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General discussion forum / Re: Winkey compatibility problems
« on: 2017-10-19, 14:25:45 »

I have also used a real outboard Winkey connected to a USB port of the computer, and used that to key the RR box.  I had to build a cable to attach to the RR box, but it wasn't difficult to do.  Then I had the best of both worlds- it ran quite well.

My contesting experiences using the RR Winkey have not been as bad as yours.  I've had several hours with rate >150 on CW.  You can't do that if you have many fills.  I'm also fortunate that both ends of my connection use broadband. 

FYI, where is your remote station? 

Dennis W1UE

General discussion forum / Re: Winkey compatibility problems
« on: 2017-10-18, 16:55:02 »
Ron, I'm going to agree with Steve N2IC.  There are Winkey emulations, and there are Winkey emulations.  RR says it offers a "Winkey Emulator", which often translates to "not a complete set of Winkey functions".  Sounds like the functions that you mentioned are not supported in this Winkey emulation.

The only thing that can be done is to add those functions to the RR Winkey Emulator.  I've been using N1MM+ and RR for several years, and while I understand why someone would want to use those functions, have never found their absence to be critical.  YMMV.

Dennis W1UE 

Before the Winkey emulator was available, I had made up a custom cable to tap into that signal.  I applied the real winkey output to that line, and used the keyer in the RRC Control box to send keyed messages.  Its probably been 4 years now, but I know I had it set up to do that at one time.  Since the Winkey emulator was enabled, I'ved used that.  After a few hiccups, it has worked with a hitch.
My all time best rate on RR CW has been a 168.  I have not found latency to be a problem.

Dennis W1UE

Mitch, your last suggestion seemed to do the trick.  I had originally activated the DHCP, took the IP address assigned to the Control RRC, then made it a "non-DHCP" IP address.  I kept the IP address the same.  Based upon your last suggestion, I enabled the DHCP in the Control RRC again, and now it works.  I suspected that there might be a problem with the SIP ALG; I had attempted to turn it off in the router, per your setup sheet, but this router software doesn't allow the user to turn off SIP ALG.  I was able to verify that by a google on the router and SIP ALG.  But no mind- it seems to work now.

Thanks for the help, guys.  The magic is back.

Dennis W1UE

I got an upgraded internet service from Verizon that included a new router.  Since then, I've been having problems connecting.  The new router is on the Control side.  I have it set for DMZ (no port forwarding); I've also tried it with Port Forwarding (but yes, not both at the same time).  No joy.
I use 12000, 11000, and 5080 as my ports.  When I try to connect by turning on the radio, I see that my SIP port out is 41042. On the status, I get a SIP ERROR "?".  When I play with the different settings in the router and Control RRC, every once in a while I get it to connect, but after a minute or so I either lose ability to key the radio using the key or I lose the audio.  Sometimes it will come back for a short time, but usually once its gone I have to turn off the Control radio and try again.

Any suggestions on where to look?  I've used the DJ0QN set up sheet, but I think the problem is not setup.

Dennis W1UE

Hardware, Cabling, Installations / Re: ts480 and digi modes
« on: 2017-06-17, 14:28:15 »
1. Plug headphones into the soundcard instead of the audio cable that you are using.  Can you now hear the digital audio signal?  If not, you have a sound card/program setup problem.
2. Since the mic works, my take is that the radio side is wired correctly.
3. I'm not familiar with the TS480- is it in Upper Sideband, or is in a Digital mode?  Sometimes, when in a digital mode, the front mike panel jack (where your audio is being input) is disconnected, and the audio must be input through a rear panel jack.  You'll need to check your manual on that.  Or, if using a digital mode, try changing it to Upper Sideband to see if it now accepts audio.

Sounds to me that you are close to getting it working!

Dennis W1UE

I use 2 K3 radios in the exact same setup that you are using.  I have not tried it leaving the FSK pin common to both radios.  What I have experienced, when operating in the SO2R environment, that the remote connected K3 turns itself off.  We're not sure if its RFI, but several times during a contest the radio just shuts off.  The only thing that stopped it was to disconnect the RRC ACC line from the K3 when operating SO2R locally.  Since we swap the other plugs (cw, mike, ptt, key) when going from remote to local, we just added the ACC 15 to the list.

Dennis W1UE

Hardware, Cabling, Installations / Re: Web Access RRC ip.
« on: 2017-03-22, 20:48:22 »
Is that a typo, or did you really mean  If so, the IP is probably incorrect.  The default is unless you changed it.

We have an RRC box at the W1KM station.  To go from SO2R at the remote location to Remote at the remote location requires we change 4 cables: mike, speaker, key,   and PTT.  We have the computer connected to the Remote Rig box com port, the remote rig comport out then goes to the P3 RS232,  the P3 RS232 out goes to the K3.  None of the computer control wiring or changes in the logging program at the Remote site is necessary.

If you need more particulars on the set up let me know.  I'm not sure what you're trying to accomplish.

Dennis W1UE

General discussion forum / Re: Problem with N1MM+ and TS-480
« on: 2016-05-30, 14:20:05 »
This is an N1MM issue.  You have a setting wrong in the program.  Since I worked you in WPX, I can only assume you got it fixed! 
It has nothing to with Remote Rig.
Dennis W1UE


You got it to work yet?

Dennis W1UE

Let me make a few suggestions.  In your case they may not be possible, but I'll offer them anyway.

Go to the Remote Station, and verify that you can use SSB on the Remote K3.  Make sure you use the same jack that the Remote Rig mike cable is plugged into.  If you can't this to work when you are there, the chances of it working when you are remoting in is slim.

You shouldn't have to write anything down- if you used the same jack and it works, then there is no reason that the Remote Rig should not work.  At least now, if the Remote won't modulate the radio, you know its not in the Remote Radio.

Go back to the remote site.  BTW, I plug my footswitch into the PTT jack on the back of the K3Mini, and I plug my microphone into the side microphone jack.   My SSB works fine.  Let me know if this doesn't work for you, and I can more into my settings.

Dennis W1UE

K3TN- John- What N1MM SSB PTT thing are you trying to do?

Dennis W1UE


Another option is to use a program like Teamviewer and take control of a computer at the Remote site (I'm assuming there is one there).  Then you can browse it whenever you want.

Dennis W1UE

Connect the USB cable between the computer and the RRC Control box.  This cable must be connected, and stay connected, for this to work.  Go into Control Panel, and write down the Windows name for the RRC Comports Com1 and Com 3 (aka ComFSK or ComExtra).  Go into your RRC Control setup and on the Serial Settings page change "Use USB Comport as Com1" to "YES", and change "Com3 Mode (USB-COMFSK)" to "Mode8- Winkey".  Then go into N1MM+ and enable Radio CAT control on the whatever Windows called RRC Comport 1, and enable the Winkey on whatever Windows called RRC Comport FSK or EXTRA.  That should get you up and running.  Dennis W1UE

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