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General discussion forum / Re: Windows 11 / Virtual Ports?
« on: 2022-02-15, 20:46:59 »
Thank you Mike

It was an 'in place upgrade' which I never like ... thanks and we can now look further into his machine for issues.

There are very few things on an internet search returns NO HITS,  but "look ForHids()" is one!  What does that mean, just out of curiosity

Thanks, setting up for ARRL DX CW contest with several remote users sprinkled across the USA!

73 Kevin K7ZS

General discussion forum / Windows 11 / Virtual Ports?
« on: 2022-02-15, 03:20:49 »

One of my remote users 'accidentaly' let his PC upgrade to Windows 11 ... I nor he was aware they were upgrading PC's with adequate hardware.

From that time on, his Control 1258 RR box is not recognized on the USB port by the PC, which of course doesn't install the virtual COM ports, making it impossible to use remote software (N1MM+/MMTTY etc.)  This thwarted our plans to include him in our remote ops this last weekend in WPX RTTY

ARRL DX CW is this weekend, and we are struggling to get him going.

DOES ANYBODY KNOW:  Are the Virtual Com Port Driver installed with the Microbit Manager compatible with Windows 11???  We uninstalled / reinstalled numerous time, same result.

The Microbit manager screen comes up with this solo message: look ForHids()

The radio can connect, it is possible to browse to the box to control, but NO LUCK getting the Virtual Com port running.

Any ideas?

Kevin K7ZS

A friend had a nearby lightning strike, less than 30 meters from his antenna.  This damaged a number of electronic items, including his computer, SteppIR controller and both a RADIO and CONTROL side RRC-1258MkIIs ...

Having lots of test equipment and rework gear, I offered to take a look to see if they could be rescued.  They exhibit NO signs of life - nothing on the AUX/MIC or USB port ... they do not register with Window 10 when plugged into the USB port.

No visible signs of damage (the SteppIR controller had a chip blown in half though!)

Are there schematics for these boards?  Any advice?  Are there possibly chip fuses like so many modern electronics have (including most transceivers ...)

Any advice appreciated

73 Kevin K7ZS


The audio is not as much CHOPPY as in complete dropouts, but described as a CRACKLE on the audio.

Kevin K7ZS

Hi Mike, thanks for the q

We have arranged for a SYMMETRIC service at the radio site, MINIMUM 5 Mbps both up and down. Often in excess of 10Mbs.  The bandwidth while in operation (monitored at remote site with DD-WRT's bandwidth monitor tool ) is only about 350Kbps ... Nobody is at the remote site to increase total traffic.   The trials were done with a client that has over 100 Mbps download speed, which is becoming the norm here in USA.  He has a sub 50ms ping rate to the site, being only 80 miles away.

So, respectfully, I doubt it is a bandwidth issue.

Any other ideas?

Thanks ... Kevin K7ZS

HNY All!

The subject line says it all.  We have been using Audio Quality 0, ALAW 8Khz but have been pretty disappointed with how it handles dropouts, compared to AQ setting #f 2, the LINEAR 16 Bit 8 Khz.  All users and the station now have greatly improved internet connections, so we decided to improve audio quality and move to a different setting.

THE PROBLEM is while it works great WITHOUT the DUAL-RX on, as soon as we switch to having both receiver audio streams available in the headphones, the receive audio quality suffers, regardless of the Jitter Buffers and Jitter Delay settings.  It introduces a 'crackling' component to the audio that is really noticable on CW, and especially when tuned to a fairly strong signal.

This is a competition station, so we don't want lots of T/R delay which is introduced with the increase in the jitter settings.  All other settings have been tried and perfected over 2 full contest seasons of use.  It's a full M/2 station, and we are experienceing the trouble on BOTH stations, so we have ruled out a single radio or remote rig hardware item as the source of the problem.

We have tried virtually everything, and cannot seem to find a setting that works, OTHER than going back to ALAW 8Khz...

The radios are fully loaded and updated K3's, K3/0 for the control side, late build RR boxes, latest firmware, very good and dedicated internet connection at the station (nobody firing up Face Time or NetFlix etc.)

Any clues to share would be greatly appreciated.

