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OK.....I got back to where I can use it with wifi (I inadvertently blocked the wifi on the router  :o). But the pause is still there except when using Ethernet connection. The only settings on the wifi are to chose between b/g/n and g/n.

I am in the same room as the wifi router. But the pauses persist.
Charlie KB8CR

When I first arrived here to Florida (the Radio RRC is in Ohio) was working ok on wifi using DHCP, except for the pauses in audio. NOW, I cannot even connect to the radio rrc with wifi..... only Ethernet.
I tried to enter a static IP on the Control RRC using the same IP that the router gave me, same subnet, and used their DNS server (like I had on my PC here). No good.

Under status, I get the following:

Name Value
Control panel OFF
Radio OFF
Connection status Disconnected
SIP status Unknown(1)
Last SIP error SIP Error
RTP/UDP audio status Disconnected
UDP cmd status Disconnected
SIP command timeout 4
Rx Jitter buffer size 5
Rx Jitter delay 4
Dual Rx 0
SIP Out port 13000
SIP In port 13000
Audio Out port 0
Audio In port 0
Command Out port 0
Command In port 13002
External SIP In port 13000
External Audio In port 13001
External Cmd In port 13002
Other party (I blanked this out)
Input 0 High
Input 1 High
Input 2 High
Output 0 High
Output 1 Low
Output 2 Low
DNS status Error, failed to resolve! (Is THIS the problem ?????)
Active profile: Default
PTT status: OFF

My wifi is only G & N. I can accesss the RRC-Control webpage just fine. But when I try to turn the radio on, I get the flashing yellow light.

Charlie KB8CR

It appears to be the wifi adapter. With Ethernet cable plugged in, it works perfectly. Now the wifi will not connect at all.

Configuration, RRC 1258 / IC-706 audio pauses over internet
« on: 2013-08-07, 05:03:53 »
I am testing my IC706 over the net from our FLA QTH. The ping times are good at both ends, and I have videoconferenced with my XYL from here to the home QTH with no delays..... but on the 706, the audio seems to pause every 5-8 seconds. When tuning, it also seems to jitter sometimes. On SSB, it's bearable, but for CW it's very hard. I increased the jitter buffer at the Control end, as high as 15, but no help. Any suggestions?

Both ends have 20+ Mbps down/ 2 Mbps up.


Charlie KB8CR/4 (for the next week).

General discussion forum / Re: Configuration for IC-7100?
« on: 2013-07-19, 13:46:40 »
Oh, didn't know there was a newer user manual than the one I had. Thanks.

General discussion forum / Configuration for IC-7100?
« on: 2013-07-19, 01:43:26 »
I see that you can just use a CAT6 cable from the head to the RRC, but could you tell us what jumpers should be installed in the RRC? Is it the same as the IC-706?


Charlie KB8CR

SUCCESS !!! Turns out the radio needed a change in its menu to select the audio input. Made my first QSO with the Micro this morning. Good signal reports, except two stations said it needed more treble. I was using the internal mic in the notebook. I assume a decent mic will improve that.

Charlie KB8CR

Thank you for your help, Roland. When I select the internal mic on the computer, as soon as I push the PTT, the TX meter on the RRC-Micro panel shows half-scale, even though I am not speaking. When I do speak it barely moves. I tried it on a UHF repeater frequency so I could listen to myself, and still not audio making it to the radio. I will check the mic cable and straps on the RRC-Radio box. (Radio is an Icom 9100) I have Mic gain set at 50% on the radio.

Charlie KB8CR

This is in the setup instructions on the website:

Audio Mic
Select the microphone to use.  Any installed microphone can be selected. However, for full operation you must select 1
274A Microphone as this is the only one that can handle PTT.

That is what I didn't understand. But if the PTT button will STILL work even if selecting a different microphone, tha options for picking a mic are expanded.

Charlie KB8CR

No, it is MY misunderstanding. Now I see how it works. Now I just need to see why noone seems to hear me.  :-[

Dear Roland:

That is what I thought.....but just like in the first screen shot you posted, the system microphone is MUTED (there is the red slash thru it). How does audio get to the radio if the microphone I have selected shows Muted?

Charlie KB8CR

I thought you could select any audio source once you had the dongle plugged in.  Once I plug the dongle in, windows (7/64) mutes the internal mic in my notebook, and even if I unmute it, once I push the PTT (which does key the TX), the internal mic is muted again. Do you HAVE to use a mic plugged into the dongle?

Charlie KB8CR

Thanks so much for trying. Ill try using short cables.

Charlie KB8CR

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