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General discussion forum / Featrue request: "Save settings"
« on: 2010-04-06, 17:36:17 »
Hi there,

normaly I use my remote station via fixed internet (remote site)/ADSL (control). Past weekend I've had some trouble with my ADLS connection at home and started to experiment with using a 3G connection at the control side.

As you can/have to change several parameters (I think four on both sides) I would like to request a feature to store different parameter setups, e.g.

Setup 1: low quality, high Rx-jitter buffer size, high Rx Jitter delay, low audio packet size (for 3G)
Setup 2: "default settings" (for ADSL)

So that you can press buttons "store current settings as setup 1...n" and "load setup 1...n". I think that is also useful if someone uses his setup at home and sometimes from the hotel etc.

Mike maybe you can comment if it is possible to implement such a feature or not.

Thanks, Simon (DJ4MZ)

General discussion forum / CW-keying via USB
« on: 2010-03-23, 13:35:13 »
Hi there,

I've noticed that there is a new firmware available. CW-keying via USB is listed as a new feature. Unfortunately I can't find any information what that means. I wouldn't update the firmware (I use V2.06) if it isn't really needed.

vy 73, Simon (DJ4MZ)

General discussion forum / Re: problem with icom706 and CI-V
« on: 2010-02-15, 16:07:38 »
As per my experience by using the IC-706 connected to the PC directly (without the remoterig stuff) I can operate on the radio panel and on the PC in the same time. It means the 706 panel is working as usual and some funcion can be operated also from the PC.

I'm not saying that it is not possible to operate the IC-706 via front-panel and CI-V CAT at the same time, but I'm saying that the RRCs can not tunnel the IC-706 front-panel controls and the generic ICOM CI-V at the same time! As mentioned before I'm not the Remoterig expert, but as both modes (IC-706 with detached front-panel and generic ICOM) require a different wiring in the RRC-boxes I would expect that you have to decide what data you want to tunnel with the RRCs. If the front panel gets dark after pluging in the TTL connector I would simply assume that you are shorting the supply voltage of the frontpanel due to a "wrong i.e. different" wiring.

I think Mike is the only person who can finally answer your question, so we will have to wait until his is back from holiday.

vy 73, Simon

General discussion forum / Re: USB port
« on: 2010-02-12, 14:37:48 »
Hi there,

seems like this is getting a USB-port wishlist. So if I'm allowed to continue...

I would like the USB-ports to be used for USB-tunneling similar to the serial ports. Don't know at all if the processor has enough power to handle that or if this is possible at all, but then it could be used for USB-CAT-Interfaces at the radio site....

vy 73, Simon

General discussion forum / Re: problem with icom706 and CI-V
« on: 2010-02-12, 14:31:40 »

I'm not an expert, but looks like you are mixing up two operating modes: Standalone IC-706 with detached front panel and ICOM CI-V generic mode, or are you trying to controll the IC-706 only via CI-V?

vy 73, Simon

Hi Andy,

I also have thought about sharing a clubstation. My problem at that time was, where do you get the additional front panels from?

But now about your problem. I'm not sure but I would expect that if there is only one instance listening on the respective service ports at the radio site, then a second operator trying to connect simply shouldn't get a connection...
@Mike: I don't think that any sort of authentication can easily be implemented as (at least in case of a TS-480, IC-706 with detached front panels) there is no way of entering a password. The solution is "PC free".

vy 73,

General discussion forum / Differences Control-/Radio-Box
« on: 2010-01-02, 17:09:42 »

I'm thinking of setting up a remote station together with two friends. The RemoteRig Controller
really looks promising. At the moment I've one question: Are the two boxes for the Control- and
Radio-Side different or not. That means is it possible to buy for example two Controller Pairs and
use one of the four boxes at the Radio-Side and three at different Control-Sides (not at the
same time).

vy 73, Simon

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