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Hi Roland

I am on windows 8.1

I have tried the uninstall and install routine on RRCmicro version.

The COM ports did display on the RRCMicro at one time but I was never able to get the ARCP2000 to work on any of the COM port selections from that program. Many reinstalls, and restarts, and configuration T&E the COM port list on the MicroRRC program went blank. Incidentally, ARCP2000 is asking for license registration number again such as it does when first started which I suspect means a registry error for that program. Don't know if it has any relation to the blank COM port list on RRCMicro



When choosing COM port for the COM0 setting - no COM ports are listed. List is blank.


I am using with 4G/LTE at the radio site. I have everything working: SSB/CW. There were IP address issues getting the provide to give me a permanent and accessible IP address from the public. And, errors made by the provider I've lost access to my address and had to work with the ISP again.

The last problem I am chasing is jitter. This is happening on all my VoIP applications, included.

Has anyone dealt with this problem and willing to share their experiences? If this can be addressed with tuning parameters on, or do I need to request changes by the ISP?



This problem resolved. Great product and even greater team.



I query my host name using Response from the server is: <host name> not found.

I have had problems with my local network for a long time and finally believe to have corrected where ddns updates will get out.

How is the 'not found' error corrected on the ddns service.



When I use my host name and password assigned automatically it does not work on my account. My host name is I have not used the remoterig for last 13 months and now working to setup again for use.

How can I get a password error on corrected?



I am having a connectivity issue with the RRC-PC-Client that has just recently started. Was working ok on 1.5.1 then with upgrade to 1.5.2 it worked for a few times connecting to the radio and making QSO, then after a few uses fails to connect.

I know the problem I am having is a connectivity issue; the PC client is not reaching the radio controller. I have a second setup using the RC2000 and it connects to the radio controller. Only the PC-Client is having a problem.

When using the 1.5.2 client I received a new Windows 7 confirmation to allow the program to make and receive connections. I answered to setup to PC-Client to send and receive connections. This was a Windows 7 security alert which I understood is from the security settins of the Windows 7 firewall. After answering and confirming to allow the PC-Client access then the client started to time out; not making a connection to the radio controller.

I disabled the Widows firewall to verify if the firewall was causing the connection issue. The PC-Client is still getting a time out. So, now I am stumped. I do not know what else, I know it is a Windows 7 issue, that is blocking the SIP calls to the radio controller. Again I know my setup is working and can be reached because my RC2000 implementation works fine. It is only the PC-Client fails.

I do not know what else to check. I look at the debug logs which does have much information and see the SIP Invite initiated without any response.

Again this connection started to fail when receiving the Windows security prompted; I do not believe it is related to version 1.5.2 since for awhile it was working.

I checked my settings on the Windows firewall. It had two enteries in the firewall for the Microbit program. Each entry had one check for each type of network to allow IP to pass. One was checked for Home/Work and the other was checked for Public networks. I when in a checked all the entries for the MIcrobit program to work on any network type. That did not resolve the problem.

I have something else wrong, since the time out still occurs when the firewall is disabled.

Any ideas where else I should look for correcting this error? I do believe it is a Windows 7 setting that must be corrected; not a PC-Client issue. Sorry for the Windows question here.



Prior to my loss of DynDNS account my was working great. I have gotten _many_ hours of enjoyment on the air. I was actually designing my own solution until finding the which was exactly how I was putting together my system. You guys have obviously done better than what I could do on my own.

When lossing the DynDNS account I needed to upgrade to get access to ddns service. I after the upgrade the ddns entries would not work. I can enter in the IP addresses assigned by the DSL provider and everything works; but will not work using the ddns.

I see there is a known problem for low serial number Rig controller and Remote Rig units. I have a low serial number unit: 2629.

What is the fix to gain access to the ddns service?


General discussion forum / PTT does not switch to transmit
« on: 2011-03-03, 21:03:40 »
My configuration, see below, was working fine. At some point I have lost control of the PTT. All other aspects of the radio control are fine: Full control of the radio, hear the receive audio just fine. The only control I do not have is PTT.

When pressing PTT at the remote site sound will go silent, but there is not indication of transmitt, and no transmitted signal. This is with VOX off at the controlled radio.

Now when I turn VOX on and press the PTT the radio does not go into transmit, but now that I am in VOX if I say anything into the microphone, then radio will transmitt. You can see the transmitt indication.

All the above is when I am controlling the radio through the Internet. When the whole configuration is on the LAN at the radio site, then PTT controls works just fine. Moving from the radio site to the remote site, the only configuration change made on the remote controller was changing the IP address of the radio from fixed IP to DNS registered with Obviously, I am getting to the radio just fine since I am controlling all aspects of the radio expect PTT.

This is the strangest problem which seems to started occuring on its own. This system was working. I am seeing ping times from remote to radio of 100 msecs over Internet. This is longer than in the past where ping times were around 60 msec.


Radio: TS-2000X, Remote: RS-2000, Software: 2.15, Date: May 21, 2010,

General discussion forum / Using other SIP clients
« on: 2010-09-15, 23:33:24 »
Does anyone have experience working with other SIP clients connecting to the remote site (base station side)?


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