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what is show when you do find "find devices" ?


General discussion forum / Re: rfi with amp
« on: 2023-06-11, 17:26:56 »

RFI is in most cases caused by bad balanced antennas. My experience is that it's no idea to try to put ferrit etc on the cables inside the chack, you have to keep the RF at the antenna. Best is to change antenna the second best is to put RF chokes on the antenna feeders as near the antenna as possible. If the antenna is extremly near the shack it might be RF direct from the antenna but thats not as common as the RFI coming with the feeder back to the shack

There so many things which can pick up RF. like Modems, routers, ethernet switches, ethernet cables and the audio cables connected to the RRC. DC -cables etc

As you say it disconnects sometime I guess it's on the ethernet side the problem is. The cables it self, or a plastic switch or router etc

Also try with separate Power supplies for the Radio and the RRC if you do not already have that, to avoid ground loops

73 de mike


FT-7800 has no CAT interface so it will never work with a external control device

73 de mike

Det går ju, ställ in lämplig disconnect timout så slår alla reläer av x miuter efter sista CAT commando


det är många ställen det skall vara rätt, se till att baudrate är samma tex 9600  i AS-1289, RRC com2, och IC-7100 ( den skall inte stå i auto).
Se till att protocol är rätt på com2, ICOM-CIV
ip addresser och portnummer matchar
CI-V adress matchar osv

när dom grejerna är rätt då skall radions frekvens synas på AS-1289 websidan, sedan återstår att sätta upp vilken antenn som skall användas för resp frekvens

vet inte hur långt du kommit


Konfiguration av RRC 1258 / Re: xiegu G90 with remoterig?
« on: 2023-05-28, 16:39:07 »

on page in the Xiego manual they write  about CAT

Basic SETUP G90 CAT Control for Windows HAM Software General information about CAT CAT is an abbreviation for Computer Aided Transceiver and describes the way to operate your rig via a serial protocol in sync with your PC. There are numerous ways to connect your rig to the PC e.g. via RS232, via ACC port or via USB, but in all cases you have to emulate the serial connection for the protocol, which is used by the vendor. Xiegu uses the protocol spec from ICOM, also known as CI-V (Computer Inferface Five). The complete spec of ICOMs CI-V can be found when you google it, e.g. here: To control the XIEGU rigs you can use the IC-7000 or IC-718 as the device in different ham radio software. Which one works best depends on the implemented software design, the following screen shots are best practice and work in general. Xiegu only has implemented a subset of the functionality of the CI-V protocol, but this is actually not documented. So the only method is trial and error along with other Ham operators knowledge

it looks like they use a subset of ICOM CI-V so if you set Remoterig to program mode 1 ICOM CI-V it may work if you make a proper cable, it looks like it's not the same as ICOM CI-V cable

73 de mike

set DHCP = yes in the RRC as you probably have a different LAN from the phone

73 de mike


probably the Iphone is set to share wifi on 5GHz  you have to change to 2.4 GHz

73 de mike

General discussion forum / Re: RRC-1258MkIIs
« on: 2023-05-26, 12:49:23 »
Remoterig is shipped to the distributors today, so next week they will have them in stock

73 de mike

General discussion forum / Re: Product
« on: 2023-05-26, 12:31:10 »
Yes today most orders are shipped


There has been a problem at the server hotel during the night causing problem with the DDNS but it's working now

and remember the info about the DDNS system

Note! We do our best to maintance the ddns system for 24/7 availability but as it is a free service we do not give any guaranties. Do not expect anything to happen outside office hours, and there is no need to ask by phone, forum or email when it will be fixed, we always do our best to fix it. If you need 100% availability you may use one of the commercial ddns services.

73 de mike

General discussion / Re: 1.11.0 How to install
« on: 2023-05-23, 11:06:01 »

No you do not have to uninstall first, it's handled automatically

73 de mike

General discussion forum / Re: IC-905
« on: 2023-05-16, 08:10:09 »
Remoterig can control all radios with a CAT protocol and a traditional serial interface like RS-232 or CI-V. As far as I can see IC-905 has only USB so it will not work

73 de mike

General discussion forum / Re: Product
« on: 2023-05-16, 08:08:25 »

Remoterig will be shipped to the distributors next week 22-30 may

73de mike

Allmänt diskussionsforum / Re: Kjøp av RRC Nano
« on: 2023-05-07, 21:50:08 »
Hej Per

Google ändrar förutsättningarna för apparna hela tiden och uppfylls dom inte så försvinner dom automatisk.

Jag har påpekat att det saknas appar igen och dom jobbar med att göra de anpassningar som krävs för att dom skall accepteras igen

så håll ett öga på Play

73 de micke

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