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General discussion forum / RRC Internal Wifi
« on: 2012-04-30, 13:58:11 »

I have updated my RRC's firmware up to 2.57.
I can see that the new menu includes a Wifi section.
Is it intended for what? I have read that some hardware will be available.
Will it be possible to use it in a RRC v1 box?
I am very interested in the remote side to avoid LAN/wifi bridges.



General discussion forum / ELECRAFT K3 TWIN OPTION
« on: 2011-11-04, 07:12:19 »

Do you know if the next Elecraft KX3 will be supported in the control side?

It might a similar  operator experience than the Ts-480 with the remote panel?


General discussion forum / RC-2000
« on: 2011-03-19, 10:01:08 »

I am looking for a RC-2000 unit to use it with my TS-2000
Any idea about where to buy it inside the EU?

Anyone has a used one to sell it?



General discussion / RRC Client
« on: 2011-03-18, 09:08:34 »
I have migrated to version 1.1.4

My PC is Windows 7

After the new setup, I open a connection to teh Radio RRC and it says SIP connected, but if I look at the RRC status it says idle (it should be connecting/transferring). Obviously I can't establish a HRD connection beacuse there is no a real connection.

I think the setup is ok

I have another laptop with an older RRC client and oit works ok, so no problem with the Radio RRC setup.

Any idea?


I'm thinking on how to remote control my acom2000 amplifier.
I'm usng my remote TS-480 via the remoterig RRC's and I want to go one step further.

The idea is to be able to power it on and off and to go to control OPR/STB position.

Any advice or experience?



Can't upload formware 2.32
I get message: "Wrong file type, got 36, expected 35"
I have RCC's v1
Same behaviour in both the radio and control unit
I have downloaded the file twice.

Any idea?

HNY from Marcel, EA3IN

General discussion forum / Extra dit in CW local audio
« on: 2010-12-04, 07:57:09 »
I always get an extra short dit in the local audio.

The effect is that if I send I  di-di    I hear di-di and then a short di.

I have checked on a second receiver what is really transmitted and it is ok, only di-di is sent.

Any idea?

I have the v1 RRC

General discussion forum / PC-Client and ARCP-480
« on: 2010-08-14, 10:22:28 »

Im trying to use the Kenwood ARCP-480 software wth the PC-CLient but no success.

It doesn't start.

Ham Radio de Luxe works ok, but I would prefer the ARCP480 because I think it givs you a better idea about the TRX status (PWR and SWR).

Probably it is because something related to the flow control or the way it handles the start sequence.

Any help?

General discussion forum / PC-Client and DNS resolution
« on: 2010-07-28, 19:25:42 »
I think that PC Client should wait for a little bit longer or something when trying to resolve your remote SIP address.

Very often I need to make a ping to my remote RRC in order to put in cache before opening the connection. I not I get a DNS resolution error.


I am unable to setup a serial connection between my HRD or ARC480 and my TS-480
Either with PC-Client or with 2 RRC's

When using the TS-480 ther is no problem

I think I don't understand something:

I have 1 serial port in the front and 1 serial port un the back of the RRC's
Is it COM0 or COM1?

Any crossover serial cable is needed?

Thanks in advance

My RRC is up and running in one of my laptops (Windows 7 premium)

Now I am trying to install in another netbook that I have for radio issues.

I get this error:

setupdicreatedeviceinfo failed with 5: access denied

when the setup program is creating the virtual serial ports

I am administrator
OS is Windows 7 home

Any suggestion?

General discussion forum / PC-Client setup
« on: 2010-07-23, 10:25:44 »

I'm not able to put my PC Client in working order.

Probably I don't understand its behaviour yet

Software is installed without errors in one of my laptops (except that Location doesn't show microbit)

I have only set up the SIP part, because I plan to use it only for audio and PTT.

FIRST QUESTION: Is it mandatory to have a COM setup in order to establish a SIP link?

SECOND: My radio is a TS-480. Is it mandatory to use it via the serial port? So is it mandatory to have 2 connections: one serial ant the other with standard cable I use when using the remote RRC?

I will come with more questions. Sure

Thanks in advance

General discussion forum / SIP link initiation
« on: 2010-01-16, 17:39:48 »
Hello again.

In radio option 4 (General Kenwood) with no control panel, Is it possible to initiate a SIP connection without the connect button of the web interface?

Might be grounding a pin?

General discussion forum / No link since a determined moment
« on: 2009-12-23, 20:52:31 »

I don't know why,  now  I am not able to establish a connection from the Internet through my NATed ip address. Everything seems to be as before.

I think it happens after the upgrade to version 1.44.

Is there any way to check if 11000, 12000 and 5060 UDP ports are available?

BTW if I make a connection in the same LAn, eberything is ok

General discussion forum / Software control side
« on: 2009-11-01, 12:55:19 »

Is it possible to use any software (i.e. a SIP client) to connect directly from a PC to the radio site (where the RRC is available)?

The idea is to be able to use the radio through HRD or similar, with audio through RRC when your are in an airport, hotel et c.. without your remote RRC unit


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