ddns status

You can check the status of your  remoterig or webswitch ddns hostname.

You will see when the ddns database was last updated, and what ip-address the unit reported.

Enter the hostname in to the box, and “click submit query”

Note! We do our best to maintance the ddns system for 24/7 availability but as it is a free service we do not give any guaranties. Do not expect any repair to happen outside office hours, and there is no need to ask by phone, forum or email when it will be working again, we always do our best to fix problems as soon as possible. If you need 100% availability you may use one of the commercial ddns services.

Today almost every router has a built in ddns client which support all major public ddns systems. Som routers also provide a free ddns system which also can be used as a complement to Remoterig ddns. A good idea is to use more than one ddns host.

Check ddns status



Error codes which can show up as ddns status in the RRC.

4    – Own ip dns query timeout
9    – Checkip tcp connect timeout
10 –  Checkip tcp send timeout
12 –  Checkip tcp recv timeout
13  – Update server dns query timeout
17  – Update tcp connect timeout
18 –  Update tcp send timeout
19  – Update answer incorrect
20 – Update tcp recv timeout


We have now introduced a possibility to manually set the IP-adress for the ddns hostname. But remember that you must have the password from the RRC ddns page to do it. So write it down if you want to use this function.


We have now introduced full redundance between our two ddns servers. The servers are located 1000 km apart to minimize the risk of problems with both the servers or the internet connectivity.


The problem is fixed, We will work to get full redundancy between both servers. But as this is a free service we can not spend too much resources on it.

73  de Mike


Due to a internet problem at the major internet provider in Sweden the connection to the DDNS update server is down.

The backup server will handle DDNS request which is already stored, but updates will not work.

I hope it will be fixed ASAP, it’s nothing we can do anything about

73 de Mike




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