73 Kevin K7ZS

On my Samsung Galaxy Note 4, when the Elecraft NANO app is installed I lose all microphone use on the tablet, except for the NANO app.   Apparently, the app 'steals' the microphone from all other apps.  Uninstalling it does not return the microphone to the other apps.  Once it is installed, the tablet loses that function.  The only fix is to reset the tablet to FACTORY DEFAULTS which allows other apps to use the Microphone again.  BUT, even though I backed up the tablet, none of the license information is restored from the backup, so now I am back on trial mode again. and of course if I want to use the mic for anything else - no go....

I sure hope a fix for this is published soon ...

73 Kevin K7ZS

I have solved the echo problem I was having when operating my RemoteRig station on my LOCAL NETWORK.

In truth, there may be a technical solution, but I found a practical solution in the mean time.

This was a simple case of RFI getting into the audio stream via the MICROPHONE CORD!  The TS-480 hand microphone has about a 20" of the cable that is straight, and then the coiled cord segment.  Quite by accident, with stations listening to me to give me reports as I was putting more or less toroids on all the cables, said 'that was better', when in fact I had not done anything except stretch out the mic cable a bit.  As I would change the orientation, the RFI would increase or decrease.

SO, out with the BIG toroid (2.4" OD ring toroid in a 77 mix) I wrapped ALL of the 'straight' section of the mic cord through this large toroid (20 turns) and now it is BULLET PROOF.  I can run 1 KW+ on the 40 meter beam that is directly overhead and NO RFI.  Before the toroid, with only 20 watts on 40 meters on an antanna very distant the RFI was

I mention this, as the SAME RADIO of connected directly to the radio in the same position and running the same power is perfectly clean.

Perhaps the RR box has inadequate shielding of the audio circuit in the Control box?

The setup is now working great, and is a pleasure!

73 Kevin K7ZS

No responses REALLY? 

Nobody else has this problem?  To confirm this is not just a high power problem, I just went to 40 meters, even @ 100 watts with the 2 element Moxon Beam @ 85 feet overhead, with toroids on every cable (control, microphone, power, ethernet) and the RR box grounded, got HORRIBLE audio reports, both RF in the audio, and and a complete duplication of audio about 20-30 ms. later, creating the 'Echo' effect.

I have used this setup for a long time remotely, so it's not the long solved microphone ground lead swap in earlier radios.

There is no evidence of RF in the shack. (I have tried this in several places within the home, does not matter what room I am in)

I have a relatively early box, version 4, hardware version 5, serial number 2443, latest firmware, version 2.78.  This unit has the WIRELESS adapter too.

I would appreciate any insights here - hard to believe these boxes are that sensitive to RF.

Vy 73
Kevin K7ZS

Hello All

I use the RemoteRig system at my home QTH a lot, since the 'best' station is out in a remote ham shack.  I am having the recurring problem of an "ECHO" on my transmitted signal, due to the RF getting into the CONTROL unit.  I am running power, about 1 KW, but the antenna is 100 feet above ground, and the tower is over 100 feet from the room in the house.

If I use the tower situation right over the station (@ 75 feet) the problem becomes much worse.  This is not RF in the Shack, this is just the RR Control box injecting a delayed signal back into the audio.

Rig is a TS-480SAT, using the hand microphone.  RR Box is grounded, toroids on the power supply cable, but not on the others.  No other connections to the remote rig i.e. key paddle, noting in the I/O port or an external speaker.

I do NOT have this problem when using the radio directly to the amplifier, an Alpha 9500, so this is definitely a RR Control box issue in the near field of the transmit antenna.

Any suggestions???  I need this to work as I am having an electronic cardiac pacing device installed next week, and it has been suggested to keep my distance from the amplifier and antenna.

73 Kevin K7ZS

Any suggestions of whi

Spent some more time today on the issue of forcing the control unit to use the wired ethernet connecction with a WiFi module installed.

