Brexit info

After brexit there there are some changings mainly concerning VAT when ordering from the Remoterig/Microbit Webshop

For customers in Northern Ireland, Prices are shown in EUR and Swedish VAT 25% are included in the Prices. But customers need to make a new registration and select country XI -Northern Ireland before making the order.

For customers from the rest of the UK prices are shown in EUR without VAT but customers have to register and login to see the correct prices. (By default prices including 25 % VAT are shown). We have also introduced a minimum order limit of EUR 150 as new UK rules says that for orders under GPB 135 the seller should add VAT, declare and pay the VAT to UK authorities. The webshop do not support that functionality and the adminstration for a few orders under EUR 150 will be too high.

UK customers will be charged UK VAT and maybe some handling fees by DHL when recieving the shipment. The trade between EU/UK is Duty free.

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