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Hjälpte en kund som skaffat ett nytt Net1 abonnemang och hade problem. Konstaterade då att Net1 routern inte fick en publik IP-adress utan en adress som börjar på 10.x.x.x. Jag bad honom kontakta Net1 för att få tillgång till en publik dynamisk IP-adress. Deras kundtjänst begrep inte ens frågan, utan det enda de kunde erbjuda var en fast IP-adress för 35:- i månaden. Kunden tog det erbjudande och då funkar det. Men det behövs ju ingen fast IP utan en dynamisk publik IP-adress som Net 1 har alltid tidigare använts sig av är ju fullt tillräckligt. Tilläggas skall att den router som Net1 levererade med abonnemanget stöder DynDns vilket ju inte funkar om man inte får tillgång till publika IP-adresser.

Eftersom ingen annan hört av sig om detta så verkar man ju inte ha infört detta på befintliga abonnemang utan endast på nya.


News / Merry Christmas & Happy New Year
« on: 2012-12-23, 12:11:06 »
Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

from Microbit

Thor TF4M who has a very early K3, had problem with distorted audio caused by RF feedback when he was installing his remote station. After lot of troubleshooting he found the Application Note from Elecraft.

This was probably the solution, but instead of making this recommended change, hi made a new cable and connected the RRC to the K3 back mic input instead, and all problem was gone.

73 de mike

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
from Mike and the team behind Remoterig

As a christmas present from Remoterig you get 10% discount on orders before end of 2011.
Just place the order and enter the discount code "JUL2011" when checkout.

New firmware (v2.0) for Webswitch 1216H with lot of new featurs concerning antenna switching, support for Yaesu rotator interface GS-232B etc. More info

News / New firmware for RRC-1258all. v2.50
« on: 2011-12-20, 09:50:30 »
News in version 2.50:

- New function: Automatic switching in Radio-RRC for users who want to altern between K3 twin/Yaesu Twin or RRC/PC -control. No change of settings needed. The Radio RRC switch between mode 14/10 and 4 automatically.
– New function: PTT off mute delay time ( andvanced settings). Makes it possible to mute chirps coming from Tx-monitor audio when PTT is released.
– Fix: One situation where USB could hang up is fixed.
– Fix: Pwr on/off command  for Yaesu FT-450/950/2000/5000/9000 now always sent if mode=4 and Yaesu pwr on/off = Yes.
– Users manual version A18 updated with the functions above.

News / New firmware for RRC-1258all. v2.48
« on: 2011-12-01, 15:46:35 »
A new firmware for the RRC is released v2.48.

-New function: Support for Remoterig dynamic DNS.
-New function: Pwr on/off command  for Yaesu FT-450/950/2000/5000/9000

The pwr on function was developed to take care of PWR on FT-2000 when controlling it from HamRadioDeLuxe but can probably be useful in other situations also.

73 de mike

News / Remoterig FREE Dynamic DNS service
« on: 2011-12-01, 15:41:47 »
Since DynDNS has stopped offering free Dynamic DNS Services we have built our own Remoterig dynamic DNS service. This service is for Remoterig and Microbit products only and is of course free. No registration is needed the function is automatic and based on the serial number of the Equipment. The remoterig ddns client is included from firmware version 2.48. The settings needed to activate the ddns function are described in the Users manual version A17.

73 de mike

News / New firmware v1.24 for the Webswitch released
« on: 2011-11-25, 15:56:30 »
New user requested functions are implemented.

These are the Radio related functions:

- Rather heavily modified analogue rotator support. It’s now possible to select input voltage range either between 0-2.55V or between 0-5.10V(was used before), as well as resolution from 8-15 bits. Note that the A/D’s accuracy is only 8 bits so a higher resolution isn’t necessary better.  10 bits was used in previous versions.

- Added support for Idiom Press rotator controllers.

- Made it possible to activate more than one relay simultaneous when using the automatic antenna switch feature. Also added a 5 minutes time out which will inactive all relays if frequency information stops coming.

Download it here

73 de mike

News / New firmware for RRC-1258-all v2.46
« on: 2011-11-03, 15:31:04 »
News in version 2.46:

- New function: Support for Elecraft K3 Twin.
– New function: Support Profile change from Microbit Setup Manager ( from v1.12)
– New function: Support for Full Duplex.
– New function: Busy and Error tones can be disabled.
– New function: Type of Service (ToS) is selectable for use with QoS.
– New function: The RTTY keying signal can be inverted.
– New function: USB COMFSK RTS signal controls PTT.
– New function: PTT can be controlled by keyer to avoid Hot switching.
- Fix: The USB handling is completely changed to make it stable.
– Fix: Better information about the connection at the status page.
– Fix: Speaker is now not muted when sending RTTY makes it possible to hear the RTTY-sidetone from the Radio.
– Upgrade to Microbit Setup manager v1.12 if you use the USB for logging etc.

News / New product released RC-1216H
« on: 2011-11-03, 15:29:47 »
RC-1216H for web based control of ACOM-2000A, SteppIR antennas and RS-232 controlled rotators.

We have a customer who has problem to get remote control of a Yaesu G-5500 rotator with a GS-232B interface to work via the RRC-1258MkII. Is there anybody out there using that combination, who can help with settings and cabling. We do not have one at Microbit that we can test with.

73 de Mike

News: Keyboard CW support ( Needs RRC-1258 v2.37)
Changed: Speaker drop downs now only shows speaker devices
Changed: Mic drop downs now only shows mic devices
Fixes: Some other small fixes are done.

News / New firmware for RRC-1258-all v2.37
« on: 2011-04-27, 16:25:04 »
There is a new version v2.37 available for the RCC:s

- Supports Keyboard CW from PC-Client

73 de mike

News / New firmware for RRC-1258-all v2.36
« on: 2011-04-27, 16:23:58 »
There is a new version v2.36 available for the RCC:s

- The problem with firmware update via USB from some computers are now finally solved.
– Fixed  a bug in the SIP-busy handling.
– Fixed a bug in USB-Cat function introduced in v2.35 which caused reset in some situations.

73 de mike

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