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Configuration, RRC 1258 / Re: TS-480 and 8 Volt jumper
« Last post by dj0qn on 2018-12-01, 18:39:19 »

As far as I can remember, there was always the 8/9 volt jumper (JMP-2). At least when I installed my
first TS-480 using RemoteRig in 2010, I set that jumper.

The old manual has it for sure. If you look at the TS-480 installation section, you will find it along with the
other jumpers and red straps in the matrix box.

The current manual has this explanation on page 23:
The purpose is to provide more voltage for the control panel. The current manual explains it well on page 23:
"5: Control-RRC only: JMP-2 is placed near the back of the RRC next to the RESET button. JMP-2
is used to select if the DC-power to the front panels should be 8 or 9 V. With the strap in
place it will be 8V, which fits all ICOM radios. Without the strap the voltage will be 9V, which
fits Kenwood TS-480 and RC-2000 panels that need 9V for the back-lighter."

However, if you feel that it has been working fine till now, I see no reason to change it.

Mitch DJ0QN / K7DX
Configuration, RRC 1258 / TS-480 and 8 Volt jumper
« Last post by IZ4MJP on 2018-12-01, 13:55:02 »
While I was doing the configuration of new Remote Rig 1258 MKII V7 Setup (for a TS-480) reading the latest version of the user manual I noticed that a "new 8Volt pin jumper" is present on pin 7 in the Control Side Unit

I own a RemoteRig 1258 MKII V4 bought in 2012 that I use (without ever having a problem) with my first TS-480 SAT (Jumper configuration Type 1)
In the 2012 version of the User Manual there is no mention about the 8 Volt Jumper on PIN 7 so, in 2012, I had not placed the jumper.

The question is: should i place the 8v jumper on the new setup?
What function does it have?

Thank you and season greetings.

73, IZ4MJP

I had to make a quick decision Lou  :) Explanation follows below:
I wouldn´t say my life is complicated but I now own the house my parents had. My dad passed away 2 years ago and my mom is now at elderly care as she has Alzheimers. So my long time buddy SM2LKW, 2 summers ago suggested I should start erecting antennas again at "Stonelake Village" above the arctic circle. I had too many others things on my mind, but all it took to convince me was a visit to his cottage where I saw his 7300 and Elecraft PA. My XYL passed away 5 years ago and I have a 12 y/o son. My new GF lives south of me. So when I have to make a trip to Stonelake Village this weekend to meet a client of mine, I really want to try a new antenna tuner. Or else I have to wait until Xmas before I go and see my mom and take her home for Xmas eve over the day. (and work in my shack on xmas day) I am hoping I can tune my LW40 on 160 with an external ATU. I know it isn´t a big cannon, but I have only worked 20 countries on 160 and in the late evenings and nights you can  only trust 80 and 40 top be open.
Remote QTH is 187 km from here. Temp there today has been minus 12 C but still no snow. Luleċ where i Live is by the coast at the Guld Of Bothnia and is usually a little warmer.

So Lou, really appreciate your feedback and you helped me to a quick decision.  Feels like this reply to you here in this forum has a rag-chew-warning over it :-)

73 from Lulea and SM2OTU Conny

Wow such a quick decision. Spend some time reading the manual and make sure you set the tuner to remember each tuning spot.

I use a 40m long doublet with about 6m of open wire feeder. I found the AT100 was able to cope with much more difficult loads than the internal tuner. With this arrangement I can get a match on all bands including 160m. Of course, this says nothing about the performance of the antenna but at least I can transmit all bands.

Good luck.


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Configuration, RRC 1258 / Re: IPv6
« Last post by VE3VEE on 2018-11-28, 20:13:33 »
Any update on a possible ETA for IPv6 compatibility?

Marvin VE3VEE
General discussion forum / Re: Missing virtual drivers
« Last post by w3hzz on 2018-11-28, 19:02:20 »
Thanks again, Mitch

COM1 is (and has always been) set to 9600. Sorry if I misled you or made a typo.

Right now I have a Serial cable and Keyspan Serial USB connected between the Radio RRC and Radio computer. That shows up as COM42. I am able to connect with both my logging programs, however, with N1MM+ I am unable to send CW from the program. This is confusing because at the CONTROL RRC, with a USB cable connected to the Control computer, I am able to send CW from N1MM+. At the CONTROL RRC I have USB to COM1 set to YES. 

I have toggled the USB to COM1 to NO at CONTROL and found that at the RADIO RRC, it makes no difference. I still can control the K3 through the logging program at RADIO site.  Do you know if I must use USB for both CONTROL and RADIO or can I have CONTROL RRC using USB at COM1 (set to YES and running USB cable) and run Serial cable at RADIO RRC?

Right now I am thinking my problem lies with my set up of N1MM+. I will search the forum for others' experiences.

Phil, W3HZZ
General discussion forum / VHF-UHF Antenna Switching
« Last post by CalleQ on 2018-11-28, 13:24:27 »
Hi, is the antenna switch coming to higher frequencies?
I would need a 2m and 70cm remote antenna switch.
Thanks Lou
Ordered the at200pro II today. Will try it this weekend when I travel up north
I use a LDG AT-100Pro with my 480SAT. I change the rig to set a PF key to transmit low power (10W). Press once to turn on, a second time to turn off. The LDG auto-tunes no problem and you can see when it's finished from the meter on the rig.

No need for an interface cable but I do power the tuner from the AT300 connector on the back of the rig.



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Thanks Mitch but it feels like overkill right now.
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