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I think a 1216S unit is in stock at a local distributor

I guess I can use a 1216S or 1216R. Just changing the TX/RX cables 

Is the P1 connector NOT RS-232 level?


Can the P1 connector be directly soldered to a Serial 9pin connector to control the switch from a Kenwood transceiver serial port?

73s de Marcel

General discussion forum / Default behaviour dor AS1289
« on: 2022-09-26, 23:11:18 »

Just bought a new AS1289 switch

1) Is it posible to make automatic control = off the default option? I mean after I reboot the unit? It always revert to automatic control = on
2) When the uit reboots, aare all conneectro grounded? Is it possible to indicate antenna1= on afetr a reboot or power of?

3) Is tjhere any firmware upgrade available?
Mine is
Company   Microbit
Product   Antenna Switch 1289
Software   4.59
Hardware   3
Bootloader   1.14
Build   Dec 17 2019 09:46:13
S/N   4410
PID   1284

Thank you

So, if it says "Wi-Fi module not present"

It is due to a faulty wifi board?

No any setup or installation issue? I just inserted it in the RRC. Thats all

73s de Marcel

Hi all

I have just purchased a new  RRC-1258 MKII
I have here a WIFI interface board I purchased a couple years ago, new from the shop (never used)
I have installed it and the RRC (Control) indicates "Wi-Fi module not present"

I have reset to factory, but same result

Any idea?

Thanks in advance

General discussion forum / Re: Second Radio RRC - TS480
« on: 2017-08-10, 23:59:36 »
Still working on this issue

If I substitute the failing TS-480 by a different body one, it always works, but the original hangs with the HELLO messsage when connecting.

I have to power off and try several times in order to make it work

When  it hangs, a red led is on both units (radio and remote sides) at the AUX connector

Any firmware related cause?

General discussion forum / Re: Second Radio RRC - TS480
« on: 2017-03-21, 08:03:10 »
Good morning

Anyone can suggest any possible line of investigation or solution to this problem.?
What the HELLO stuck displayed messsage in the TS480 control maybe caused for?


73s de Marcel

General discussion forum / Second Radio RRC - TS480
« on: 2017-03-18, 11:33:41 »
Good morning

I have the following setup in our remote Contest site

Two stations

Station 1:
Radio RRC is MarkI
Control RRC is MarKI or MKII
Connected radio is a TS-480 with tghe head console
Used ports are 28003, 28002, 28001
It works great in any situation

Station 2:
Radio RRC is MKII
Connected to the same IP LAN of the above RRC
Connected radio is TS480, with the head console
Used ports are 28004, 28005, 28006

A single internet connection is shared to both remote stations, thanks to the appropiate NAT setup forwarding the ports to the correspinding RRC

The problem is in station 2.
When you try to start the remote radio, the control head shows HELLO and stays there. The remote radio is started but it seems the the head doesn't receives any further command. After you remo the cable from the head and insert again several times pushing the start button,  it starts correctly.

If you setup the connection between the RRCs with a cross-over cable, it works ok
It is something related to the second Radio RRC. It happens with either the two control RRCs we have or the two control heads.

I am quite sure that the NAT and port forwarding configuration is OK

Any idea?

General discussion forum / TS-480 voice messages recording
« on: 2016-12-24, 13:08:46 »
Merry XMAS

I have a TS-480 with the VGS-1 module installed

I'd like to store voice messages remotely in CH1 or CH2 or CH3, but I can't

Is it possible?

General discussion forum / Re: RC 1216H Web page size
« on: 2016-08-26, 14:32:54 »
Exactly what i was looking for

General discussion forum / RC 1216H Web page size
« on: 2016-08-26, 14:19:14 »

Is there any way to open just the amplifier web page? (ACOM2000 in my case)
The idea is to have on my desktop a compact view of the amplifier, avoiding the rest of the info shown by the RC-1216H interface
I mean the right frame
Is there any URL I can call?


General discussion forum / Re: 480 Panel vs non-panel
« on: 2016-08-15, 19:55:01 »
If I select transtarent radio mode, it seems to work as I expect.


General discussion forum / 480 Panel vs non-panel
« on: 2016-08-15, 18:50:43 »

My usual setup is a ts-480 connected to V1 RRC via the front AUX RJ-45 socket
On the control side I have another V1 RRC with the panel
Radiy type is 5 at both sides

The question is: If I want to connect without a panel, can i modify the radio type selection to 4 and establish a manual connection from the status page? It connects, it receoves, but not transmited audio is sent out. Is this option possible?


I am investigating how to be able to switch on/off the main supply of the acom 2000a
Any suggestion on a relay? Suggested AMPS?
Any out-of-the box available?

Or any power strip controlled via LAN that supports the needec current AMPS?


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