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Tack för svaret Jan. Jag hade gissat rätt. Men felmeddelandet "Invalid virtual serial port! Please select another!" kommer upp varje gång jag startar Setup Manager. Jag har ingen aning om vilken virtuel port som åsyftas och hur/var jag sätter den. Kan det vara ett defaultvärde som ligger gömt sedan en tidigare installation? /Lars -CCM

Jag hittade två versioner av ftsprapi.dll, båda har samma versionsnummer,, men olika storlekar, 118kB respektive 147kb. Misstänker att en är för 64b maskiner. Lade in en version i Windows/system 32 och en i /sysWOW64. Microbit Setup manager startar OK men jag får ett error-meddelande varje gång. Se bifogad fil som jag inte förstår. Något för Mike?

Jag har fått problem med Setup Manager. Installerar OK men jag får problem när jag skall köra programmet. Se bifogat felmedelande. (W10/ 64 21H1 + update 2021-08)
Lars -CCM

Hjälp. Jag har kört fast.
Uppsättning: W10 PRO senaste versionen inklusive uppdateringar.
                     IC7100 Control - RCC1258 Control - 400Km - RCC1258 Radio - IC7100
                     Driver Install CD-3011501 och ICOM USB Driver Installation Guide USB3.0

Installation : Följer Guiden steg för steg d.v.s. steg 1 . Avinstallera den gamla drivern.
                     Steg 2. Power OFF på IC-7100 koppla ur USB kabel mellan dator och RCC1258C.
                     Steg 3. Installerar CP210xVCPInstaller_x64.exe.
                     Steg 4. Silicon Labs.   Ready to use . Trycker Finish. Installationen klar.
                     Steg 5. Ansluter USB kabeln mellan Dator och RCC-1258.

Förväntar mig att två COM-portar skall genereras men icke. Jag vet inte hur många gånger jag försökt utan att lyckas. Gör jag något fel eller går det inte att uppdatera
ICOM's drivers via två RCC ??
73 de Lars SM0CCM  SM3CCM

Configuration, RRC 1258 / Re: Configuration Optimisation
« on: 2014-01-12, 11:40:56 »
Thanks for the tool list.
I would like to add:  to the list.
73 de Lars SM0CCM

At last a working solution for the ProsisTel rotor C-box.  The WEB-switch 1216H, that I have been using for a few years, and the RS-232 Adapter cable 1216S, that I didn't know exist, plus the excellent rotor control program PstRotorAZ solved my problem.....   73 de Happy Lars -CCM  ;D ;D

I'm using an Ameritron RCS-10 modified with three added diodes  and using three relay points (BCD coded ) on the WEB-switch to control 8 antennas. Works perfect.

General discussion forum / Re: DPDT Momentary Function
« on: 2012-06-12, 14:12:19 »
I would like to see something like the following:

http://[webswitch address]/relaycontrol/on/1,3,5

to turn on relay 1, 3 and 5.     73 de Lars SM3CCM

I made the big mistake to install the Idomin Press  card in one of my Tailtwister rotors. I very soon discovered that this was NOT designed for a remote controlled station. I had a long E-mail conversation with W7GH at Idom Press concerning the problems  in their control software. I was told that their programmer was going throe a bad divorce and therefore not enable to correct the bugs.  After receiving the following I gave it up.

"Thank you for the feedback.  To be honest, I must say that as a 
businessman I will not harm the sales of the product by saying bad things 
about it on our own web site.  We do not say that the Rotor-EZ is good for 
hams who want to control their stations remotely.  If anyone were to ask 
me if the Rotor-EZ is good for remote operation, then I would be honest 
and tell them the truth, as I told you. "

73 de Lars.

I have been using a 3G connection on the remote side for over a year and would say it had been working up to 95%.

Control site: ADSL 24 Mb/s.

Remote site: TRE (3G) , Modem: Huawei E367 with external antenna - 15 dBi. Signal : 80 to 90%.
                     Router: Dovado UMR ( + Tellstick for power control ). Connection rate 0.8 to 1.3 MB/s.

If you want more info, mail me. (See SM3CCM on QRZ.COM.)

73 de Lars

General discussion forum / Need MOXA setup help.
« on: 2012-01-16, 12:14:20 »
I got my hands on a MOXA NPort 5410 ( 4 RS232 COM ports). I installed the box inside the LAN and it seems to work OK. I can't figure out how to set it up to be able to access from the outside world using DDNS ( ). I'm using a DOVADO router, no DMZ so using port forward. Any hint how to set it up? 73 de Lars


Have you tried to help your friend using , an excellent German program
and the best thing, it's free for personal use.

73 de Lars  SM3CCM   

General discussion forum / Re: Some advice please
« on: 2011-01-24, 20:11:27 »
Thanks for that info Guy. I will have a look on them.
Do you know anything about IDS-5042-WG? Looks nice but I have no idea what you have to pay for it. They also have a device IDS-141A that seems very interesting.,159/product_sn/24/IDS-5042-WG/IWG

73 de Lars

General discussion forum / Re: Some advice please
« on: 2011-01-24, 18:05:51 »
OH2FT, Joni

What serial WEB server are you using? I been looking around to find one that suites my needs. 73 de Lars SM3CCM   

General discussion forum / Re: CW Keying
« on: 2011-01-20, 19:34:59 »
Thanks to Thomas, DL7AV, and the team at Microbit for fixing the keyer problem. The built in keyer is now my friend instead of my enemy.

73 de Lars -  SM3CCM (J73CCM from Feb 20 to March 27)

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