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Hi everyone, I have two k3s, one of which k3s ... k3 used as a control and k3s used as a radio (remote site)
I have them here on the work table connected in the same lan, but when I turn on the k3 the k3s turns off .. I turn off the k3 and the k3s turns on completely blocked with the display on and the word TERM.
if I turn off the k3s you hear the click of the relay the display stays on but without any illuminated segment, empty ..
if I turn the k3 back on, the k3s switches off ..
anyone have any idea of ​​this poltergeist?
de Paolo ik4pkn

Hi, I just installed this 1269 switch and encountered these issues : when I feed the switch in the whole spectrum hf I have repetitive disorders, they are not generated by the power switching because I tried to power the 1269 through a 12 v battery. I use a shielded ftp cable. A note: the 1269 has never worked by feeding it in poe (jumper in correct position) that it is a defective product? has it happened to someone else? thanks and 73 ik4pkn
I attach two photos of the flexradio spectrum with 1269 powered photo below and photo above not powered

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