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General discussion forum / Using RemoteRig to turn on a K3
« on: 2022-03-02, 21:12:34 »
I have two Remoterig K3 Twins.  When I am not operating I would like to enable access to one radio using RemoteHams.  At present I have to stay on-line with Remoterig to keep the radio activated. 

Is there a way to access the K3 remote power bit without using the remaining Remoterig features?   I just want to be able to turn the K3 on.

Dan  K4FN

I am trying to get the Heil HM-5 to work with the K3/0_mini, RRC1258 Mk II's and K3/100.  At present I have everything set to the default settings in the K3's and RRC's.  I have tried every software and hardware settings I know to try to solve the problem.  I have two sets of radios and RRC's and both have the same problem.  Here is some info for Radio 1:
K3/0-mini  SN 0481
RRC-1258 MK II's  SN 13271 and 13180   14 - Elecraft K3 Twins
K3/100  SN 8638
I understand there was a hardware mod available for the K3/0-mini but I can not tell if mine have been updated.
When I transmit the wattmeter acts like it is the peak mode an is unintelligible.
Everything is fine on CW and RTTY so I believe it is a mic parameter problem.  Anyone using the same mic and hardware?

Dan   K4FN

General discussion forum / RRC stereo audio for SO2R
« on: 2021-04-04, 19:46:38 »
I have been trying to solve a problem and could use some help.

I have (2) K3's at my remote station and I recently installed a RRC-1258 pair with a K3/0-Mini for control of (1) radio.  Previously I was using RemAudio and noticed a pronunced improvement in audio latency using the RRC.  I had no problem with the RemAudio stereo audio required for SO2R except for the latency.  I might also mention that I do not have the sub-receiver in either radio.  I am using a SO2R Mini to switch the audio stream to L, R and Both.

Now I am trying to use (1) RRC to provide a stereo audio stream for both radios, one in each ear/speaker/channel.  I am using a y-adapter to split the switched audio from the SO2R-Mini to the RRC sp in and computer audio inputs, allowing me to still use RemAud if necessary.  I have both of the K3's configured for (2) speakers and the RRC audio dual-rx set to yes. I am getting mono audio from either radio but no stereo/both.  I can not seem to change CONFIG:L-MIX-R if that makes any difference.

I have another pair of RRC's (but no K3/0!) that I could use but I am trying to keep all of the switching, controls and logging on the server for a number of reasons.

For reference the K3 I am using is SN 05864 and the RRC is SN 13271.  Both have the latest firmware upgrade.

Thanks es 73,
Dan  K4FN

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