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No, it is MY misunderstanding. Now I see how it works. Now I just need to see why noone seems to hear me.  :-[

Dear Roland:

That is what I thought.....but just like in the first screen shot you posted, the system microphone is MUTED (there is the red slash thru it). How does audio get to the radio if the microphone I have selected shows Muted?

Charlie KB8CR

I thought you could select any audio source once you had the dongle plugged in.  Once I plug the dongle in, windows (7/64) mutes the internal mic in my notebook, and even if I unmute it, once I push the PTT (which does key the TX), the internal mic is muted again. Do you HAVE to use a mic plugged into the dongle?

Charlie KB8CR

Thanks so much for trying. Ill try using short cables.

Charlie KB8CR

Well, looks like it is the LEVELS. I got into windows settings, and turn the Microbit Mic ALL THE WAY UP. Still barely is heard by DM780. Can't see any way to increase the levels.

That's what I was hoping, but can't seem to get it setup.

In the Microbit RRC Client, which mic/speaker settings are you using?


In DM780, what "soundcard" selections are you using?

I *thought* I understood windows until now.....ha ha.

Charlie KB8CR

Using a cable from the notebook's speaker out to the Dongle's mic jack, and a cable from the notebook's mic jack to the dongle's speaker out, it works fine. I was just understanding Mitch as saying that you could feed the audio to/from DM780 in SOFTWARE, WITHOUT cables by selecting the Microbit 1274A in the DM780 menu.

KB8CR (as of this call)

I think it would require an additional item in the driver, to select the Microbit speaker as a RECORDING device, maybe naming it Microbit 1274A PSK RX, and to select the Microbit Microphone as a PLAYBACK device, maybe naming it Microbit 1274A PSK TX.

I don't know how you have it working. For now, I guess I'll make up some short cables.

Charlie KB8BWE (soon to be KB8CR)

I am using 1.6.6 . In device manager, it shows one entry for Microbit 1274A.

But these are the screenshots from DM780. It separates them into Microphone, Line, and Speaker. You can see the options it offers.

I cannot select the microphone for OUTPUT, only INPUT, and I cannot select the speaker for INPUT, only OUTPUT.
I need them the other way around to get the audio from RRC-Micro to the program.

Charlie KB8BWE

I also use Windows 7/64


The soundcard selections for DM780 are made IN DM780. It is there that I am limited in which one to chose.

Hi Mitch:

In DM780, it lists Microbit 1274A Microphone, Line, and Speaker separately. That is where I see the problem. On Input (to DM780) they do not offer the 1274A SPEAKER, only Mic or Line. And vice-versa on Output (it only offers 1274A SPEAKER, not mic).


General discussion / RRC-Micro PTT control for HRD?
« on: 2013-05-22, 02:06:05 »
Can the PTT button on the RRC-Micro dongle control PTT for Ham Radio Deluxe. When I push the button, it mutes the receive audio, but does not key the radio. Is there a setting in HRD for it?


Charlie KB8BWE

I use DM780, and for input (RX audio) it only allows you to select Microbit Microphone, not Speaker. The Microbit SPEAKER is the one that is carrying the received audio from the radio isn't it?  Same thing with output (TX audio from DM780), it only offers Microbit Speaker, and the transmitted audio I would think needs to go to Microbit Microphone to get to the radio.

Am I missing something?


Charlie KB8BWE

I am having good results using ICS (Internet Connection Sharing) in Windows 7. Go into Network & Sharing Center and then to Adapter settings. Right-click the wireless connection, and under the sharing tab, enable sharing. Plug a CROSSOVER Ethernet cable from your notebook's Ethernet jack to the RRC-Control box. A standard Ethernet cable will NOT work.
Make sure to enable DHCP on the RRC box.

Connect to the hotel's wifi with the notebook's browser, and give it whatever info they ask for, like your room number, or sometimes just "agree" to their policies, and make sure the notebook is able to access the internet. Your RRC box should be able to get out to the internet now.

Charlie KB8BWE

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