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Not jumper related

It is caused by the ARP table of the etehrnet switch when changing the RRCs
If I reset it, everything is ok

Ignore it

A matter of jumpers


My working setup is TS-480 together with a V1 RRC pair. It works perfect

Now, I have purchased a new V7 RRC to be used as the control unit (with the 480 head). I doesn't establish the connection when pressing the button at the Ts-480 head.
All firmware are the same (2.90)
I have exporte and imported the settings in order to be sure that the config is exactly the same

This RRC mix should work. Right?

Any idea?

General discussion forum / radiolink fine tune
« on: 2016-08-04, 11:20:15 »

I have setup a remoterig link between my house and our ed3x contest station

The remote side is in the middle of a rural zone
There is an internet connection provided by a radiolink.
The bandwith should be: 2mb uplink / 10mb downlink
At home I have 30/300 fiber link

Audio transmission is great
Audio reception is 90% ok but I n otece some short cuts every 10 to 15 seconds
I have been adjunsting jitter settings and this is the best I am able to obtain as far as I know
Current vaues are:

Audio quality: 2- Linear 16 bits 8 khz  (going to 0 -  Alwa 8 khz doesn't improves it)
Rx jitter buffer size: 10
Rx jitter delay: 3
Audio packet size: 20 ms

Both sides

Can you advice me about a nore "scientific" method of getting to the best situation?

I suspect that the "little" problem is caused by the jitter introduced by the 2mb uplink of the radiolink

Thanks  in advance


It is working now after I switched to another dns server.
For any rare reason dosn't work for me
I will investigate


Hello Mike

The DNS status at the status page of the rrc is "querying status"
The DDNS status is "unknown"

At ddns.remoterig.m/status i can see that my rrc is not updated since march 22
my rrc is rrc1258-1547
It is a mark I unit

Any idea?

Configuration, RRC 1258 / DDNS not working since saturday
« on: 2014-03-24, 21:06:27 »

The RRC ddns service is not working for me

It is showing:

User   rrc1258-1547
Host Name
IP Address
Last update   2014-03-22 09:30:08
Update count   313

What can I check?
The ip address is different now

Thanks Mitch

A 1sec pulse works for me

General discussion forum / Acom2000A Switch on via I/O port
« on: 2014-02-22, 09:37:31 »

I am working on integration my ACOM2000A into my remoterig setup
For now I am experimenting with ACOM Director via a PC serial port. It works
What I am missing is the ability to power on the amplifier if it is off.

I think that if you send a pulse to pin 5 on the RCU cable, it will switch on.
Is it true?
A pulse or a continous switch?
Can I do something with the remote RRC I/O port?

Thanks in advance

General discussion forum / TWIN K3-KX3
« on: 2014-02-15, 11:34:34 »

Is it possible to setup a K3-KX3 combination in twin mode? KX3 as control


General discussion / Re: Troubleshooting guide
« on: 2013-06-06, 11:33:09 »

I changed the default ports and everything is ok now

General discussion / Troubleshooting guide
« on: 2013-06-06, 09:37:57 »

After a few months I'm starting again with my RRC-Micro setup

It doesn't work for me

1) RRC to RRC works perfect inside my LAN or via internet
2) RRC-Micro to RRC-radio works perfect inside my LAN
3) If I try to connect from my laptop to the remote RRC-Radio, using my iPhone via USB as neinternete network adapter, SIP Connects but no audio. Commands are sent, I can send CW for instance. The green bar is off
4) If I try to connect from my PC from my work LAN, it doesn't connect at all. I use go through a firewall with NAT, but there is no any firewall policy that can block anything. Provider is Colt

It is obvious that something is blocking traffi, but How can I diagnose what?

BTW, I use the Mark I RRC's
Ports are  5060/11000/12000


Hardware, Cabling, Installations / WIFI module pinheader
« on: 2012-06-09, 13:53:08 »

I received my WIFI interface.
No pinheader is included. Can I use any other locall bougth or it must be a special type?. Sorry about my ignorance.

General discussion forum / RRC Internal Wifi
« on: 2012-04-30, 13:58:11 »

I have updated my RRC's firmware up to 2.57.
I can see that the new menu includes a Wifi section.
Is it intended for what? I have read that some hardware will be available.
Will it be possible to use it in a RRC v1 box?
I am very interested in the remote side to avoid LAN/wifi bridges.



General discussion forum / Re: ELECRAFT K3 TWIN OPTION
« on: 2011-11-04, 07:51:45 »
Hi MItch

It seems that Elecraft is intending to have CAT control compatibility between K3 and KX3.
Might be it will work with the RRC K3 implementation.

In any case  I am a very satisfied TS-480 user. The problem: to many radios hi hi

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