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We're planning to do a MS effort for the CQWW 160M contest at the end of the month.  We currently have a complete setup at the remote unit, and plan to run the keying line from the SO2R Box keyer to the input of the K3s.  The CW would all be generated at the Remote site.

We would like to add in paddle CW via the RRC.  Has anyone paralleled the outputs from a keyer and the RRC to enable both?  We would, of course, be using the Remote Rig units to control radio frequency, bandwidth, etc.  Has anyone done this, and any pitfalls to watch out for?  Dennis W1UE

Configuration, RRC 1258 / Use of Line In/Line Out on K3
« on: 2023-11-04, 17:09:08 »
Is there enough audio output when using the mic output at the Radio end to support feeding  the audio to the K3 as part of the Line In?

Dennis w1UE

I have a control unit with a bad speaker jack.  Does anyone have the part number for it, or
suggestions on where I can get one?

Dennis w1uE

General discussion forum / Allowed SIP Password Characters
« on: 2022-04-24, 22:22:21 »
What characters are allowed for a SIP password?  It appears that the password can be 11 characters long, and small letters, capital letters, and numbers are allowed.  Are any punctuation marks also allowed?

Dennis W1uE

General discussion forum / SIP Out Port keeps changing
« on: 2022-01-26, 23:49:22 »
I have a site with two RR units, both Remote boxes, to support and SO2R setup.  One of the boxes I can connect to and its solid; the other box I can connect to but, in particular, it has problems sending data back to the Control unit.  I can tune the Control Radio, and the Remote Radio responds, but the display on the Control radio doesn't update.  After some seconds later, it often updates, but not always.  Audio is usually solid, using an audio quality of 8.  Yes, the UDP Cmd port, UDP Audio Port, and SIP Port on the two RRCs are different.  As I look at the Status Pages of the two RRCs, I see the RRC that's working fine has a SIP Out Port and SIP In Port of of 5081; everytime I go back to that Status page, I see the same port of 5081.  For the RRC that's not updating the Control unit, I see a SIP In Port of 5081 and a SIP Out Port of 7384; that SIP Out Port changes.  One time its 7384, then 8649, then 6177, and so on.  Every time I update that status the SIP Out Port changes. 

I'm looking for something to fix the poor response of one of the RRC units; does this SIP Out Port changing have anything to do with it?

A little more info- we have had this problem for some time with one of the RRC units; the problem comes and goes.  It existed before we put the second RRC at the remote site, and were pleasantly surprised when the second RRC unit did not have the problems that the first unit had.  Any suggestions are welcome.

Dennis W1UE

General discussion forum / RR Use with Icom 7300 or 7610
« on: 2019-09-06, 13:09:01 »
Anyone have any experience in using the RR sets with these radios?

Dennis W1UE

General discussion forum / RR Troubleshooting
« on: 2018-12-06, 20:24:20 »
I have a friend's Control RRC here.  He uses it with a TS480 remote head.  It currently is not working.
When checking it out, voltage measurements show there is no +8V to the wire jumper pins- either the one going to the RJ11 connector, or the one supplying the voltage.  Without voltage, the TS480 remote head won't come on, so of course it won't connect. 

If I plug the TS480 remote head into the TS480 body, the TS480 lights and works, so that isn't the problem.

Question: is that +8V supply problem fixable by a user, or must it go back to Remote Rig?  Or could a jumper be missing?  I read thru the manual, and didn't see an applicable jumper.

Dennis W1UE

I've looked through the documentation for the RR units, and am not quite sure of the best way to do this.  I want to use an outboard Winkey (not the RR Winkey unit) to key CW.  Is there any "easy" way to do this, such as just turning off the RR keyer?  How about keying through a cable for the Aux/Mike input?

Dennis W1UE

I got an upgraded internet service from Verizon that included a new router.  Since then, I've been having problems connecting.  The new router is on the Control side.  I have it set for DMZ (no port forwarding); I've also tried it with Port Forwarding (but yes, not both at the same time).  No joy.
I use 12000, 11000, and 5080 as my ports.  When I try to connect by turning on the radio, I see that my SIP port out is 41042. On the status, I get a SIP ERROR "?".  When I play with the different settings in the router and Control RRC, every once in a while I get it to connect, but after a minute or so I either lose ability to key the radio using the key or I lose the audio.  Sometimes it will come back for a short time, but usually once its gone I have to turn off the Control radio and try again.

Any suggestions on where to look?  I've used the DJ0QN set up sheet, but I think the problem is not setup.

