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General / RRC Kenwood Nano "license expired"
« Last post by Mitch on 2018-08-14, 02:40:20 »
Hi there,

can anyone tell me is it possible to renew the Kenwood trial period, never got chance to work this here when Remote Rig was not working for over six months.

Message says trial period stopped by the expire. Can you tell me if this is possible to be fixed with Lic.ID 6d98 or would i have to try install fresh again.

73 de Gary
General discussion forum / Re: remote switch ON IC1700
« Last post by iz0tws on 2018-08-13, 15:37:53 »
I meant, If I have no physical access to the rrc-control there is some way to emulate the physical pressure of the power knob on the frontal panel of the IC7100?
General discussion forum / Re: remote switch ON IC1700
« Last post by sm2o on 2018-08-13, 15:36:23 »
Hi what do you mean by switch off the panel, that's done with the Power button on the panel.

You can disconnect a connected user by going to the status page in the Radio-RRC and hit the disconnect button

73 de mike
General discussion forum / remote switch ON IC1700
« Last post by iz0tws on 2018-08-13, 15:09:06 »
I have an IC7100 perfectly working and configured with remoterig solution.
I also have remote access both the telnet interfaces and web interfaces.

There is a way to switch on/off the Radio Panel ?

kind regards
Feature Requests / Disable Audio Stream Menu Option for Digital Modes
« Last post by w9ac on 2018-08-08, 20:20:54 »
Ability to completely stop the audio stream in the RRC setup menu while keeping rig control.  For example, if WSJT-X is running at the remote site, VNC or TeamViewer can be used to control the program.  An audio stream from the remote site back to the control point isn't required and serves only to waste data bandwidth.  This feature request affects those of us on a monthly 4G/LTE data plan. Lots of monthly bandwidth is presently wasted when using digital modes.

Paul, W9AC
Allmänt diskussionsforum / Re: Åsknedslag, skicka kretskort?
« Last post by sm2o on 2018-08-08, 08:43:41 »
Har mailat dig

Allmänt diskussionsforum / Åsknedslag, skicka kretskort?
« Last post by SM0GCU on 2018-08-08, 08:28:25 »
Åskan tog både RRC 1258 MkII Radio och Webswitch 1216H!
Kan jag sända in endast kretskorten, eller vill ni ha hela burkar för service/utbyte?
Till vilken adress?

Curt Gustavsson - SM0GCU
General discussion forum / Configuring RemoteRig and N1MM Logger +
« Last post by w9ac on 2018-08-07, 14:51:51 »
I have my RRC units working fine with N1MM Logger+.  N1MM+ is loaded on my PC at the RRC Control point (not at the RRC Remote Site).  N1MM-generated CW has perfect timing.  However, if I use my paddles while N1MM+ is running, CW stutters.  I'm using a dual Elecraft K3 rig configuration.  Any ideas?

Paul, W9AC
Feature Requests / Re: SSL encryption for network traffic
« Last post by k5tri on 2018-08-06, 21:37:08 »
Care to share more of the internals then to remove those concerns? How is the TCP/IP stack implemented? What about the webserver part?

73 Mike

p.s.: BTW. beautiful location of your remote station :)
Hi Doug,

I recently answered a similar question on the forum. Basically, the answer is YES and this is how you do it:

CAT Checklist for K3 Twin
Note first that in a "Twin" configuration, COM2 is used to "tie" the two ends together and carries the CAT data. In order to access CAT, you need to get to COM2 without touching it. The easiest method is to duplicate COM2 over COM1 using a function in the RRC as follows:

- Change both RRC's COM1 to mode-7. Note that the baud rate does not have to be identical with COM2 to fit a lower bandwidth or software requirement.

- If using a "real" serial cable:
     - connect a straight through serial cable between the control RRC's COM1 and the PC. If using a USB to serial converter cable, make sure it is using an FTDI chipset.
     - note that if you also use the radio RRC's COM1, the pinout is not the standard straight-through serial port. Use the pinout description in the RemoteRig manual, or just try a null-modem cable which usually works (may need a gender changer).
     - the  serial setting for COM1 "Use USB Com Port as COM1" must be set to NO

- If using USB:
     - make sure that first Microbit Setup Manager is installed first on the control PC to get the drivers.
     - Then change the serial settings for COM1 to change "Use USB Com Port as COM1" to YES
     - connect the USB cable between the RRC and computer and wait for the drivers to finish installing
     - go to the Windows Device Manager and look at which virtual serial port was assigned to COM1 and use that for your software, taking the correct baud rate into account.

Note also that you can pull CAT data in parallel off of the radio RRC to use a PC on that end, or to sync with a remote device (amplifier, SteppIR, etc.)

Mitch DJ0QN / K7DX
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