How to report a problem with RRC-Micro by turning debug information on

How to report a problem
If you have a problem with RRC Micro it might bee a good idea to enclose a debug file when reporting the problem. Here is how to do that:
1 > Turn Debug On
Start RRC Micro and mark the check-box named Debug. You can find that in the tab called ‘About’.
2 > Restart the program
In order to record all debug information you should now restart the program.
3 > Reproduce the problem
Now do the actions to the reproduce the problem.
4 > Exit the program
Exit the program to stop debug recording.
5 > Find the debug file
The recorded debug session can be found in a sub folder called ‘MicrobitLogs’ of your Documents folder.  Most likely two log files named “RRCMicro.log” and “ComOn.html”. Those log files can then be attached to a forum post and/or email when asking for support.
6 > Stop Debug Recording
Next time you start the program you simply go to the About tab and turn Debug off. You don’t have to restart this time.

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