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Guy, thanks for your help. Just got the RS232-TTL converter, and made a cable and it works FB !!

Charlie KB8CR

If you are connecting the RRC-Radio box to the cradlepoint, then YES, you will need to forward the ports (all 3 of them) to the RRC.

If you are using the cradlepoint to connect the RRC-Control box, you should not have to forward ports.

Charlie KB8CR

Thanks, Guy. I found the Artekit site on the internet and ordered their board. I liked how it fits in a shell for the DB9. Might take a while to come to US from Italy, but I can wait. I'll put a 5v line to it and the cable to the radio.

Charlie KB8CR

I found a source for a RS232 to TTL board that has inputs for VCC, so guess I'll get that a build a cable. Thanks for the advice.

Charlie KB8CR

The cables for sale on eBay apparently have the level translation in the DB9 connector. Does COM2 on the RRC provide voltage to power that (RTS/CTS)?

That explains it. Thanks. I'll order a Serial CI-V  cable.

Charlie KB8CR

Hardware, Cabling, Installations / Re: IC-7100 won't connect
« on: 2013-09-26, 07:22:47 »
I can get the Micro RRC to connect but no audio passes to the PC.
It works fine with other radios I have set up.

Charlie KB8CR

I have 2.74 installed on Radio RRC. When I connect with Micro RRC Client, it connects, but no audio is heard. When I connect with the control head from the Control RRC, all is ok.

Micro RRC is working fine with other radios I have set up. Any idea why no audio from the 7100 to the Micro Client?

Charlie KB8CR

Hardware, Cabling, Installations / Re: IC-7100 won't connect
« on: 2013-09-26, 06:43:36 »
Hello Guy:

Well, it seems I had a bad CAT6 cable on the control side.  ::)  I replaced it and it works FB now.
I have the new firmware 2.74 installed on both ends. Do you know how to use it with the Micro RRC?
I'm not sure how, as the baud rate for CAT is set at 34000, and the maximum in Micro RRC Client is 19200.

73 de Charlie KB8CR

Hardware, Cabling, Installations / Re: IC-7100 won't connect
« on: 2013-09-26, 06:03:15 »
I have tried this with both firmware 2.72 and 2.74. Neither worked.

Hardware, Cabling, Installations / IC-7100 won't connect
« on: 2013-09-26, 05:30:34 »
I used to have an Icom 706 working on the RRC's. I now have a 7100. I have changed the wire jumpers per the manual, and changed JMP2 to open on the RRC-Control box.

When I push the power button on the control head, nothing happens.

I also have CW announce for the IP address on......on the IC-706, it played through the speaker connected to the control head.
On the 7100, I do not hear the CW IP address through the control head. If I connect a speaker to the RRC-Control, it sounds out the CW IP address.

Any suggestions?

Charlie KB8CR :'(

General discussion / Re: IC-7100
« on: 2013-09-09, 19:41:01 »
I hope they do that. The 7100 is a great rig.

General discussion / Re: IC-7100
« on: 2013-09-09, 16:32:41 »
I downloaded the "paid" version of HRD, but the 7100 command structure is just the IC-7000's. I am using the "free" version of HRD again with the IC-7000 commands, with the addition of a few commands that I set up myself using command editor.

I plan to use the control head remotely on the Control RRC, but I also have the Micro RRC, and wondered if that would work without the control head being connected to the radio (with the radio connected directly to the Radio RRC.

Charlie KB8CR

(At my vacation QTH now, but still using my IC-706 remotely from here for now. XYL didn't want me to take the new radio on this trip....hi hi)

General discussion / Re: IC-7100
« on: 2013-09-07, 06:46:14 »
Using HRD with the USB connection, I can turn the radio OFF, but I can't turn it on again.
My question is, will the Micro RRC work on the 7100 with the control head removed (that is, set up with the Control RRC for use elsewhere)  like the TS480?

Charlie KB8CR

I have the newest firmware. Guess I'll have use Ethernet connection

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