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Nice to see that someone more have done one....

Make something similar in 2012 , and it`s still operational.
and a little movie

73`s de SM3JGG Staffan

Körde Net1 på min remote tills i våras
(nu är det för hög belastning i deras nät där jag har utrustningen så det har blivit oanvändbart)
Någon gång under 2013 ändra de från officiell IP till Nat,
men om man ringde supportet kunde man få en fast IP adress för en extra peng / månad. tror det var 50:-

73 de SM3JGG Staffan


SM3XGV har byggt in RRC i K3/0 an.

73 de SM 3 J GG


Hello again !

Yes it`s  N   konnectors,
The only special is that the "locking nut" are removed on one side.

I have made a little movie, showing how everything works, it`s on youtube.

73 de SM3JGG  Staffan

Hi !

I had the same thoughts, and I build me an Webcontrolled Controlled Antenna Connection system.

You can take a lock about my projekt here....
it´s made of simple easy to find materials.

73 de SM3JGG  Staffan

Allmän diskussion / Re: PTT problem
« on: 2012-05-03, 10:33:30 »
 OK !

I versionen jag testate före denna funkade i alla fall PTT:n.
men i den var det lång fördröjning av ljudströmmen istället.
Tur att RRC-1258 burkar funkar i alla fall......

73 de SM3JGG

Allmän diskussion / PTT problem
« on: 2012-04-28, 06:22:37 »
Installerade version 1.5.2 idag.  (på en acer med 64 bitars windows 7)
Nu fungerar inte PTT knappen på dongeln.

Någon som fått det att fungera ?

73 de SM3JGG  Staffan

General discussion / Re: .net Installation problem
« on: 2011-06-19, 12:24:34 »

Many thanks for the suport Roland,
I had never figered out by my self
that the problem was in my windows installation.

I get some free time yesterday,
and reinstalled the operation system as you suggested.

now everything works OK for me,   

73 de SM3JGG  Staffan


General discussion / Re: .net Installation problem
« on: 2011-06-03, 09:09:14 »
OK Roland !

That sounds good

best regards   Staffan

General discussion / Re: .net Installation problem
« on: 2011-06-02, 11:17:31 »

Today I make another try.

*  First I uninstalled all old version of the RRC Client.
*  Then uninstalled all  program with .Net in the list.
*  Restarted the computer

* Started installation of rev 1.3.0
* A dialog box tells me to install .Net components.
* Just clicking on the link in the dialog box.
* Installation starts and goes ok.
'  Restarted the computer again.

* Started the installation og RRC 1.3.0 again.
* Installation works ok, no wrong messages.
* Started RRC Client, and get this message about missed .Net components again...

What to do ?

73 de SM3JGG  Staffan


General discussion / Re: .net Installation problem
« on: 2011-05-28, 15:49:46 »

Tested the new version 1.3.0 beta 1 today,

sorry to say, I get the same message (about missed .net .....)
also from this version  of the PC Client program.

And the message tells me to ask the program author about it.

73 de SM3JGG  Staffan 

General discussion / Re: .net Installation problem
« on: 2011-05-08, 08:33:50 »
OK !

The installation works OK for me, no messages of any kind.
and then I trying to start the program,
the only thing that happends in that this dialogbox appears.

/ Staffan  SM3JGG

General discussion / .net Installation problem
« on: 2011-05-06, 07:58:25 »
Hello !

Cant figur out hove to get newer versions of the PC Client to work on my laptop.

I tried earlier  rev 1.0.24 and now  1.2.1
After installation , then trying to start the program, i only get a dialog box about
that i had to install V4.0 of .Net Framework.....

i use swedish 64 bit wersion of windows 7 on an acer.
and hare tryed to remove and than install the .Net Framework again.
older version 1.021 and 1.0.22 works ok for me.

73 de SM3JGG  Staffan

Hello again !

If you use your
"for ft-847 special serial cables" (se earlier post)


Check your "radio settings"

Here are my settings , what works for me and my ft-847....
(I had put my FT-847 to 9600 baud in the menu)

RRC 1258 control....

program mode = 3
control panel = yes
sip password = 
sip contact =
auto connect = No
audio quality = 0
codec out gain = 262
codec imp gain = 18
codec inp PGF Hz = 163
Com0 baudrate = 9600
com0 data bits = 8
com0 stop bits = 2
com0 parity = 0

and here are my settings for
RRC 1258 radio....

program mode = 3
conbtrol panel = 0
sip password =
audio quality = 0
codec out gain = 262
codec inp gain = 0
codec inp HPF Hz = 163
com0 baudrate = 9600
com0 data bits = 8
com0 stop bits = 2
com0 parity = 0

 73 and GL de SM3JGG  Staffan

It take me some time (many hours) to figur out the rs-232 on the ft-847
here is a short explanation anyway.

The 847 "did not have" a standard rs-232 connection 
pin 2 and 3 are switched on that radio.

So if you have an usb <-> rs-232 cableadapter,
and it works ok, if its used direkt between the computer and the 847

That cable/adapter will not work if you plug it into the rrc system.

You have modifie it (or make an adapter) pin 2 -> 3  and 3 -> 2 between computer and "rrc Control"
and then also att the "rrc radio" side make a cable with  pin 2 -> 3 and 3 -> 2

73 de SM3JGG  Staffan

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