Something to think about when using the forum

– New members please use your callsign as username, then it’s easier to sort out spammers.

Due to the problem with spammers who use the forum to advertise their products we  have to manually approve new user accounts so please use your callsign as username and don’t use anonymous email addresses. If you do not have a callsign use a email address which is relevant compaired to your name.

– When you ask questions about something, remember to write which product you are referring to, what kind of radio you use, what firmware versions you are using and other thing which you think is important to know for the person who will help you. There are lot of posts which say “It doesn’t work”, how can anyone help if you do not tell anything more.

– We are three persons at Microbit who tries to answer as many questions as possible related to the products we sell. We have to share the time with other things so the answer may not come immediately and often other users anwers before, a help which we are very grateful for. Of natural reasons we can not answers questions about products that we do not have any experience of. Hopefully there are other users which have and can answer those questions.

image Are you aware of that you can subscribe on all forum topics via RSS ? Just add this link to your RSS reader, Outlook or Thunderbird etc.  https://www.remoterig.com/forum/index.php?action=.xml;sa=recent;limit=255;type=atom

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