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Hi, I have had similar random missing SSB experience during the years. Once it was open soldering in 8-pin mic connector, once undone TX-calibration in K3 after SW upgrade. I assume it's a somehow randomly malfunctioning port either  in Network, my routers or switches at either side or RRC itself. Sometime it's cured if I boot everything, sometimes that doesn't help, but it works the next day etc. Luckily I work very little ssb, and even if I did, faults only happen rarely.

It would help, if the RRC status pages were documented, I mean these 6 lines, what to look for ....

"Connection status Faulty(See below)
SIP status Connected/transfering
Last SIP error None
RTP status Excellent(60)
UDP cmd status Error(0)
SIP command timeout 0"

Just copied, not related to a fault case...

Joni OH2FT

Configuration, RRC 1258 / Re: Help with mode 6 ? Microham
« on: 2016-06-26, 19:12:27 »
Finally had time to solve the issue myself. Mode 6 now works at radio end, com0 to K3 and com 1 to microham SMD.
SMD itself drives ultrabeam and expert linear...

I never got mode 6 reliable with old freeware HRD, but TRX-manager seems to handle it without issues.

Joni OH2FT

Configuration, RRC 1258 / Help with mode 6 ? Microham
« on: 2016-05-08, 11:39:01 »

I have for years used with success Elecratft K3 and freeware HRD with mode 4 on COM0/COM2(logically parallel) and COM1 (mode 3) for transparent serial traffic for microham stack switch. Also OK as com 1 inactive. Latest SW in RRC, K3 and SMD.

Now I want to add microham box at radio side, and have CAT copy to it: tried K3 on radio side back RS232 (like before), but mode 6, to have  on radio side front RS232 (COM1) microham SMD, to it's cat plug. It works for a while, radio and SMD are communicating OK, but HRD at control side drops off after about 15 seconds, and needs to be started again, same result, halts quickly.

Original RS232 cable between RRC Radio- K3, on the back of RRC (COM 2). SMD was connected to the front.
What parameters should I have:

COM 0         Radio side program mode 4 ?
COM 1         inactive, 4 or 6 ?    (tried all, didn't work reliable)
COM 2         logically parallel with com 0 ?

COM 0         Radio side program mode 4 ?
COM 1         6 (what is mode 11, not documented in the manual ?)
COM 2         logically parallel with com 0 ?

Do I need to swap com1 com2 cables at radio side ? in the settings menu (6) it's always com2 no com1 ?

Is this a too much polling issue in K3/hrd / microham ?
Or have I configured rrc boxed wrongly ?

I had double mobile at radio side, when testing, both rrc boxes had separate routers and different mobile providers.
HRD worked OK when COM 1 was inactive, and I think "copying" rig CAT to SMD locally at remote site should not add much traffic to mobile internet.

Joni OH2FT

General discussion forum / Re: SO2R & RemoteRig
« on: 2016-04-16, 10:44:18 »
I think it would work. Both SMs would be connected to each RRC(radio com1) for CAT replication.
RRC com0/2 would be connected to K3 cat. No USB connections to SM. Any SO2R-box would work at control side, u2r, mkr2 or any legacy so2r box.
However, I haven't tested it. Maybe some others have, would be nice to know.

The only inconvenience would be, that if you intended to do so2r at radiosite, you need to cable everything again. Unless you carry the control side RRC with you, an run it over local lan.


General discussion forum / Re: SO2R & RemoteRig
« on: 2016-04-16, 07:39:25 »
I have similar problems. I'm replacing microham's old band decoders with SMD:s, and thats doable, however the mkr2+ that I also bought is not really for remote use. The idea was to have a similar setup for both so2r local and remote use, as with normal one radio remote use. I also have an old SCKII so2r box. Maybe the best way is to use two sets of RRCs and have the so2r box at control end, and then BD/SM/SMDs at radio side. if you have a pc at radio site, you might have other otions too. By the way, Microham's SM0RF remote power meter with ethernet interface works nicely over mobile 4G...

