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General discussion / Re: RRC Micro 1274A - SIP 401 eRROR
« on: 2022-02-26, 08:32:14 »

If the RRC can connect from the same place it must be the settings in the RRC-Micro which is not correct

check that the ddns hostname is correct and check the SIP password, maybe there is a space in the end of the password for example

73 de mike

Configuration, RRC 1258 / Re: SSB Audio Echoes in Headphones
« on: 2022-02-25, 22:31:49 »

Full duplex should be OFF, if you still get echo it's not related to remoterig it's something else in your setup

73 de mike

General discussion forum / Re: IC7100 - question
« on: 2022-02-21, 10:19:33 »

Strange if a 2 years old IC-7100 works without the 1258M board, as it's almost 10 years since ICOM did the hardware mod, but maybe the Australian version is not changed.

if it works without 1258M it will continue to do so, it's a hardware change in the ic-7100 which caused the need for 1258M

73 de mike

General discussion forum / Re: Windows 11 / Virtual Ports?
« on: 2022-02-15, 11:38:21 »
We have tested with Windows 11 and have not found any problem, there are no other reports of problem either. So his problem is probably not related to Win11

73 de mike


packet sizes and jitter bufers are not involved at all in CW-keying

you can try to set PTT activated by keyer =yes in the Radio-RRC

also set Key-delay to minium 50 ms in control-RRC maybe higher

if you have a mobile internet connection they sometimes are slow to setup the data stream then it can work by setting RTP tx mode = continuously in  control-RRC but be aware that data is sent all the time in both direction so the data cost will be x2 if it's not free

73 de mike


endast 13000,13001,13002 UDP portarna behövs för funktion. Http porten är bara för human interface och den kan lika gärna ej forwarderas så slipper du utsättas för ständiga hackerattacker.

Ingen portforwarding skall göra på controlsidan.


If the mic you intend to use i phantom feed via the mic wire, (which is most common) you only need to have J2 in place.

Yes the settings for FT-2000 will work for flex 6600. You can set Auto connect = yes, then the boxes will connect automatically after power up and stay connected forever

73 de mike


Ja man kan ha obegränsat antal Control-RRCer tillsammans med en Radio-RRC. Man använder samma inställningar utom förstås de lokala Ip-inställningarna

73 de micke

General discussion forum / Re: Remoterig out of business?
« on: 2022-02-06, 15:34:13 »
That's not true, but as many other Microbit/Remoterig has suffered from the common component  shortage in the world, which has delayed the production during 2021.  But the comming week Remoterig units are on the way in so the distributors which have pending orders will have their units in stock in a few weeks

73 de mike

General discussion forum / Re: TS480 starts now no longer
« on: 2022-02-05, 14:21:34 »

Auto connect should be off,

If p. 5.2 shows off the 6 pin cable is bad

73 de mike

Yes check the red straps so they are not broken, also check the codec gain settings in each box

73 de mike

General discussion forum / Re: SIP Out Port keeps changing
« on: 2022-01-27, 07:54:39 »
Remoterig never change the portnumbers from those  set on the Advanced page. If you on the status page see other portnumbers it's a result of the router portmapping. Some routers change the mapping for each session, this is normally no problem, the RRC handle it and it's shown on the status page. I guess in this case that the there is some bug in the router. I would change the router, there is nothing that can be done in the RRC

73 de mike

The mic input is designed to connect a mic direkt to the input, so it's very sensitive  about 10K input impedance. You can try to switch off the codec input preamp on the the Radio settings page and also adjust the codec input gain. See manual for details

73 de mike

Yes you can the relays are rated 230V /16A AC, but be careful dealing with 230V

73 de mike

General discussion forum / Re: Remote setup
« on: 2022-01-25, 17:05:21 »

it's not needed to have the boxes at the same location for setup. But it's much easier to verify the cables, strappings etc  as no routers, portforwarding, DNS,DDNS, CGN etc are involved when you have everything on the same desk.
The other question is regulatory, depending on country etc, nothing that I know anything about

73 de mike

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