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Modify RC-1216H for Expert 1K-FA

RC-1216H produced before 2014-June-01 must be modified to be able to use to control the Expert 1K-FA. The signal which make the PA to switch on is missing (RS-232 pin 4). The modification is very simple, and only the small sub pcb which holds the 9-pin D-sub have to be modified.

– Remove the PCB from the RC-1216H box by loosening the Nuts besides the D-sub

– Solder a wire like the white wire on the pictures below.

– Solder a 100 ohm resistor between the two positions shown in the photo below. 

(if you do not have a resistor just put a wire there instead).

– Replace the PCB.


1216S-bot 1216S-top


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