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General discussion forum / Re: RRC Control fetches old DDNS address
« Last post by dg6ed on 2021-06-21, 15:15:43 »
Thanks for fast reply, even at Mid-Summer periode!

I appreciate all your service, thanks & 73 de DG6ED

General discussion forum / Re: RRC Control fetches old DDNS address
« Last post by sm2o on 2021-06-21, 15:01:49 »
Hi there was a short break in the the ddns servers on saturday evening, that may have have caused it. We do our best to keep the system up, but if you need 100% relialbility you may use a commercial service, we do not guarantee 24/7 service especially during vaccation times

73 de mike
General discussion forum / RRC Control fetches old DDNS address
« Last post by dg6ed on 2021-06-21, 14:52:51 »
I run 3 identical systems (RRC-1258 MKII with IC-E2820) in 3 locations with daily changing IP addresses using standard Radio- and Control- boxes are remote-powered off during the night. The System was working very reliable for months.

Since Sat, 19-Jun-2021 two of them have problems on Conrtol side, to get the latest updated IP address. Despite already shows the renewed IP address, they still show 3...4 hours after power-on in the Control box web page Status in 'Other party' AND 'DNS status' the one of the day before.

About 4 hours after power-on the Control box realizes the new IP address and works as usual.

Any idea, what's going wrong?
Hardware, Cabling, Installations / PowerWerx DB-750x Configuration
« Last post by WA6ZTY on 2021-06-10, 07:33:52 »
Does anyone have RemoteRig config info for the DB750x ?
(question previously posted in 2013 with no replies)
The forum is mainly for user to help each other I can't monitor every post all the time. And during summer and vaccation times it even more difficult. If you want help from me send me a email.

if the WS shows the the rotor picture it's probably set to be a rotor control. check the advanced settings page "function type"

73 de mike
Configuration, RRC 1258 / IC7100 Wont reconnect
« Last post by M1EMB on 2021-06-09, 01:51:53 »
Hi All

I recently moved location of my shack and ever since have had issues with my IC 7100 Florida to UK setup.   It seems when I lose internet connection I can't reconnect to the radio, both RRs are ok and I can connect to both of them but unless I do a remote reboot of the main power to the radio it won't restart, I am wondering if I have a setting issue somewhere, my new internet is a little flakey but I can still hold a conversation on it.   
Checked both sides and nothing stands out as being an issue in the status list everything shows as off or disconnected.  Tried a reboot but nothing.

Any ideas please?

Many thanks

Webswitch is unusable, there's no help, I'm stranded with this webswitch and very disappointed in the microbit help and forum. Mitch where are you? ...So I am going to throw it in the garbage, or the junkbox. Going to buy this other webswitch which has a ready and willing help dept:

Configuration, RRC 1258 / MIC LED on Control RRC
« Last post by K7FL on 2021-06-08, 02:34:32 »
Trying to troubleshoot relocation of my K3 and K3/0 (non mini). All radio control functions work properly, as does CW, but I have no microphone operation. I have tried various combinations of MENU settings (Fpl, Rpl, etc), on both the remote K3 and the K3/0. No joy.

The most significant clue is the illumination of the amber LED on the Control RRC.

What triggers this indication? I've checked cable connections on the Control RRC and K3/0. The only thing different on the remote K3 which has was an upgrade to the KXV3B board.

Dennis, K7FL
Still having problems with this webswitch. Upgraded the firmware using the setup manager. Uploaded v4.59 for 1216H HAM edition and now there's a NEW Problem.There are no relays showing in the menus. It appears to be setup as a Rotor controller only, no relay output selections on any pages. I can access it over the network but it will not work over the microbit ddns, even though all the items appear correct.
thanks for any assistance
de Dave WB7ELY
My wife and I both have Galaxy S21+ cellphones. The wifi scan sees her phone, but not mine.
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