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We're planning to do a MS effort for the CQWW 160M contest at the end of the month.  We currently have a complete setup at the remote unit, and plan to run the keying line from the SO2R Box keyer to the input of the K3s.  The CW would all be generated at the Remote site.

We would like to add in paddle CW via the RRC.  Has anyone paralleled the outputs from a keyer and the RRC to enable both?  We would, of course, be using the Remote Rig units to control radio frequency, bandwidth, etc.  Has anyone done this, and any pitfalls to watch out for?  Dennis W1UE

Mitch- a tip..  Disconnect the first box (which you know already works) and then connect the second box.  Each box must have their own IP address.
will also need different ports.  Once the second box is working, then reconnect the first box.  I have also a remote SO2r Box setup at the remote station.  Dennis W1UE

Configuration, RRC 1258 / Re: Use of Line In/Line Out on K3
« on: 2023-11-29, 17:16:30 »
Geert Jan, some time ago Elecraft added a feature to the firmware.  If you find the LIN OUT in the config menu of the K3, and tap the "1" key,
it will change the Lin Out to follow the phones audio.  In other words, the AF/RF gain controls will change the  audio level available on the LIN OUT
jack.  Using that jack did solve a couple of audio problems.  I haven't researched your other concerns about using the LIN OUT jack.


General discussion forum / Re: Boxes do not communicate
« on: 2023-11-10, 12:45:10 »
GM Josep

You did not say how you linked the boxes together.  If you used IP addresses, check that they didn't change.  If you have DHCP checked for the Remote radio, your IP address may have changed, and the Control box has the wrong IP address to find.

Just a thought.

Dennis W1ue

Configuration, RRC 1258 / Re: Use of Line In/Line Out on K3
« on: 2023-11-08, 14:29:19 »
I answered my own question yesterday.  There is plenty of output on the K3 Line Out jack to feed the RR speaker input.  Using the Line out, with
its transformer isolation, also cleaned up the audio.

However, there is NOT sufficient output from the RR Remote Box to feed the Line In of the K3.  I didn't try to fiddle with levels other than Line In
gain, although that's something I can look at and perhaps try later.

Dennis W1UE

Configuration, RRC 1258 / Use of Line In/Line Out on K3
« on: 2023-11-04, 17:09:08 »
Is there enough audio output when using the mic output at the Radio end to support feeding  the audio to the K3 as part of the Line In?

Dennis w1UE

General discussion forum / Re: Control of radio
« on: 2023-09-28, 13:59:07 »
Yes, TTL is for radio control.

Yes, that is commonly done.

Paul, I've had that happen in the past.  It seemed to be produced by the proximity of the audio cables to the radio control cables.

I've had problems with the Spkr Out of the RR unit.  Try pulling the plug out slightly-if I do so I get increased audio and improved S/N
ratio on the audio.  If I push the plug in all the way audio is cut and S/N rises.

Dennis W1UE

Guessing server is down again?  Its 1105utc, and I still can't connect to my Remote Rig. Should I be looking elsewhere, or is it still a server issue?

Thanks.  Dennis W1UE

General discussion forum / Re: Troubleshooting
« on: 2023-04-29, 16:03:27 »
Are you trying to use the DDNS to connect?  That often won't connect over a LAN.
Try changing to the IP address of the unit and see if that connects.

Dennis W1uE

General discussion forum / Re: Using RRC-1274 with N1MM+
« on: 2023-02-24, 13:00:52 »
Dan, been doing so for 8 years.  Works fine.  Let's take this offline and get you set up.

Dennis W1UE73 at

when on the same network, I've found it works best if there is no DDNS.  Use the IP address of the unit that you are trying to connect to.  If you have a DDNS and password, before you change it make sure and write both of them down and save them somewhere.  Or, if you have an available profile, make a different profile for local IP usage.

Dennis w1uE

It sounds normal.  Its a signal for no internet or no connection to a radio.  If you're trying to
access a shared station, someone else may already be connected,

Dennis W1UE


That's easy enough.  Just make sure you get the correct 15 pin plug!
If you're going to play in CQWW CW, make sure to work us!  I'll be at HQ9X, M2.

Dennis W1UE

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