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General discussion forum / Re: Elecraft K4 with RemoteRig
« Last post by oz1rh on 2022-06-28, 13:54:52 »
Tnx Mike, I thought CAT was used K3<->K3. Seems I have to wait for the Elecraft VK4 software or try Win4K4Suite and one of the many ways of transfering audio.

73, Palle, OZ1RH.
Configuration of Routers, Firewalls, etc / Re: help whith ic 7100
« Last post by oz1rh on 2022-06-28, 13:47:35 »
Check Port Forward in (both?) of the routers you use at the radio site.

I think the radio RRC-1258 should sign in to the RemoteRig DDNS server automatically. Check "DDNS status" in Settings that the RemoteRig DDNS server has the correct WAN IP adr of your router at the radio site.

Does your 3/4 G router at the radio site get a public WAN IP address? If it gets a private IP address like 192.168.n.n, 172.28.n.n or 10.n.n.n it can't be accessed from the internet. It is essential that the router at the radiosite get a public WAN IP address. It does not matter if it is static or dynamic as long it is public. Most internet providers only hands out private IP address on 3/4/5G unless you pay for a static one. But you do not need a static IP address, only a public one. Beware, most customer services don't know what a public IP address is, so they just ask you to pay. Check this board for 'Double NAT'.

73, Palle, OZ1RH.
Configuration of Routers, Firewalls, etc / help whith ic 7100
« Last post by Pd0jhi on 2022-06-28, 12:55:48 »

Can someone help me?

I'll have  the remoterig sets for the ic7100,
my external  ip adres  is  signed in .

My  radio the dhcp is off   , on my remote controle the dhcp  is on ,   i'll  can connect  with my  3g/4g  on my mobile on hollyday  whith  hotspot .
My wifi  hotspot is filled in on my remote controle box
I'll have also  a remoterig ddns  server but not signed in {is this nessesary?}.

I'll  have also  a 4g router  on hollyday , but when i'll  got my wifi on on my mobile  the  remote control stock?}

Can i'll  get also  my  wifi and password   from  my  4g wifi router  in to the  remote control  so i'll do not have my  hotspot wifi from my mobile?

At last  when i open my squels  from the ic 7100  i  hear every time a cliping sound  , how can i  get lost this?

Thanks .


General discussion forum / Icom CI-V
« Last post by GW0WZL on 2022-06-24, 16:11:47 »
Does any one know if it is possible to split the Icom CI-V from out of the radio. I have remoterig 1258 connected to my 706mk11g and it all works great, however I also use digital modes on a pc at the remote site and need to connect the CI-V to the PC so that I can control the software via CI-V. Is it possible to split the cable from the 706 to the PC and remote rig?
tack, nu fungerar det.  Ska skriva upp allt för nästa gången.

du skall göra "set default" från advanced menyn i setup managern, då du har ansluten USB, Inte göra nått i webinterfacet

då tas lösenordet bort och den får default ip-adress, du kan sen surfa till den på vanligt sätt och hitta den under find devices


Problem med Webbswitch 1216  "allt" är låst av okänt lösenord.
Jag försökte:
Anslut via USB och Setup Manager senaste version.
Utan samtidig Ethernet ingen Websida
Find device
Websida som bara systeminfo kan öppnas allt annat år blockerat.
"Advanced settings" kräver lösenord och är blockerat.
Finns det någon lösning åt detta problem. Dina råd fungerar inte då allt är låst.

det är samma svar som ovan. Anslut USB och kör setup manager, under advanced finns ett val set defaults

My old Webswich 1216H sw 4.27 Dec 22 2016 Sn 1768 is totaly locked by some unknown password.
I can not come into the settings. All is blocked.

On an other of my Webswitches 1216H I can go via IP-settings and set the password.

What can I do.
General discussion forum / Re: Elecraft K4 with RemoteRig
« Last post by sm2o on 2022-06-16, 22:48:31 »

When the  K3 twin setup was developed a separate ( faster and more simple) protocol was defined between the K3/0 and K3 which is NOT the same as the standard CAT protocol. So I doubt that they have implemented it in the K4

73 de mike
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