Joni OH2FT

Hej, vet inte om det hjälper men 3372 fungerade inte als med min Telewell router. Jag köpte en äldre
från outlet, och gav tilbaka den 3372. Jag mistänker att antt antingen operatörer eller Huawei har blockat inkommande portar. Hursomhelst, det fungerar bra med 4G med en äldre "dongle".
Joni OH2FT

General discussion forum / Re: RC-1216H remote control
« on: 2015-06-28, 17:45:28 »

I think none. RC 1216H talks serial, so you would need a converter between.
Like GS-232B (?) or some third party control card (like ERC). The card could be installed inside
the control box in parallel to the manual pushbuttons, unless you buy a bigger yaesu, that has a mini-DIN
connector giving out the necessary signals for the card.

WebSwith 1216H & RCL 1216L might do that as well.

Joni OH2FT


You can run expert (at least 2K) without additional remote control, it just needs to listen to your cat line. And expert is able to drive ultrabeam, probably steppir likewise (without additional remote monitoring). And an RC-1216H can drive a rotator. I'm doing the same, no PC at station: webSwith-K3-band-decoder-expert-ultrabeam-RC1258-ERC-G2800. It's reliable, I have a few thousand remote QSOs. It's better if you monitor everything, but you can survive without. 73 Joni OH2FT

Winkey output from win-test over USB works with RRC keyer and paddle over com 3 !
However, I haven't figured out how to forward PTT signal over com 3, only coms 0/1/2 are selectable
from I/O page. I want a separate PC for win-test and an other PC for CAT etc (RS232 modes 3 and 4 in use).

In addition, if mode 8 in com 3 is configured, but the usb cable is not in place, and you transmit with
paddle and use hand mic PTT, PTT hangs on extra 5 seconds after transmission, probably wondering where the missing winkey signal was...

Joni OH2FT 

Any "KISS" type configuring instructions how to use
USB to RRC Control, to run wintest with winkey emulation
and PTT over it, and use the internal RRC keyer in parallel with paddle ?

An other PC uses both RS232 ports of RRC to control K3 and a microham stack switch.

Joni OH2FT
(yes, winkey was invented after I left school...)

I temporarily use double mobile; 4G on control side, and 3G permanently on radio side.
I sometimes experience that I don't get through SSB pile-ups, but if I restart my K3 tranceiver, I get
through. Maybe this forces a better channel through the network.

Does RRC block SSB TX audio if the connection gets lousy *.
Or am I just transmitting QRM on those occasions ? I don't experience this "issue" on CW.
Can this be monitored on the status page somehow ?

Or is my K3 not working properly ?

Joni OH2FT

*  Each Mobile connection might jump up to about 180 ms latency.
Normally they are <30ms (4G) and <80ms (3G). I have however managed to work
a few hundred qsos with this double mobile system.

General discussion forum / Re: Config issue. Please help.
« on: 2013-09-22, 09:00:35 »
Hi, I'm running a microham band decoder (discontinued) between RRC and K3. It takes a few seconds, but then changes bands nicely. No issues with rig control through it with HRD. In my case the band decoder is driving band relays and a W9xt-card for converting ABCD signals with the help of a home made resistor system to proper DC signal for controlling ICOM IC2KL linear. Your Quadra might be happy with ABCD signals. Microham sells such a system (cable), but the circuit is also shown on their web page; not a difficult one.

Joni OH2FT

Maybe also ultrabeam, as steppir is supported.

Joni OH2FT


Webswitch 1216H should be very easy to configure. You adjust Webswitch's "truth table" according to DXE manual, so that wanted directions get the right signals. In the RX/TX model it's A, B, C and ground. might be even less in the RX model. It would work with Hi-Z 8-circle f ex.

Like said, I have an other system, but webswitch should be even easier.

The RX/TX model has a green modular connector in the back, so if I'm at the station myself, I can change the cable to the control unit. Just put an opposite connector to webswitch. You can use the web control at the station as well in Local Area Network. With a relay or diodes you could have them wired in parallel, but don't drive both at the same time...

Microbit/Remoterig  WebSwitch of course. The serial one I use is Microham. sorry for the error.

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