which is damaged in either the radio or the Radio-RRC. When using RRC-Micro only the comport is used for CAT but when using a Control-RRC and a Control Panel the RJ12 interface is used

73 de mike
General discussion forum / Lightning
« Last post by Neil on 2024-07-05, 00:00:32 »
I should describe it as a "power line event"  blown fuse and bridge rectifier in Astron PS20 power supply. The TS480SAT survived ok  the SPE1KFA powers up but does not work Laptop is ok. I replaced the supply and stripped the station down to only it and the TS480SAT and RR box running V2.95. I can connect remotely with RRC Micro and ARCP480 and it works well. I can not connect remotely with two different  RR boxes and Control heads both do nothing no response at all. I installed my spare RR box and radio at the site and nothing changed, the back up was loaded with the BIN file from the site as all my other backups were lost in an HD failure. I can connect a control head to the radio TTL port  and it works fine I have swapped TTL cables and the spare box and radio were not on site and I confirmed both worked at home on the LAN. I am confused as to what the problem could be. In the past I have had corrupted data in my on site modem where port address changed to ascii data instead of actual port digits. I have reviewed the data in the router port forwarding and RR box but see nothing unusual. I will soon have the ability to port forward at my home and can check my spares on the WAN in the city I have tested them on the LAN, its a 200km trip to the remote site. Any thoughts would be appreciated and hopefully inspirational as I am at a loss as to what to do next.
General discussion forum / Re: I/O settings for paddle
« Last post by sm2o on 2024-07-01, 07:41:58 »
LF delay only mutes sidetone from the radio, if you can turn off sidetone in the radio you don't need it. For the "Key delay" is no otherway than testing to increase it, no measurements

73 de mike
General discussion forum / Re: I/O settings for paddle
« Last post by VA2EBI on 2024-06-29, 20:45:38 »
Finally, a reply!  Thanks, Mike.  I currently have Lf delay 60 ms and Key delay 60 ms.  I don't know which of these to experiment with first.  I am fortunate to have a good internet connection with very low latency and jitter.  Is there a way to test the connection, or is experimenting with various settings the way to start?

George VA2EBI
I just obtained a set of RRCs to use with a K3/0 and K3.
DJ0QN once provided a set of checklists that made the setup easier.
I hope someone saved them and can report them here, or email them to me
k6ufo at arrl dot net
Thanks, Mark K6UFO
General discussion forum / Re: I/O settings for paddle
« Last post by sm2o on 2024-06-28, 09:41:02 »
It's not the I/O settings which is important it's the Keyer settings. Keyer should be activate, and the most important setting is "Key delay" which set the buffering before the CW is sent. It should be set to minium 50 ms if you work over the internet. If you still get garbled keying it's because of Internet Jitter and you need to increase the Key delay setting even more

73 de mike
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