RRC-Micro PC-Client


RRC-Micro makes your remote control portable.


RCC-Micro is primarly a complement to make the system more portable as it can be used from aLaptop without any other hardware that the PTT-box (pict above).


The software licence and the RRC-Micro Codec/PTT box are sold together. The Software do not include any Radio control software but it works together with Ham Radio De Luxe, TRX-manager, ICOM RS-BA1,Yeasu PC-XXXX, Kenwood ARCP-480.

The RRC-Micro Codec/PTT handling the audio Mic and headset and are also working as a licence key to enable the software functions.

Both the Mic and speaker audio be configured to use other audio devices than the RRC-Micro. For the moment audio quality 0 (8kHz Alaw) is automatically selected when using the PC-Client.

A USB cable are supplied together with the RRC-Micro

The RRC-Micro PC-Client now also support keyboard-CW.

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As a complement to the hardware based Remoterig system there is also a PC-based client software which can be used instead of the RRC-1258 at the control side. This is convenient for those who for example travel and  want to remote control the radio from a laptop from many different places. If you use your system in a permanent setup we recommend you to use the standard box to box system as it is more flexible. When using the RRC-Micro the only hardware needed at control side besides the PC is the RRC-Micro USB Audio codec/PTT box which is supplied and a headset. You must also have a control software eg. HamRadioDeLuxe to control the radio. The Remoterig PC-client handles the audio and data transfers between the PC and the RRC-1258MkII at the radio QTH. When installed the PC-Client presents 3 virtual comports which can all be used in the same way as in the hardware based system. The RRC-Micro and the PC-Client now also support Keyboard-CW.  You can download and install the software, before you order. Everything works but it’s not possible to connect to the remote RRC until you have the RRC-Micro USB PTT/Audio card.


It you use one of the system with separated control panel like TS-480, TS-2000, Elecraft-Twin, Yaesu-Twin you can swap between using the control panel or the RRC-micro without making any changes in the Radio-RRC setup. The Radio-RRC will change codec and protocol settings automatically.


RRC-Micro and RRC-1258MkII-Radio (bundle)





imageFor people who do not already have a Remoterig system there is a package with a RRC-Micro Code/PTT box and a RRC-1258MkII Radio Box.

 Example of supported PC-softwares

 The RRC-Micro PC-Client is tested to work with

– Ham Radio De Luxe
– TRX-manager
– Yeasu PC-950
– Kenwood ARCP-480

but it will probably work with other softwares also which are using a serial port.








Software system overview