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Configuration, Webswitch 1216H / 1216H rotator control usb
« Last post by HB9DQL on 2021-09-27, 20:39:43 »
Hi all,

I am using a Prosistel PST61D rotator and rotator controller with USB COM port for PC (no RS232 port).
Is there any solution to connect the Prosistel rotator controller USB COM port direct to the microbit Webswitch 1216H?

Or do I have to use an USB to serial adaptor with 1216S adapter? Anyone tried this out already?

Thanks for help
73 Jürg, HB9DQL
General discussion forum / Re: Remoterig MkIIS Yaesu Twin
« Last post by sm2o on 2021-09-22, 13:06:03 »
All boxes are the same, it's only strappings and cable which are different in the packages

73 de mike
Hardware, Cabling, Installations / control RRC mic port level
« Last post by tf3t on 2021-09-22, 00:29:36 »
Hi - I have been searching through the forum here, not found anything definitive.

I'm playing with different mic's and want to be able to switch between headset, desk mic etc..
So I got this mixer (Mackie) - it has the usual main out TRS or XLR connectors.

I got somewhat ok results by turning the input preamp off , but there is still some hissing and extra noise when I go through the mixer.

I must admin that I don't know much about line levels etc, but anyone done something similar and can help me diagnose this

73 de Benni TF3T
Dear OM´s,

we are using more than 15 RRC-1258 rigs in our club.
This is the only one, which does not work. Serial Nr: 14606
the problme shows up at every boot start. I can not start the RRC1258.
Anny suggestions?
The rig is still in warranty - so I don´t want to play around too much with it.

 Thanks and best 73s,

Christian DL6RDM
General discussion forum / Remoterig MkIIS Yaesu Twin
« Last post by W1EBI on 2021-09-17, 17:15:41 »
Is this a new product with amended software for Yaesu Twin operation?  I have my FTdx-5000's operating in Yaesu Twin, but still have certain radio functions that do not seem to pass via the RRC.  My remote unit is S/N 13733.  I have two control units, S/N 13802 and S/N 6954.  All are MkIIS units.  Is the Yaesu Twin version different, or is it just the internal strapping that determines the "gender" of the box?

I am a bit puzzled with the jitter and delay settings on bad lines as it seems that sometimes the lower jitter and delay value works much better than the larger ones.

First of all, the configuration
Radio side) Finland - 4g-router with a good continuous stream of 20 mbit/s with low jitter and delay to practically anywhere
Control side) China, Shanghai - fiber  with a good continuous stream of at least 20 mbit/s with ping to the station about 350 ms but jitter reading hovering between 5 ms to 1000 ms.

It looks like uplink (outgoing audio from shanghai) is flawless. What happens is that on the reception, there are occasional cuts. It looks as if the best setting at the control end is Jitter 14 delay 10. Anything beyond or below is worse. Been trying to understand why, but so far haven't found a logical explanation why would it be this way.

Any ideas ?

Ville oh1jd
Hei Micke

Takk for raskt svar. Jeg satte inn som du foreslo og da virker det som at problemet er løst.
Skal teste litt mer, men so far so good.

Tusen takk for hjelpen.
Dns errror visar att du angett en felaktig Dns ip, därför kan den inte slå upp ddns hostname. Prova med det btukar alltid funka

73 de micke

Jeg har holdt på et par dager nå med å få mine to Remoterig RRC-1258 MKII enheter til å kommunisere, uten særlig hell.
Trenger derfor noen til å peke meg i riktig retning.

Når jeg setter dem opp i LAN fungerer alt helt fint, og min IC-7100 fungerer som den skal. Når jeg setter radio enheten ut på eksternt modem/ruter (Telia 4G nett med en TP-link Archer MR200 modem/ruter)  får de ikke kontakt med hverandre. Har fulgt manualen, men får ikke kontakt.
Jeg har laptop koblet opp lokalt i begge ender, og begge enheter er tilgjengelige via WEB-grensesnitt, så de kommuniserer med PC via ruter.

På Control siden får jeg i Status feltet kun denne feilmeldingen: DNS status   Error, failed to resolve!
På radio siden får jeg ikke feilmeldinger, og det ser ut til at RRC boksen også finner da status er DNS status   OK, =
Connection status er Disconnected på begge sider.

Alle tips og råd mottas med takk.

73 de LA7EIA - Erik
Problem solved via email, The big zener diode at the power input was broken

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