-April 04

 WiFi interfaces now in stock again

 -Apr 04

RRC Micro 1.6.6 update released

 -Mar 19

RRC Micro 1.6.5 update released

 -Feb 22

RRC Micro 1.6.4 update released</font><a>

 -Fre 19

The WiFi Interface and RRC-Micro will now be available from HRO also.

-Jan 25

RRC Micro 1.6.3 update released

 -Jan 23

New product! RF-protection filter for DSL-modems

-Nov 21

RRC Micro 1.6.2 update released

-Nov 16

 WiFi interfaces now in stock again

 – Nov 12

New RRC Micro 1.6.0 released

Trial version available

– Nov 6

New firmware released for RRC-1258. Support for FTM-350 and some bug fixes.

 – Aug 20

 The WiFi Interface  can be ordered now (we have started the shipping)

 -Aug 15

 Remoterig (mike/sm2o) will be at Tokyo Ham Fair Aug 25-26 

 – June 20

 RRC Micro PC Client 1.5.5 update released

 – June 5

 The Wifi Interface run out of stock the second day, Next batch will be ready to ship Aug-17.

 – May 31

 VK6DXI working CQWW WPX CW remote, claiming almost 5 million points Read more

-May 29

The WiFi Interface can be ordered now (we have only 20 in stock)

-May 23

RRC Micro PC Client 1.5.4 update released

-May 10

RRC Micro PC Client 1.5.3 update released

-April 29

New firmware released for RRC-1258 v2.57 with support for FT-8800/8900 and some fixes

-April 26

RRC Micro PC Client 1.5.2 released

-April 23

Remoterig (mike/sm2o) will be at Dayton, info->

– April 10

RRC Micro PC Client 1.5.1 released

– April 03

RRC Micro PC Client 1.5.0 released

– March 20

A new package  is available for Yaesu FT-857 complete with cables, No mods needed.

– March 07

iPhone App for the Webswitch released, search for webswitch at AppStore.

-Feb 24
New firmware  released for RRC-1258 which supports FT-450 in Twin config, Some bugfixes for IC-R2500 is aslo done.

-Feb 24
Now  we are up and running on the new Web Hotel. It’s much faster and probably more reliable. Pse report if there is some missing links or other problems.

-Feb 22
Our Web hotel (one.com) had a server crash, down for 24h , still the webserver is very slow and some contents are missing. We have started the process to move the website to a more reliable web hotel. I hope all will be better soon.

– Feb 03
Remoterig now support Yaesu FT-857 with control panel separated from the Radio like the TS-480 etc.


– Dec 22
New RRC Client 1.4.0 with some new features and fixes

– Dec 16
New firmware for RRC-1258 (v2.50) with some new features. Users manual updated (A18).

– Dec 15
New firmware (v2.0) for Webswitch and RC-1216 with lot of new featurs concerning antenna switching, support for Yaesu rotator interface GS-232B etc.

– Dec 01
New (free) Remoterig dynamic DNS service introduced, client included in v2.48. New pwr on/off command for Yaesu). v2.48 released today.

– Nov 24
New version of Webswitch firmware released (v1.24), support for idom press rotor interfaces and enhanced analogue rotor support. Also some other user requested function are implemented.

– Nov 8:
New RRC Micro version 1.3.2 with some minor fixes and an updated serial driver which solves a problem with RS-BA1 on some systems.

– Nov 1:
New firmware version for the RRC-1258 with support for Elecraft K3 Twin and lot of other enhancements. The manual is also updated.

– Oct 01:

New product: RC-1216H for web based control of ACOM-2000A, SteppIR antennas and rotators.

-July 07:
New firmware for RRC-1258 all with some new features for example RTTY and 4 virtual USB comports.

-June 17:
New software versions of both the RRC and the PC-Client are released.

June 1:
New firmware for the Webswitch supporting more rotators, 4-squares etc is released.

-May 4:
New version for PC-Client with a bugfix is released.

– April 27:
New version for PC-Client which supports Keyboard CW

– April 14:
USB firmware update problem finally fixed.

– March 28:
New version for PC-Client v1.1.6 released.

– March 20:
New web based rotator functions in Webxwitch 1216H.

– March 19:
New cable sets available for most transceivers.

– March-17:
A new firmware for RRC-1258all released.

– March 10:
New remote rotor control released, and lot of cables. Check Accessories.

– March 10:
New version for PC-Client v1.1.4 released.

– March-06:
New version for PC-Client v1.1.3 released.

– Feb-14:
A new firmware for RRC-1258all released with Support for IC-2725.

– Feb-03:
New version for PC-Client v1.1.2 released.

– Jan 23:
New Product released: Yaesu Twin Concept

– Jan17:
New firmware with Iambic B mode fixed.

– Jan 04:
A new firmware for RRC-1258all released with Support for Kenwood TM-D710.
– Dec 09:
A new beta version v1.0.24 of the PC-Clientis released.
– Nov 12:
RC-480 Control panels on the way, and can be ordered in the webshop.
– Sept 27:
New version of RRC1258MkII available with dual RX support see news.
– Sept 15:
Reason for RFI problem for TS-480 found.
– Sept 10:
New firmware for 1216H allows 10 relay antenna switching.
– July 6:
New product released PC-Client for remote control.
– July 1:
Ham Radio Outlet (HRO) new distributor in the US

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