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General discussion forum / I/O settings: On/off
« on: 2014-05-22, 22:48:35 »
Hi everybody,

for debug purposes I just was experimenting with the On/Off setting under I/O settings.
I'm wondering what does "On" or "Off" mean?

From the Manual I can see that there is only the transistor connected to the output but
no pull-up etc. So does "On" mean that the transistor is activated (Out is "connected" to

vy 73
Simon, DJ4MZ

Configuration, RRC 1258 / Differences after FW-update
« on: 2013-04-14, 19:55:09 »
Hi everybody,

today I updated my pair of RRCs that I'm using successfully for several years already from FW 2.06 to FW2.68. Comparing the settings from the old FW with the settings of the new FW I found some differences I can not explain. Maybe someone else can help:

1. Before the update the SetupManager showed: Version 004, Firmware, Bootloader N/A, HW 004
After the update the SetupManager showes: Version 003, Firmware, Bootloader N/A, HW 004

So Version decreased from 4 to 3! What does that mean?
What about the Bootloader. Is there a need for updating it as well?

2. In Keyer Settings I was using 100 for "Lf delay ms", after the update I needed to increase the value to 150 to get the TRX monitor muted correctly. As it is related to RTT of the internet connection I'm surpriesed that I hat to change that value.

Any info would be nice. Thanks in advance!

vy 73
Simon, DJ4MZ

Hardware, Cabling, Installations / Winkey via RRC COM-Port
« on: 2013-03-19, 17:54:38 »
Hi everybody,

currently I'm trying to add a Winkey-Interface (WK1, serial) to the remote station. The WK is located at the remote side and I would like to connect it via one of the RRC serial ports (COM2) to my computer on the control side. The K1EL WKSetup-Tool sometimes states "No Echo" or "Echo Mismatch", Win-Test sometimes states that no WK is found and sometimes that it has found a WK but then only sends garbage.

COM-Port currently is set to mode 3, 1200 Baud, 8N2.

Has anyone here succeded in using a Winkey via RRC COM?

vy 73
Simon, DJ4MZ

Configuration of Routers, Firewalls, etc / UMTS-USB-Sticks
« on: 2011-02-03, 14:22:12 »
Hi everybody,

from some discussions in this forum and from fotos of reference installations I've seen that some of you are using the Dovado UMR router to connect either the remote or local RRC to the internet via UMTS. I'm interested in what Model of UMTS-USB-Stick you are using with the Dovado UMR? I'm especially interested in Sticks that offer the possibility to connect an external antenna.

vy 73
Simon, DJ4MZ

General discussion forum / Audio stream stalls
« on: 2010-12-21, 09:34:35 »
Hi Jan,

unfortunately I have to come back to this topic.

Yesterday after the update I just tested with CW and not with phone. Today when trying to operate on the local UHF relais I recognized that TX audio is sometimes there and sometimes not! If TX audio goes away, then sometimes also RX audio is missing. It returnes after some while and stays available until I again try to transmitt. At that point TX may work or not  ??? It very seldom happens, that even though PTT is pressed the TRX switches back to RX (of course with no RX audio). Looks very much like the SIP stream has been lost.

When this happens I can see RTP timeout time in the Remote RRC going down from 60 step by step until approx. 40 (or even less), then jumping back to 60 and everything works fine again for a few seconds.

Ping round trip time is 30...35ms.

Any hints?

More than ever: NEVER change a running system!

Edit: Looks like it does not really have to do with transmitting or not. Just have been monitoring the RTP timeout value in the Remote RRC. It is normally reading 60, and TX is possible. Suddenly the value starts to decrease and from that point on no TX audio is there. At some point, mostly at values arount 40, it jumps back to 60 and TX audio again is present. After some seconds the value again is decreasing and TX audio disappears.

General discussion forum / IC706, Display stays blank
« on: 2010-10-05, 21:59:50 »
Hi everybody,

I use my remoterig setup with an Icom IC-706MKIIG for quite some while with almost no problems. I still use FW 2.06 and the two RS232 ports are used for CAT and rotator.

