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General discussion forum / Re: K3 Twin Config
« on: 2018-02-23, 14:36:10 »
Thanks Mike,

Found the problem. The cable was not wired properly, made a new one. Problem solved!

But I also fount out about the switch, it was in the correct position.

73 de Björn SM0MDG/SE0X

General discussion forum / K3 Twin Config
« on: 2018-02-23, 07:32:17 »

I am trying to setup a K3/100 to be the remote head for a remote K3 in CQ 160 this weekend. The RRC configuration has been copied from a working K3/0 <> K3 setup. But I can not get the K3/100 to fire up the connection, the radio powers up normally and no action on the RRC. If I force Terminal mode by pressing MENU 5 sec it enters terminal mode but thats it, still no action on the RRC end. The cable The cable supplied is said to be working in another setup.

This K3/100 is a newer one with RJ45 serial port. Is there anything except setting baud rate I have to do to activate it? Is there anything else I have to change in the K3/100 settings to get radio in "remoterig" mode?

Is there anything different from a K3/0 setup that I have to consider in the RRC setup?

Any feedback appreciated!

73 de SM0MDG/SE0X

I am setting up for SO2R via remote in preparations for CQWW CW.

My setup includes SO2R where radio #2 is a TS-480 controlled via a Remoterig connection. When controlling the TS-480 from N1MM+ it changes mode to from CW to SSB. This happens when clicking spots in the band map, but also where using arrow up/down to control the frequency of the radio.

Anyone noticed the same? Whats the solution to this problem?

73 de Björn

General discussion forum / Re: TS-590 TWIN
« on: 2015-02-18, 08:21:17 »
This could also apply to the TS-590S firmware upgrade that was release in January. Has anyone tried this upgrade with Remoterig yet?

The upgrade is supposed to bring several of the "G" functions to the TS-590S.

73 de Björn

General discussion forum / Re: Random Keying of the K3
« on: 2015-02-14, 16:47:57 »
This happens to me when I turn on power and the RRC and radio is cold. After a few minutes the random keying is gone.

I have never been able to find the source of the problem, but I suspect there are some components in the RRC or K3 that does not like cold temps.

I have never noticed this using the K3 on site. Even if cold it works OK.

73 de Björn


My basic suggestion to anyone getting a new transceiver to use with RemoteRig is to get one with a remotable head, such as the TS-480.
This provides a so much better experience than using software control, that I couldn't imagine using it another way. Since the system
passes CAT, you can still load HRD or whatever you want and do rig control, logging, etc. as well.

This is a major learning and I totally agree. I started off with HRD then went to TRX Manager but finally throw all software solutions out the door after trying the TS-480 setup which I have been happily using for a few years now. I also have a K3-K3/0 combo for more demanding contesting and DXing. The difference compared to software control is huge! The only viable option would be software with a hardware controller, but still most software solutions introduce lag and responsiveness is a major concern for contesting.

I just wish that Mike finally would get a TS-590 to TS-590 option available as this is a very capable and affordable contest radio. When that happens, I will be first in line.

73 de Björn

General discussion forum / TS-480 + Signaling SL-1+
« on: 2012-01-21, 14:40:20 »
I am trying to configure Remoterig so that I can do digital modes using a Signaling SL-1+. I have in addition to the normal TS-480 connections also connected speaker output and tapped Remoterigs 9 volt output to power the interface via the AUX/MIC connector.

It works nice except for one thing, when I connect the headset (with a neil capsule) to do SSB again, the mic is for some reason muted. If I open up the speaker out connection (remove the jumper SPKR > PIN 2) all works normal again.

Did anyone else encountered this problem and found a solution?

General discussion forum / Share WLAN to LAN on Macbook
« on: 2012-01-14, 02:04:48 »
Has anyone tried sharing a WLAN with Remoterig connected to the LAN port on a Macbook? If you have succeeded with this please share your settings as I want to try this.


General discussion forum / Re: CW Keying
« on: 2011-02-02, 14:53:08 »

DL7AV gave us the clue to how to change the sampling in Iambic mode B. He and most of them above who have complained have now tested and are satisfied. It's not easy to fix thing if you just hear that something is wrong, we need to now what's wrong also.

73 de mike

It works great now! I am still using Winkeyer with N1MM, but the internal keyer is where I want it to be after the fix.

Thanks Mike!

Det är nog som Mike säger, det är en vaneskak. Jag har tidigare använt  Winkeyer, Yaesu och Elecraft keyers och dom verkar alla ganska olika Remoterig keyern. Jag har även en TS-480 vars keyer mer liknar Remoterig's.

Jag upplever samma problem som du med Remoterig keyern, den är antingen för trög eller för "trigger happy". Jag har löst det genom att ansluta en Winkeyer enligt instruktionen för manuell nyckel. Så nu är allt som vanligt, men det blir en extra enhet på skrivbordet.

73 de Björn

General discussion forum / Re: CW delay with Paddles
« on: 2010-11-14, 14:16:53 »
Thanks for your feedback Mark!

Yes, I did rule out RF feedback as I was actually running the tests without RF at all, just monitoring side tone using Sprectrum Lab on the remote side.

I am leaning towards something in my routers, possibly because I use a WLAN hop on the remote side.

I am also noticing the the first dot or dash is cut a little short in the first character, don't know the reason for this but it might be related to other things

73 de Björn


Det enklaste (och billigaste) måste väl vara att gå till Kjell & Co eller Clas Olsson och köpa ett par datorhögtalare.

73 de Björn

General discussion forum / Re: CW delay with Paddles
« on: 2010-11-13, 13:47:30 »
I did some further investigation this weekend by connecting the RRC-remote box to the local network. Ping time is locally around 4 ms and CW is much better. Although a lot less frequent I still have the same problem with lost dots or dashes and sometimes they get very long. I guess there's always a risk this will happen, and if it happens with the frequency of my local connection its fine.

What can I try to improve the code when keying over the internet? Is there anyone out there with good success who can share his setup and settings?

73 de Björn,

General discussion forum / Re: CW delay with Paddles
« on: 2010-11-11, 16:46:00 »
Hi Mike,

It is indeed possible to set "key delay" to 300, although the info text says it ranges up to 250, guess I was too tired to take in instructions yesterday :)

I have been playing around with different settings and nothing really helps. I loose dots or dashes, or on some occasions get very long ones. I use Spectrum Lab to monitor the station's sidetone at the other end so I can check visually after changing settings.

Could this be the effect of connecting though WLAN on the radio side? I am using a UBNT Nano Station to connect the RRC-Radio to the DLink wireless router. Could this have an impact?

Any settings I could try in the WLAN link that might help?

73 de Björn

General discussion forum / Re: CW delay with Paddles
« on: 2010-11-11, 00:20:30 »
But that works over internal LAN, Over Internet you should set a little Key delay  ( keyer settings) also then the radio side will buffer x ms before starting transmitting, and then you avoid corupted characters caused by Internet Jitter.

How much delay and what jitter buffer and delay do you recommend for a internet connection with 35ms ping time?

I have the default jitter settings on the radio side and tried 300 ms Key delay, but still get messed up CW.

73 de Björn,

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