RRC-1258MkIIs TS-590 Twin

image   Finally we can now release a version of the firmware  for the Remoterig RRC-1258MkIIs to support Kenwood TS-590 in a twin setup like we have done for Elecraft and Yaesu before The TS-590 twin concept can be setup with the ordinary RRC-1258MkIIs, you only need new firmware and cables. Note! Both radios need to be of the same version 2 x TS-590S or 2 x TS-590SG The overall functionality is very good, most functions are working except the SWR/ALC/COMP meter which can’t be controlled via CAT, We hope Kenwood will implement support for this. The lack of SWR  readings makes the use of autotuner a bit difficult but if you use a PC-control software in parallel you can see the  SWR/ALC/COMP meters there.   image Click to show a short film     Setup Set both TS-590 CAT baudrate to 19200 baud (menu 56) Important ! If you want to use the Auto Tuner connect small Dummy loads on the Control-TS-590 as it will transmit during the Autotune sequence   Strapping image  

The most important radio settings (example)  Drawings for the cables

Schematics for the cables are available in the Remoterig users manual  

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