I finally found a way to set the firmware settings which will control whether or not Ethernet will be used if connected with the WiFi module installed.  (My last post inaccurately called the setting Eth-Type, but I was referring to the IP INTERFACE setting)

My findings:

1. If the IP INTERFACE option is set to ETHERNET, only a wired connection will be used even if wireless unit is installed
2. If the IP INTERFACE option is set to AUTO, and Eth-Type is set to AUTO, it will not use the ETHERNET interface if it is attached.  I have removed the antenna for this test, but it still 'sees' my wireless Access Point, but too weak to connect?  I cannot confirm that in the ABSENCE of a WiFi AP it will refuse to use the Ethernet interface.
3. If the IP-INTERFACE option is set to AUTO, and Eth-Type is set to AUTO-PREFER 10mbit, it WILL use the ETHERNET interface if it is attached, even in the presence of a WiFi AP.

So, at least I have found a way to use the wired interface without having to remove the WiFi module which was the only option I had before today.

Hope this helps someone else!

73 Kevin K7ZS

Haven't use system for a while, but returning to the problem, here is all I can say.

Setting ETH TYPE to AUTO, ETHERNET PREFERRED will ALWAYS select the wireless, and if that is not available, system will not connect.  Turning the ETH TYPE to ETHERNET bypasses the wireless and will connect to the wired ethernet port.


Contrary to the single reference in the documentation that AUTO will select ETHERNET if there is an available network connection on the ethernet port does NOT work here.

Otherwise, it works 100 percent as advertised.  I did remove the unit, nothing appears out of order in the way of solder bridges etc.

I have upgraded to latest firmware - no change.

Any further discoveries?

73 Kevin K7ZS

Hello Jan

WiFi module Removed


So, they are MUTUALLY EXCLUSIVE?????  That doesn't seem right?

Code snippet from boot log:

Wi-Fi not inited, normal init
phy = KSZ8041NL
eth link up (100FDX/MDI)
mac     : 00:1e:fd:01:80:2b
ip      :
netmask :
gateway :
dns     :
wifi    : module not present
Telnet: Listening on port 23
HTTP: Listening on port 80

Looks like a hardware failure? I get both green lights on the ETHERNET adapter, and there is 'traffic' based on the left (innermost) LED flashing occasionally.

Here is my screen dump of the signon (antenna removed from WiFi to force ETHERNET)

** 1285/1258 Bootloader V1.6            **
** Booting application                  **
** Press capital x for xmodem apploader **
Company   : Microbit
Product   : 1258
Version   : 4
HW        : 5
Software  : 2.66
Bootloader: <= 1.7
Compiler  : 4.6.2
Build     : Feb  5 2013 14:37:20
ROM/RAM   : 443952/56800
ethRAM    : 2944 (max 3kB!)
USBRAM    : 0
ResetSrc  : b [3]
Uptime    : 0
HW-device     = 0
CW-pot        = 1020
Debug level   = 0
Control panel = 1
Program mode  = 5 - TS480/TM-D710
PID           = 0
Setup length  = 1224
enable       : 1
speedWpm     : 0
iambic       : 2
paddleReverse: 0
weight       : 30
sideToneHz   : 700
sideToneDb   : 20
lfDelayMs    : 500
keyDelayMs   : 100
codec = WM8510
silDetSet: 0 90
audio = BOTH_OPEN
duplex: New Audiocoding 100 (8 KHz)
Wi-Fi not inited, normal init
Wi-Fi firmware 4.5.0
phy = KSZ8041NL
Ethernet link timeout, activating Wi-Fi
No matching Wi-Fi network

If I remove the WiFi module, might it work?


73 Kevin K7ZS

Hi Mitch

Thanks for the reply, but no joy.  I have tried this every which way possible, short of removing the WiFi unit entirely.

Under NO circumstances will the Control box connect via the wired Ethernet jack.  The cable is good, using it on another device right next to it.

Is there a hardware diagnostic to see if the on board ethernet has gone south? 

Both lights come on when the cable is plugged into the ethernet jack, but the front PWR light flashes infinitely.  Reconnect the WiFi antenna - BOOM, connects right away.  I don't see a way to DEFEAT the WiFi via software - am I missing it???

I am days away from a long, international trip, and I really need the wired connection for where I am going.

73 Kevin K7ZS

Any further thoughts much appreciated.

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