Open the box

Disassembling the RRC-box / Straps

Before connecting to your radio you need to put some straps in place depending on your radio. Down below  follows instructions of how to disassembly the boxes, and pictures showing where to find the different straps.

image Start with removing the screws holding the D-sub on the rear marked COM2. The tool should be 5 mm (3/16″).
image Open the box by pressing the D-sub until you can get your  fingers behind the edge of the lid and can slide the housing apart.
image Behind the AUX/MIC jack there is a strapping area which looks like a IC-socket. There are to rows with 9 holes. The row next to the AUX/MIC jack is only connected to the jack. The strapping is done by connecting the red strap wires* between the holes according to the descriptions on resp. radio page. Normally the same strapping should be done in both boxes. ( The picture show the strapping for IC-706).
image Here is the strapping for all Kenwood radios shown.
image JMP 1   DC-till Mic



JMP 1 is placed behind the TTL-jack. If JMP 1 is in place a DC voltage is feed to the microphone element. All ICOM microphones should be DC-feed. Dynamic microphones like the ones used by Kenwood should not be DC-feed. HEIL mics should not be DC-feed either.  (JMP 1 is only available in the Control RRC)

image JMP 2    8V/9V



JMP2 is placed near the back of the box next to the RESET button. JMP 2 is used to select if the DC-power to the front panels should be 8 or 9 V. With the strap in place it will be 8V which fits all ICOM:s. Kenwood TS-480 and RC-2000 panels need 9V for the backlighter to be strong enough. With JMP 2 not mount the voltage will be 9V.  (JMP 2 is only available in the Control-RRC).

image JMP 3    RTS-CTS



JMP 3 is placed next to the rear D-sub COM 2. JMP 3 is used to tie RTS and CTS together (  pin 7 and 8 ) in COM 2. Most of the Yaesu and Kenwood radios with RS 232 port needs to have them tied together. This is convenient if you want to use a null modem cable. (JMP 3 is available in both Control and Radio-RRC but often used only in Radio-RRC.)

image When you have made the strapping you can slide the lid on the bottom part and put back the screws. Be careful the threads to not stand so much force.

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