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I have never used a Signallink, so I don't know what inputs/outputs are available.  At my remote station, I use a regular USB soundcard and run the Remote rig audio thru that for RTTY decoding.  For all modes, I plug my phones into the USB soundcard output, and adjust the soundcard volume control to control the audio volume of the rx signal.  I then set my audio level from the RR unit to a good one for decoding and leave it there.  The soundcard provides the variable audio I need for normal operations, and the RR unit is now putting out a constant audio signal.

Dennis W1UE
General / Re: nano and galaxy s7 not working
« Last post by OH1MTS on 2018-03-11, 08:59:50 »
I had S7 Edge working OK and also S8 with radio settings 8 but noticed today that S9 is not getting audio. In radio box I see RTP/UDP audio status Error(0). Maybe it's Android 8 issue and will be fixed in Nano App.
General discussion / Windows 10 microphone muted
« Last post by KB8CR on 2018-03-10, 22:59:05 »
When I used Windows 7, the internal mic in the laptop (which is what I was using) was muted until I pressed the PTT button on the RRC Micro dongle.

In Windows 10, the microphone STAYS muted, even when pushing the PTT button. I have to manually go to the settings for that microphone, and unmute it to use it.

Is there a fix for this? The mic is normally unmuted, except when I run RRC Micro.

Charlie KB8CR

Remoterig only transfer the audio, if variable audio is connected to the Radio-RRC, variable Audio will be ouput from the Control-RRC. If you use a TS-480 you have the second audio channel free so if there is a fixed level output from the radio it can be transferred through the second channel.

73 de mike

I am using RemoteRig to remotely control a TS-480SAT in my summer house near Geysir about 100 km away from my home QTH near Reykjavik. Antenna is a EFHW 80-10.  Works very well, and I love to be able to enjoy little QRM in the rural area.  (In addition I have an IC-7300 at my home QTH, but local ORM is bothering me).

I have connected the Speaker output of the RRC 1258 MkII via SignaLink USB sound card (spkr or aux input) to my PC where I have a MRP40 Morse Decoder.  This works well, except for the fact that the level from the Speaker connector varies with the volume control.

I know that I can also use the AUX/MIC connector on the RRC if I add a speaker jumper wire inside the box, but it seems according what I have read that the signal level is also variable.

Now the question: Is it possible to get a constant level audio signal from the Control RRC?  (For example approx. standard line level or similar).


Agust, TF3OM

Allmänt diskussionsforum / Re: QRM från fjärrstyrning?
« Last post by sm2o on 2018-03-09, 07:02:08 »

Alla våra grejer står default i läge "Auto prefer10 MBit". Har man en switch som klarar 10 Mbit så kommer vår burk att förhandla till 10Mbit just för att störnivåerna allmänt är mindre i 10 Mbit. Dessutom så skickas bara data när det behövs, I 100 Mbit skickas alltid data, nonsens om man inte har nått att skicka.  Micke
I saw the files associated with the default location and it is immense with lots of jpgs for each point, etc

I am interested in an image similar to the HRD rotor image like a map or Mercator

or would it be easier to use hrds rotor page bit I dont think they work together
Allmänt diskussionsforum / Re: QRM från fjärrstyrning?
« Last post by SM4KYN on 2018-03-08, 16:14:49 »

Lyfter denna tråd igen eftersom jag har haft liknande problem på min 1216H som nyligen tagits i bruk efter något år i träda (byte av remote QTH).
Hos mig kom störningen från nätverksinterfacet på 1216H dvs. när jag drog ur Ethernet kabeln försvann störningen.
Skärmad kabel hjälpte inte men när jag ställde ned Eth-type under "IP settings" från Auto till 10FDX så kom inte störningen tillbaka.
I min Cisco 3560 kunde jag då se att porten på switchen går ned i fart dvs. från 100Mbit till 10Mbit. Detta lär inte skapa några problem då farten till enheten inte är kritisk.

Med vänlig hälsning. Anders

Allmänt diskussionsforum / Image not available
« Last post by sm7clm on 2018-03-08, 10:51:16 »
På senare tid saknas ibland kompassriktningen på Microbit WEB-controlled Ham-IV och visar endast gradantalet t.ex. 310. (kontrollsidan)
Kan det vara någon okontakt, på stationssidan, uppe i rotorn eller överföringsfel? (internet)
Tacksam för svar.
73 de sm7clm/Lennart
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