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Microbit 2.0 AB
Nystaden 1
952 61 KALIX

PSE do not email us about “where to buy and about prices, shipping costs etc.” contact the distributors direct


Commercial questions realted to warranty etc are emailed to


Technical questions etc when you can’t find the answers at the forum are emailed to


Attention !!!! Please check the forum for answers first, and put questions of common interest on the forum to make it possible for everyone to read both the questions and the answers.

And if you decide to send a email¬† don’t forget to write what radio you are using and if you have connectivity problem attach export settings(html) files from both units

The most common problem today is that the ISP has introduced CGNat meaning you do not have a public IP and it’s a must on the Radio QTH.

Look here how to check

Check if you have CGN

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