Dennis W1UE

General discussion forum / Firmware upgrades
« on: 2015-11-12, 20:11:16 »
I noticed this on the firmware upgrade page:
Important! If you are upgrading a radio RRC from firmware version 2.85 or older then all control RRCs used to connect to it also must be upgraded!

So that I understand this:

If I have a Control RRC with firmware version 2.85,  I CAN NOT connect to a Radio RRC that is using firmware version 2.86 or 2.87?

If I have a Control RRC with firmware version 2.86 or 2.87,  I CAN connect to a Radio RRC with firmware version 2.85?

Dennis W1UE

General discussion forum / No SSB Audio
« on: 2015-01-22, 19:11:14 »
Up until recently, I could transmit SSB using my RR setup.  Now, I can't transmit SSB; a different Control unit at a different location also can't transmit SSB.  I've checked that the correct cables from the RR remote unit was plugged into the correct jack on the remote K3, and they were.  I connected a different microphone to the remote K3, and it transmitted SSB no problem. 

Is there any method of applying audio to the Remote unit on site, to test out the Remote unit?  Any particular ports to check on the remote router?  Any other guidance in what may have changed?  As I said, it did work, but now it doesn't.

Dennis W1UE

Hardware, Cabling, Installations / K3 RTS/DTR CW
« on: 2014-08-05, 03:09:48 »
I'm going to the Remote site tomorrow.  I've been looking at what's available in firmware at the RR Box there, and I don't see any clear way to do this.

My desire is to key the K3 via the rear panel KEY jack connected to the Remote Rig box when I want to use the Remote Station, and to key the K3 via the RTS/DTR lines via N1MM when I am using it locally.  In this manner, I don't have to switch any cables when going from Remote to Local usage.

How can I set up the Remote Rig box to do so?  I think I see how to do it at the Control end, but I want to do it at the Remote end and I don't see the firmware options that will allow me to do so.

Dennis W1UE

My Remote rig was working fine as late as 3 months ago.  With the summer here, and other contests, I disconnected my K3 to use it elsewhere.  Finally got around to hooking it up this weekend, and find I can no longer access the remote station.

I have verified that the Remote Station works; 2 others have been able to access it with the settings that it has.  However, I
can't access it from my control unit.  I have checked the setups in Control and Remote units, and they match. 

When I turn my K3 on, it comes up in the NORM mode.  When I put it into the TERM mode, it just stays there with TERM on the LCD display.  It doesn't connect, the Remote unit radio doesn't say its on, and it just hangs there.

The only hardware changed since I know it worked was the replacement of the FIOS interface box.  Mine, and my neighbor's box, both got taken out apparently by a voltage surge.  The FIOS interface box was hard wired to the wireless modem, and the Remote Rig Control Unit was hardwired through a switch to the wireless router, but none of the other 10 or so items in the house that were hardwired to the FIOS box got zapped.

At this point, I'm getting frustrated and am out of ideas.  Any help?  Thanks.

Dennis W1UE

General discussion forum / No Rx control from Remote RRC
« on: 2013-04-22, 16:47:18 »
Before I make the trip down there, I thought I'd see if there was something I could do from here to fix this.

The Remote RRC has stopped taking Rx commands from the Control RRC.  We can connect, get Rx audio, and the yellow light shines on the Control RRC, but we don't get the remote K3 Rx info on the control K3, i.e. no radio data is being received.  The control K3 display just gets frozen, and no button pushing or knob turning makes a difference, nor changes the audio received.

I have gone in through the VPN and restarted the Remote RRC, but that didn't fix it.  I made sure the Control K3 is in TERM mode, so that isn't it.  Any one else have any suggestions?

Dennis W1UE

Configuration, RRC 1258 / SSB Mode Monitoring/PTT Delay
« on: 2013-03-10, 01:51:43 »
What setting controls the ability to hear yourself when you're transmitting SSB?  Seems to me at one time I was able to hear myself talking, but now its not there.  Not sure what I did to make it go away, if I did anything.  Using 2.61.

Another question: when I changeover from Xmit to Rx, I hear a "blip" or a snippet of the last thing that I said.  When I tweak
the "PTT OFF Mute Delay" above 10, then the footswitch now longer puts the radio into transmit.  I would like to lengthen the delay before I start hearing the Rx audio again, but I find I either have to hear it or it won't go into transmit with the footswitch.  Any guidance on what number works there?


Dennis W1UE

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