Sometimes (maybe every 10th time) it happens that when switching on the TRX the display stays blank. Powering the TRX off and on again helps in the majority of cases. I have the impression that it is dependent on how long you press the power button: short -> display stays blank, approx 0.5s -> display ok. But I can live with that.

I remember one time where it took maybe 10 to 20 times power cycling the TRX until the display came up, until today....

Today exectly the same thing happend again and it took me half an hour to get the display running! And during "testing" I recongized some "strange" things. Even though the display didn't show anything I was able to control the TRX, e.g. switching from memory to VFO, tuning VFO etc. When switching off the TRX the SIP LED sometimes stayed on and the status page of both RRCs showed SIP status connected. After felt 100 times of power cycling the TRX and the RRCs on both sides the display came up and everything worked as expected.

So then I started operating and just in the middle of a QSO I recognized that even though I was transmitting the green RX LED was lighting, no TX LED! After finishing the QSO I tuned the VFO: audio changed, display not! Well now the display was on but didn't react on status change of the TRX.

It all looks like a "one way propagation" for the display port. I can control the TRX and I even can opperate the TRX but the display isn't updated (in on or off state). BTW: actual frequency can be read out via CAT, so the body of the TRX is also fully operational.

Has anybody here ever seen this strange behavior? And if so are there any suggestions what may be the cause for it?

vy 73 de Simon (DJ4MZ)

General discussion forum / Cabling CAT-Interface at COM1/2
« on: 2010-04-26, 08:45:49 »
Hi everybody,

I built a CAT-Interface this weekend and want to use ist with my IC-706 at the remote station. Before driving to the station I would like to clarify some open items.

1. The CAT-Interface has a female D-SUB9 connector and can be connected directly to a COM port of a computer. Both RRC boxes also have a female D-SUB9 connector, so I would use a standard male/female cable at the control side to connect to computer to the RRC, but what cable should I use on the remote side? Of course male/male but a straight one or one with RX/TX crossed? I think I have read about it once here in the forum but am unable to find it again :-(

Edit: I've seen that COM2 should have a male connector at the remote side, so using a straight cable there should be ok.

2. The CAT-Interface can be supplied directy from the COM port by tying the DTR line to high level. As the two COM-ports of the RRCs are tunneled transparently, I would expect that constant high level at the local DTR line will result in a constant high level at the remote side. Is this correct and is this valid for both COM-ports or only for one of the two. I remember a comment that one can only use the front COM-port if the control lines are to be used?

3. Related to question 2. What is the maximum current the COM-ports of the RRC can deliver?

Thanks in advance for any answers!

vy 73, Simon (DJ4MZ)

General discussion forum / Featrue request: "Save settings"
« on: 2010-04-06, 17:36:17 »
Hi there,

normaly I use my remote station via fixed internet (remote site)/ADSL (control). Past weekend I've had some trouble with my ADLS connection at home and started to experiment with using a 3G connection at the control side.

As you can/have to change several parameters (I think four on both sides) I would like to request a feature to store different parameter setups, e.g.

Setup 1: low quality, high Rx-jitter buffer size, high Rx Jitter delay, low audio packet size (for 3G)
Setup 2: "default settings" (for ADSL)

So that you can press buttons "store current settings as setup 1...n" and "load setup 1...n". I think that is also useful if someone uses his setup at home and sometimes from the hotel etc.

Mike maybe you can comment if it is possible to implement such a feature or not.

Thanks, Simon (DJ4MZ)

General discussion forum / CW-keying via USB
« on: 2010-03-23, 13:35:13 »
Hi there,

I've noticed that there is a new firmware available. CW-keying via USB is listed as a new feature. Unfortunately I can't find any information what that means. I wouldn't update the firmware (I use V2.06) if it isn't really needed.

vy 73, Simon (DJ4MZ)

General discussion forum / Differences Control-/Radio-Box
« on: 2010-01-02, 17:09:42 »

I'm thinking of setting up a remote station together with two friends. The RemoteRig Controller
really looks promising. At the moment I've one question: Are the two boxes for the Control- and
Radio-Side different or not. That means is it possible to buy for example two Controller Pairs and
use one of the four boxes at the Radio-Side and three at different Control-Sides (not at the
same time).

vy 73, Simon

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