If you have a early version of the IC-7100 with serial number <030003601 in EU or <02003001 in the US, you can use your IC-7100 with the first version of Remoterig, but you need to make special control cables.

Upgrade the firmware to the latest version at set up the RRC:s accordning to the manual

The cables should look like this

Panel—-Ctrl-RRC    Radio-RRC—-Radio

1————–1               1—————-1

2————–4               4—————-2

3————–3               3—————-3

4————–8               8—————-4

5————–5               5—————-5

6————–6               6—————-6

7————–7               7—————-7

8————–2               2—————-8

            Mark           Mark

Mark them so you do not turn them the  wrong way



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