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Hello All,
I have a very simple question: does the RRC 1258 MKII have a protection to prevent damages in case of reverse polarity power ?
If positive, may be a diode or another component act as a fuse and must be replaced after the burnout?
Thanks in advance to any helper.
73 Enrico I4GAD

Configuration, RRC 1258 / COM1 & COM2 use with IC-7100
« on: 2014-06-26, 08:25:39 »
Hello All,
I need some help in configuring my RRC boxes after replacing my TS-480  with a new IC-7100.
The configuration for running the IC-7100 in remote is quite simple and works fine:
the problem starts when I need to connect other devices (on both radio and control side) to the CAT signal of IC-7100. 
Using an CI-V to RS-232 converter, I'm injecting the CAT signal coming from the REMOTE jack of IC-7100 into COM2 of RRC (Radio) and I got the CAT signal correctly on the COM-2 of RRC (Control).
Now I need also to drive with the CAT (on the radio side)  the RS-232 antenna switch, so I've tried to get the CAT on the RRC COM-1 setting it in mode 7 (CAT to COM2  local&remote).
My expectation were to get an RS-232 CAT signal on COM1 on both RRCs radio and control but is not working. I'm sure that the previous set up based on TS-480 was working that way and the linear amplifier (SPE 1K-FA) was connected to the RRC radio to get the CAT from the tranceiver through  COM1.
What am I doing wrong ?
Thanks for suggestions.
Enrico I4GAD

Hi all,
I'm just trying to install Setup Manager on a new lap top running Windows 8 , but the installation program get stucked at the time of virtual port creation. To terminate the program, I'm obljged to kill it.
After that, Setup Manager can communicate regularly with the RRC-1258 box, but obviously, only  four unknown 1258 Remote Rig devices can be seen on the divices list.
I've followed the instructions found on the topic started by Mike/ K3MMB (disabled driver signature verification) but no results.
Am I doing something wrong?
Thanks for help.

Hello friends,

I'm using since long time two remote rigs at my home (a K3 Twin and a TS-480) when I'm abroad.
When I'm travelling ligth, I carry with me an RRC Micro that is an ideal solution to control the TS-480  using a PC running TRX-Manager instead of the TS-480 panel.
Surprisingly, few days ago I discovered that the RRC Micro works fine also with the K3 setup, with the only limitation of a single audio channel that prevent to benefit of the SUB receiver.
I wish now  use the RRC  1258 Control instead of the RRC Micro, to have a stereo audio and  the CW keyer, connected to the PC running TRX-Manager, but it should work with no changes into my 1258 Radio set for the  K3 Twin, in order to give me a full flexibility: K3-0 when possble or just a software control if not.
What is the right "Program Mode" on the RRC 1258 Control when the K3-0 is not available ?
4 (Yaesu,Kenwood, Elecraft) or 14 (Elecraft K3 Twin) ?? Any other parameter need to be set ?
Thanks for any suggestion.

Enrico I4GAD

General discussion forum / FSK audio monitoring
« on: 2012-04-24, 08:23:21 »
Since the firmware rel. 2.46 the fix  Speaker is now not muted when sending RTTY makes it possible to hear the RTTY-sidetone from the Radio should be available, but after the firmware update (now to 2.55), when I send FSK message still no audio is heard.
Does any thing wrong on my side ?
Enrico I4GAD

Hi All,
by mistake, I began to install the new client on my PC (running W7) with the box (1274A) hocked to the USB port and the process get stucked; after some strange interaction the installation gets apparently to the end but when I try to run the program, the program window do not appear on the screen even if the process is running.
I've tried then to uninstall the client in  order to redo the correct installation, but I got a message saying that not all the component were uninstalled automatically and some one must be uninstalled manually.
At this point I'm not able to get through the correct installation process and the client do not work as said above.
Does some one in Microbit have a suggestion to get over this problem ?
I've tried to install the cilent on an XP computer and it works fine.
Thanks in advance.
Enrico I4GAD

General discussion / HamRadioDeluxe performances
« on: 2012-01-30, 12:18:36 »
Hi all,

after a very positive experience RRC 1258MKII to remote control my rig (TS-480 + SPE 1K + SteppIR 4El..etc) in CW,SSB and RTTY,
I've also tried to experiment the RRC-Micro PC Client (sw release 1.4.0)
After some initial trouble, I succeded to make it running on my W7 lap top,  but I found it almost useless due to the very bad performances of HRD software control, very slow and unreliable also when I'm connected to the rig through the LAN.
The software react with big delay to VFO changes and also tuning is a very annoying exercise. No way to work a DX in safe split mode, because time to time the TX VFO is not activated and the result is in the best case a "Good Morning !!!"..... 
I'm very frustrated by the HRD behaviour, but right now my preferred control program (TRX-Manager) in not supported yet by the PC Client and I cannot see other possibility rather then using HRD.
Does anyone use the same set up with better results ?
Moreover, I found also some problem on the PC Client: when I try to send CW code  keying characters on the keybord I often got random character duplication and this make obviously useless also the important CW functionality.
Am I doing something wrong ?
Thanks for any suggestion.
73' I4GAD Enrico

General discussion / TRX Manager - CW problems
« on: 2011-10-12, 12:45:46 »
I'm a quite happy user of a TS-480 (+ Expert 1K-FA) in remote mode, thanks to the RRC controllers.
Time to time, it would be nice to use my rig also when I have not with me all the needed hardware (RRC Box & TS-480 Front Panel) using the RRC 1274A and the software client.
I succeded to install and run it, but I'm still having some problem.
First of all, I'm very anxious to replace HRD control Software with TRX Manager as soon as it will be fully supported by the RRC Client. Is there any progress in the matter ?
I'm using the Software Client 1.3.1 (but also 1.3.0 Beta 2 is the same) and I have some problem with HRD, that seems to respond with big delay to any stroke of the mouse. I feel not safe in split operations and the overall response of the application do not satify me;
I use to work with TRX-Manager for remote control of the antenna rotor and the Steppir contoller sincronized with the tranceiver frequency , by far much better end closer to the standard way of operate an ham rig than HRD. Unfortunately do no work yet with the RRC Client.
I'm also having some problem with the software CW keyer: many letters are repeted in a random way while I'm keying on the keyboard. Does any one else experieced similar problems?
When I use the RRC Control Box and the TS-480 Panel, everythink works perfectly.
Best regards to all.
Enrico I4GAD

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