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General discussion forum / Re: cable TS-480 to microphone connector
« Last post by VK3ALB on 2019-04-18, 00:14:48 »
I am looking at A38 version of the user manual. On P189 there is a schematic of the AUX/MIC cable. It shows the MIC signal is on pin 3 and the GND is on Pin 4. You should trust this.

There is no need for a transformer, there is already one inside the RRC.

If you get no modulation from your PC cable it could be that you are grounding the audio at the RRC. Have you tried reversing the connections at the RRC?
General discussion forum / Re: cable TS-480 to microphone connector
« Last post by HB9CVN-4F3CV on 2019-04-17, 17:13:25 »
thanks Alf,

then the pins are correct for the microphone. The PTT goes via CAT and works.

Is it necessary to have the transformer? I was using pin 3 and 4 but with a cable between the hedphones out of the PC and the AUX/MIC RJ45 of the remotering.

When WSJT-X is  switching to TX, I do have the audio at the headset  PC socket. But connecting the cable to the remotering produces no modulation at all
General discussion forum / Re: cable TS-480 to microphone connector
« Last post by La1zm on 2019-04-17, 15:58:33 »
I am using wsjt-x and it is working fine via remoterig and ts-480. I am using two trafos for audio between rrc and pc (rpi), and using a optocoupler for ptt (with usb-rs232 adaptor and DTR).
My connections:
Mic gnd-4
Ptt gnd- 6
Audio from rrc via sp.

73 de
Alf, la1zm
Hi Joe,

The biggest problem that I have is that any brief Internet interruptions causes the decoder not to work.

I feel your pain. I've been there. I've done a lot of FT8 on TS-480 via RemoteRig. When the Internet is not good enough, and when the above suggestions by Mitch don't help, the only solution is to get a better ISP. After 4 years of struggling with my not-so-good Internet from my local WISP, I switched to 4G/LTE from a mobile Internet provider. Very seldom I now experience any audio interruptions on RX or TX. It's more expensive though.

Marvin VE3VEE
General discussion forum / Re: TS-480 RFI - more information
« Last post by HB9CVN-4F3CV on 2019-04-17, 13:13:48 »

getting very confused here.

I have opened the MIC and it is wired as ON4IQ wrote. The white cable is on pin 3 and comes directly from the mic capsule. I assumed that the mic ground is the blue one, on position four.

But the guy from Kenwood says something different. According to him pin 3 is the common ground.

Can anyone put me on the right track??

This is frustrating, the very last thing missing in order to complete the installation, which should be straightforward is driving me crazy...
General discussion forum / cable TS-480 to microphone connector
« Last post by HB9CVN-4F3CV on 2019-04-16, 22:01:56 »

I have everything working to the point that WSJT-X get the audio from the radio and show the traffic. Also the PTT works fine, turning the radio to TX when needed.

Now I have to bring the audio from the PC to the RJ45 AUX/MIC of the remoterig.

Taken apart a network cable and according to ts-480 mircophone pinout, I should use the contacts 5 and 6, which should be the white/blue and green.

Connected these two contact to a mono jack. White/Blue to the ground pin and green to the tip one.

As soon as I insert the jack into the PC headphone socket,  the TS-480 goes to TX.

VOX is off.

No doubt I am doing something wrong... What?????

The microphone works fine, so it shouldn't be a jumper related problem
General discussion forum / Re: Ethernet connection problem
« Last post by sv1oz on 2019-04-16, 15:29:09 »
I tried to change port at the router and Ethernet cable but nothing happened.

Green power led still blinking.

What do you mean cannot be repaired? From me or the company?

What is next step? Where must I send for repair??

Thank U in advance for the support


One question that isn't clear from your posting: are the radio RRC and 857 running from the same
power supply, or two different ones?

Mitch DJ0QN / K7DX
General discussion forum / Re: RTL-SDR V3
« Last post by Mitch on 2019-04-15, 22:26:46 »
Ok mike many thanks.
Configuration, RRC 1258 / FT857D connects and turns off after 3 seconds
« Last post by Gerryb on 2019-04-15, 22:19:57 »
RRC-1258 MKII   I had has a problem connecting with RRC-micro so brought  the remote radio home and connected on the LAN  to test.

The 857 connects on the LAN from the "home"1258, the detached  857 front panel lights up, all digits and frequency correct. Alas, this only last three seconds and the "remote" 875 clicks off.  I can turn back on again and it occurs again.

So far:

1 The 857D works as normal with panel attached.
2  All plugs sockets OK
3  Separate powers supply for RPCs changed anyway in case a power supply problem.
4  Reset RPCs and even put firmware back update.

 857 connects  but after 3 seconds clicks off.

What am I missing? its there some silly setting I am missing or not got incorrect?


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